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  1. drew

    Season Ticket Dodgers

    yes mate i was refering to season tickets had the same seat since they were put on the kop.
  2. drew

    Season Ticket Dodgers

    i agree the ground needs to be full and the potential of the club used to be massive but its not any longer. sadly through poor management we are to far behind even the mid table teams in the premiership and the gap gets ever wider. my point is as i said in the post earlier. i have done i used to love going home and away but for the last 2 years its been a bind to go and i have decided to give it a miss this season, you never know i might miss it 2 months in then i would get a ticket.
  3. drew

    Season Ticket Dodgers

    Just because i choose not to buy a season ticket then im not a fan. well thats ok but its my choice i have been going every week since i was 8 and im 41 now so you do the math and when you have been going as long as me you can slag me off. But always rememer im not a minority.
  4. drew

    Season Ticket Dodgers

    Because after 21 years the last 10 being poo poo and watching over paid so called players under perform i and all the rest have had enough. I wouldnt buy a season ticket now ever.
  5. so true, my dad works with 2 of them and there actually united fans, they told him they havent been paid for last year and the club cant afford to and they cant afford to keep them on next year. they said they would do it for free but the club said they couldnt afford to give them 2 free tickets.
  6. drew

    Season Tickets

    I agree with your post for the 1st time since 1990 im not renewing had enough of all the spin and season ticket holders always get a rough deal. wonder what category A games are going to be.
  7. drew

    Not renewing ST....

    I must be diiferent then. I go to the pub with my dad and mates, have a laugh on the way down to the ground,I have a cracking seat on the kop but thats it. im afraid the football is way down the list and i am thinking long and hard before i waste anymore money. I can still go to the pub and enjoy the crack on Saturdays and when they go to the match ill stay in the pub
  8. drew

    Season Ticket Deadline

    Not recieved my letter yet but im still not planning on renewing yet.
  9. drew

    Season Ticket Deadline

    If thats the case why move the deadline
  10. drew

    Season Ticket Deadline

    It just goes to show they must selling loads,They will put it back again because people are not buying in to this scheme.