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  1. Just a bit of an update. Gemma is starting her treatments today. Going to be a tough time for the family, Thanks to everyone who's helped so far. Cheers
  2. Hi, me again!! Thanks Edmontonowl and wellneverbemastered. Just had another thought (at my age this could be dangerous). As Spike played for Donny and scored the winner in their JPT win I'm sure some of their fans would also be happy to help, so if any of you keyboard warriors could venture into their site and pass on the info I would be really grateful. Thanks Luv n hugs Xx
  3. Yes that's it. Thanks for your help xx .
  4. Hi all. So I never post but read daily and so I'm very aware of what the Owls family will do for each other. Please bear with me cos this could be a long one. So, I'm sure a lot of you remember Graeme Lee (Spike) who was brought by Chris Turner from Hartlepool. Played a few seasons for us and then moved to Donny. Lovely bloke who always gave his best and was always the first to help when people wanted "off pitch" stuff. He's now settled back in Middlesbrough with his wife and two young children. Now for the "sh1tty" bit. His lovely wife Gemma has recently been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor and is about to start chemo and radiotherapy. A friend of theirs (Beth Badman) has started a crowdfunding page on just giving to try to raise £20000 to help fund treatment etc. Last count they've got almost £9000. Knowing what the Wednesday family did for Hayley Kalinis, I'm just putting this out there so should anyone be willing and/able to help I know the family would be really appreciative of anything we can contribute. I'm not very tech savvy so can't put links and things up so if anyone can do that for me I'd grateful. Thanks very much if you've stayed to the end of this. WAWAW
  5. Sorry it was all my fault!. couldn't make match and hate watching it on TV so mooched about (more like walked up and down like a numpty). Other half said " for Gods sake put it on for last 5 mins. Took his advice and as soon as I changed channel bloody Newcastle scored. When will I learn.
  6. Dad was a blunt and growing up in late 50s he didn't think girls should go to football!! So as soon as I was old enough to go on my own, (well with a couple of school friends) I chose to go to watch Wednesday. Pi$$ed him off big style. Always been an awkward cow!! Made sure both my sonswere kept well away from "the dark side" when they were growing up.
  7. I think your best chance of getting photos from a specific game would be to try contacting Steve Ellis. He's the club's official photographer. Sorry I can't be of any help with his contact details but sure he'll help if he can.
  8. Socks over knees don't bother me. But chuffing bald heads and long straggly beards. What the f**ks that all about!!!
  9. Once met Michael Palin when he visited SCH and he actually admitted he's really DRAWB but doesn't let on as he wants "all the people in Sheffield to like him" Not had anytime for the W****K ever since.
  10. Just gonna pay for my 2 so you can cross me off your list. Grand job everybody involved. These are gonna make 2 young owls very happy. Thanks xxxx
  11. New poster, not very good with this new technology malarky but put me down for 2 please.
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