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  1. Darren Moore. Subs made all the difference. Palmer on the pitch.
  2. Thought for a large part of the second half we were playing a 9-1 formation, certainly after the subs. Pushed further forward towards the end but only to give ourselves respite from their attacks.
  3. He did although offering more was still very little today. I’m not a Patterson fan but I said I would have left Patterson on and took Windass off to save him, as opposed to Patterson. No player beyond Fiss (at the end) offered anything second half.
  4. Thought this was going to be about the referee.
  5. I got mine. I raised it when they refunded the season ticket money on the phone. Sorted both out.
  6. Already been told mate so a bit second hand news. If you don’t like it you can always go your own way?
  7. This rumour was second hand news but hopefully the op don’t stop telling us itk stuff.
  8. We offered him a contract but shackin up was all he wanted to do.
  9. Been done already. Bet you’re a bit cheesed off now?
  10. I’ve supported him but lots had us on a plate and figured out after the first few minutes. Fingers crossed he’s developed this next season.
  11. Can pick a signing. Think like players, managers have to develop and hopefully he develops this year and takes us up.
  12. Let’s get the tyre jokes back. It would be nice to retread those steps.
  13. Lot of pressure on now for another tyre joke. It’s all over bar the shouting.
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