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  1. It's a Bank Holiday. Police bill= double time. More cops= bigger bill. Shame I wanted to go.
  2. Almen Abdi returns to training

    Sorry mate, I get you like him and I wanted him to do well here but it is beyond defending now. He doesn't have a manager that plays him in a position he doesn't play, he just doesn't play. As someone said, one full match in all the time he's been here. I don't expect him to ignore specialist advice and have never said that. That's just you defending him.
  3. Almen Abdi returns to training

    It's been a shocking time for him but it really is beyond defending now. Whichever his latest injury is. He needs to move on and restore some pride for himself. He does come across as quite mercenary now. And I get he has a contract and these things happen, but how does he look at himself in the mirror? (Without getting injured?).
  4. Supertram car park. £2.50
  5. Bannan in the taxi earlier ...

    Is this fake taxi
  6. Adam Reach

    Reach attempted a tackle today. A full bodied foot in type tackle. Came off second best. "Note to self" Don't attempt tackle again"!!!!
  7. Adam Reach

    Ozzy or Barney? Both have more bottle.
  8. Adam Reach

    Crap tackler though isn't he. Spineless. And creates nothing. NOTHING. Wouldn't meet you in the NBT for a fisticuffs to discuss things though. He'd meet at Hillsborough Park because it's about 80/20. But he's fine because he runs about a lot. Glad he's already player of the season. Probabobobably why we are so crap? Clap clap clap.... yawn.
  9. Adam Reach

    Not if you left the stand and had to wait for the staff to pour it.
  10. Adam Reach

    Reach is our best player this season but only because the main guys are injured. Reach is just above crap but he's the best of a bad bunch at the moment.
  11. Adam Reach

    I don't rate Reach beyond being a squad player, but I agree. Play left wing/back but not central. Not good enough. Almost Carlosesque putting him in middle.
  12. Apologies Mr Chansiri

    You defended and praised Dave Moans to the end. You lauded Carlos even though it was awful. But you criticise the chairman who has put millions in? He's made a blox of it but the only ones who didn't have a clue are the ones you continually praised.
  13. Me plus two if I can get tickets.
  14. Racism in English football

    Yor rite cud of but I dint.
  15. Racism in English football

    So not racist then just airport security?