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  1. Who's fault is it that they are reactive because they don't have enough cops to be proactive? Who's fault is it they have to act as social workers? Who's fault is it they have to act as ambulances? Who's fault is it they have to tick boxes? I don't think that's the cops fault.
  2. They don't but I thought I'd pluck a number out of the air and just say a force, with no evidence. It's FACT then.
  3. I don't think we can help your mates thought process. As for walking, there aren't enough cops to go to jobs that are deemed immediate ie emergency happening now never mind walking around. Half the police are acting as mental health workers or social workers. If your mates are joining for a good pension they ll be gone in a few years and won't stay for the 40 plus years they now do for a pension. As I say walk a mile in their shoes. Whats your job?
  4. In time honoured Owlstalk tradition I call bull.............. I know a thousand senior officers who think that SYP are the dogs.... Come at me bro......
  5. Officers have to act on suspicion. Sometimes they have no option other than to arrest people on suspicion of whatever. People report crime and they are duty bound to investigate it. Sometimes it's a "No cough no job" but if they didn't the complaint would wing it's way in. The level of complaints have increased 100 fold because people can. I don't know what job you do but do you get the same level of scrutiny? Regards football staffing. The United fixtures came out yesterday. Officers have already had their weekends off cancelled. The Wednesday Barnsley Rotherham Doncaster fixtures are out next week. More cancelled weekends. Not overtime, cancelled days off. Response cops get 3 weekends in 10 off. They aren't there because they want to be. It's because they have to be there. Walk a mile in their footsteps before you slag them off.
  6. Don't spread those rumours. It's all SYP's fault. All of it. (cough CPS)
  7. Yeah name them. If SYP are that bad name names and let's get the evidence that says they're not fit for purpose. Which large force WYP? No. Humberside? No. Met? No. GMP? No. Come on stand on!!!!
  8. Sadly people are calling SYP for their policing tactics. This season we don't have to play them. However, wait for the first time/season we do. Watch the carnage. Look at any United thread on here and see the hate. Hopefully none of mine get caught up in it.
  9. Why are they realeased without a charge? Who's fault is that?
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