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  1. stanningtonowl

    Lees why...

    Ok which bit of passing out of the back do we look good at? And how often this season has the "beating the press" worked. Don't throw insults about as well please. I didn't insult you.
  2. stanningtonowl

    Lees why...

    It's called utter cack. And it happens the same every match. The players clearly aren't comfortable with it so why persist?
  3. I thought we were shocking first half. Utter cack. Can't pass to our own players. Can't pass it out of the back. Dawson to Lees, to any one of their players. Rinse and repeat. And we don't change it, just keep on doing it match after match. And Jos just sits in his chair and watches it. Didnt think it could get worse second half. Suprise surprise. Another very poor performance with poor tactics. And these tactics are ruining our players. Dread to think what the truffle snufflers will do to us.
  4. stanningtonowl

    Lees why...

    Think Jos's way is starting to show through. Clearly insists they play out of the back. Everyone can see no ones happy with it but darent question it because you end up with the stiffs ala Boyd, Jones etc. Every team now just comes and sits on our back four giving no space and we still pass it to Lees with a player sat in his pocket. Lees confidence is shot, that's why he dithers. Dawson needs a break because he looks more nervous every game. Penney needs a rest and a couple of games out. Jos needs to rethink his game plan.
  5. So money can buy happiness. Does it work the more I give I happier I am?
  6. stanningtonowl


    Think rudeness is your default position. Either be polite or don't comment. Yes I do go. Or how else would I know?
  7. stanningtonowl


    Good post. People are so intent on shouting anyone with a different opinion down they lose track of what might be best. It's ok to say Penney or Thornily might benefit from a game or two out to rest, so why can't the same be said of Dawson. He seems to be getting worse each game so take him out for a couple, give him a break and then bring him back in. We have enough cover ( and no I don't mean Westwood).
  8. stanningtonowl


    He'd be better if he stopped passing it to Tom Lees.
  9. stanningtonowl

    Any news on Bannan injury

    At least we'll be able to play Abdi. Doesn't qualify for an appearance bonus so not been sent to the stiffs with Westwood, Boyd and Jones.
  10. stanningtonowl


    He's gone backwards again this season. Falls over too easy and his first touch is garbage. He's the new Helan.
  11. stanningtonowl

    Leeds fan in peace

  12. stanningtonowl

    Leeds fan in peace

    Because the neandatharl's can't read and write, that's why. That's why they supports Leeds. It's easier to recognise. Not many letters
  13. stanningtonowl


    Fixed it
  14. stanningtonowl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    When you've done are you going to leave your greasy bone in a box