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  1. i would rather BPF kick it up the field and then compete for the first and second ball, when we did it last night it worked well, we were winning our fair share and then attacking in their half, decent pressing teams work us out, force the players back to BPF who then ends up kicking in a hurry.
  2. Had the pleasure of seeing yesterdays match within the Cheltenham hospitality system. Before we sat down the meal, the Cheltenham chairman walked into the room and greeted every table. I had a good chat with him and he shared a few facts about the salaries of the team. Total salary bill for the players this year is £1.75 million, no player earns more than £2K a week. Puts it into perspective, our boys are well paid, guessing Barry might earn more than the entire Cheltenham team. The club is totally debt free .. and enjoying their football, wish we could say the same. “We go again on Tuesday night”
  3. Hi Phil ~ I can't message your, can you PM me?
  4. We have the same issue, a few weeks ago we booked the 6.29 from Sheff and booked on the last train from London leaving at 20.56 if extra and pens.. We would miss the train. Beggars belief why they would book a 5.00 KO. We phoned east mids trains yesterday and you can rebook the same journey for a later date.. But no refunds
  5. For the live media player.. I've found the best searches to be on .. BeIN, fox, BT.. Most premiership games are streamed at 3.00pm on a Saturday Enjoy!
  6. For the IPad Down load live media player Then search for Bein 221 Excellent stream, foreign commentry though
  7. Was at the game last night and noticed that there were some wifi networks.. One was purple wifi and the other swfc free wifi. Guessing they aren't real.. Can anyone confirm/comment?
  8. Agree that he works hard.. However I wish he could jump and win the ball!
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