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  1. Hello all. Are there any Owls based out in Vietnam? Myself & bro are gonna be in Da Nang for the L**ds game & Hanoi for the Blackburn game - wondered if any Wednesdayite's are already out there that watch games or know of decent watering-holes for footy in Da Nang or Hanoi??
  2. I tell you what would make this hole we find ourselves in more depressing would be if someone were to put together a compilation of all of the absolute sitters we have missed so far this season!! It has so far not ceased to amaze me just how many sitters we have missed given the strikers we have. I keep thinking 'they're not going to keep missing chances like that...' & yet they do. And I'm talking absolute sitters, not just decent chances... Rhodes V QPR & Bolton (twice), Hooper V Fulham & Sunderland Fletch V Leeds Nuhiu & Fessi at Bolton (cup) Jones V Burton etc. etc. The above is far from an exhaustive list & there are plenty more... Bonkers.
  3. Looks to me as if there's two more additions to this scene left - to the right of Springett & to the left of Waddle (between Waddle & Shez). who do we think these last two are going to be? Hirst? Dooley? Pearson? Rimmer? Froggatt? Sterland? Any other possibilities?
  4. Coops... do you still need a Kop ticket?
  5. That is sad news. Believe I'm correct in thinking Wolfman was one of 'the originals' - a poster on the Chat Forum on the official site in the late-nineties. Am I right here in thinking he used to get on the Kiveton supporters bus to home matches too? RIP
  6. On telly again tonight chaps!! There'll be a handful of Dubai Owls meeting at Icon Bar & Lounge at the Radisson Blu in Media City to watch the match. All Wednesdayite's based here or visiting are welcome to join us for a couple of beers. #dubaiowls
  7. Hello all, You may have seen me post previously about meet-up's in Dubai for watching televised Wednesday matches & as a result we've been able to pull together a small group of Wednesdayite's based in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We now have a Dubai Owls Facebook group (see link below) & I wanted to extend an invite to join to all middle-east Owls, as well as any other UAE based Owls. In fact, we're more than happy to have anyone that may just be passing through or on holiday in Dubai to join-up too! The main aim of the group is to keep us all in contact & to plan meet-up's for televised matches - we will be meeting this Friday night to watch the Brighton game, details of which will be on our group page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/389158201436373/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel UTO Thom #dubaiowls
  8. Have the results been done for this? Is there still a chance to get an entry in?! :-) If I do enter are the results ever going to be done?
  9. Oh dear... have we done that badly?! When do we get the scores, is it tomorrow?
  10. I was about to mention the same about the Schmeichel & THAT game.... although I thought the result was 3-0 or 3-1.
  11. Who have been our top-scorers season-on-season since Hirsty left? Someone on here must have a run-down. And I'm not talking stats taken from Wikipedia - the stats on there can sometimes be woefully incorrect. I'm talking proper, 'back of the program' stats! I bet there's been a good few seasons where our top-scorer has barely been in to double-figures!!
  12. Hernan Crespo.... apparently had him in on trial but we decided to go & sign Guy Whittingham!!! Apparently Trevor Sinclair from QPR was a done-deal but he then moved to West Ham after some delays from our end!
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