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  1. No the lady said it would be after the season ticket money has been refunded. She laughed as well.
  2. Got the call on Monday and money in the account today. Looking after the top customers
  3. You’ll be fine. I think it’s the vast majority on here that think you’re a full weight one don’t worry.
  4. Is there any need for the language/name calling. Aren’t you supposedly an administrator on this site?
  5. Lees is a good defender. He's not a ball playing centre half. Jos destroyed his confidence by the constant rolling the ball out to him to play out from the back.
  6. We’ve had the same amount of caretaker managers as they have points.
  7. Brings it home really Tinks seeing you post. Hope 2021 works out and everything gets back on track for you. Take care and take it steady.
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