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  1. Feel sorry for Joao

    you know its bad when even Nuihu called him a thrower for missing it.
  2. Reach neshes 80/20 tackles in his favour.
  3. Player ratings

    Wildsmith. 7. Alright Palmer. 6. Crossing and tracking back is suspect but try's. Fox. 6 Started alright. Ran out of steam. Had no cover in front of him. Loovens 6 . Seemed that when he got the ball, Wolves pressed. That was like a trigger for them. Other teams same? Did move forwards occasionally. Van Aken 6 Did Ok. Accident waiting to happen. What was that missed header in front of the South stand?? Jones 7. Did OK tonight. Clearly ex team effect. Only uses his right foot for standing on. Butterfield 5 Thinks he's a big rugged centre forward. Plays with his back to goal, in our half?? Passes back 98% of the time. Must be why Carlos likes him. Reach 6. Bottles 80/20 tackles in his favour. Carlos likes him because he starts to play on 80 minutes like the rest of the team Wallace 4 I bet even he doesn't know why he still gets a game. Hooper 6 Class player but why is he tracking the attacking midfielder and trying to pick the ball up from our centre halves in our half of the pitch. Rhodes 5. No pace. No fight. Smallest centre halves all season and he was just nullified. Does a fantastic thumbs up sign though as he jogs away from another crap pass. subs Joao 5. I'm better than him Dave 5 You know how bad it is when we put all our faith in him for a result. Wants to help but limited 41 games out of 42.
  4. We're Fecked So Discuss

    Calm down.Have a beer. Accept the season is a write off. Have another beer. Forgive Carlos and Chansiri. Move on. Hope Chansiri learns for next season.
  5. Morgan fox

    They targeted him because he was dead on his feet. He had no cover in front of him and was trying to get up and down the wing all night waiting for the ball. Thought he did alright but do question the fitness levels of our players.
  6. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    What a truly awful thing to say about anyone. Think on what you have said/wished on someone. If you hope that, you really need help. Hope it never happens to your family.
  7. Squad overhaul

    Carlos has already done the fans
  8. Adam Reach

    Rocket owl and Rhodes
  9. Adam Reach

    Course big didn't. How could when he's not. Reach on a par with Hooper.
  10. The Final Excuse at 10pm Friday Night

    Want him gone but don't ever want us to lose, regardless of the long term. We're better than that.
  11. Not using ST next Friday

    Yes but the new one will know what he's doing. Carlos will be long gone. Chansiri can let him walk into the sunset without admitting he got it wrong. It's clear as day what we need.
  12. Not using ST next Friday

    At least we'll be able to cheer something when we reach safety. It's so bad now, even goals are barely celebrated. Just an enthusiastic well done, clap hands, sit down.
  13. Not using ST next Friday

    Season ticket holder and going. Support Wednesday and not Carlos. Get your head around the fact he's staying and the seasons over. Makes it much easier. Write this season off and the new incumbent next season will recruit who we need. We can all see it but clearly Carlos chooses not to because that doesn't fit his agenda. Still go to the matches though. FFS!
  14. Adam Reach

    No I saw it. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.
  15. Adam Reach

    Reach's first thought is always always to go back. Free kicks, throw ins, passes. Never goes forward.