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  1. My favourite bit was when the ball came back to him from a throw in he had just taken, and a Bristol player came towards him and he put his hands on his head and turned away because he was frightened.
  2. This scoring is utter crap. Everyone knows Bannan is a 10/10 every game FFS!!!!!.
  3. It would be nice if he refunded the Bristol city away tickets as well.
  4. Agree. Take out the few goals and there is nothing else. Been a poor signing. Another one we should have sold when someone offered us a profit.
  5. The defection off their player made sure it went in the right spot. Otherwise it wouldn’t have beat the first man.
  6. Agree. Some rave about him and ask the same question again and again (like the Specials record!!). But what was his last telling contribution?
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