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  1. All fit & no suspensions.... --------------- Westwood -------------- Iorfa ----- Lees -- Hutch - Borner ----------- Lee ------ Bannon ---------- Reach ----- Forestieri ------ Harris ----------------- Fletcher -----------------
  2. Would Palmer have been the preferred left back in any of the promoted sides last season? Or any of the five play-off sides that failed to gain promotion? Or any of the three that came down? Or any sides that weren't relegated from the Championship? He's "good enough" to stand in for a proper left back for a game or maybe even a few. He's not a promotion winning campaign-long left back. If Fox is capable of delivering superb crosses (note, plural!), he actively chooses not to, which is arguably even worse!
  3. Come on, less of the negativity. We'll not lose by that much!
  4. He's not a scapegoat. He's not being blamed for anything. He's just not very good. If we can get away with your 3-3-2-3 formation, I think we're golden. Most refs will spot it though.
  5. I didn't think it was an unreasonable request, assuming we are actually looking to push for one of those top six places, that is.
  6. Just to be clear, I'm NOT criticising Palmer's performance against Reading because (a) this thread is about the whole season, not one game, and (b) I didn't go, so can only go by highlights which don't show enough. (From the video, perhaps he should've done better in terms of preventing their best chance @ 1.20, probably should've stuck with Meite for their goal rather than drifting into no man's land just before the cross, and did well to cut across and get a shot away in he second half. And, it's a bit of a stretch to claim that he suddenly offers an attacking threat because he has an
  7. There're nothing tired old or even Owlstalk related about it. My view on Palmer's inability to play at a level required for a side looking to push for promotion is based on watching him play. He might be OK as a squad player if we end up with a string of injuries mid-season, but he can't be our first choice left-back for the season, surely?!
  8. How can we still be waiting for what should've been priority #1 to be solved? Liam Palmer obviously isn't good enough at right-back, let alone on the wrong side, trying to use his standing foot! But even playing out of position he's better than Fox. Thorniley offers cover off the bench if there's an injury and we need to see a game out. But he's not mobile enough to be a starting LB and his crossing is only just better than Fox/Palmer's. When is Penney back? He's probably too light-weight defensively, really. But he showed signs of being able t
  9. I think his problem can be summed up as follows... Joao is better than Winnall. Nuhiu is better than Winnall. Forestieri is better than Winnall. Fletcher is better than Winnall. Hooper is better than Winnall. Shame for the lad. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. It'd be great to finish in the top 10. Something to build on for next season.
  11. It's more likely that we'll finish in the bottom half than the top half? BS!
  12. If we beat Derby, talk of playoff potential will inevitably follow. I was starting to let myself get carried away with it, so decided to look in a bit more detail... The chasing pack and their projected points, if they carry on at their current rate, are... Brizzle - 73 Derby - 71 Brum - 66 Forest - 66 Hull - 66 Villa - 63 Preston - 63 Wednesday - 63 Our current form is obviously stronger than looking at the season as a whole would suggest. But even if we beat Derby and assume we'll also beat Brizzle later (so the gap between us and them is closed to 3 points
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