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  1. The Bolton fan falling from the West upper celebrating a goal. ( Once it was clear he was ok).
  2. That must have been a good night out!!
  3. Very condescending even by your standards. Clearly if the loan is not working there is an option to send back even if a fee is involved. The team is crying out for midfielders since he binned Hutchinson off. Perhaps he should have made a decision to bring a midfielder in bearing in mind he brought how many forwards in in January. There must be a saving on Hutchinson’s wages as he has been sent away. We wouldn’t pay him in full would we? As a football manager his decisions are analysed. That’s the nature of the beast with game he is in. My opinion is his decisions are not very good. My decisions at work are analysed and if people think they are wrong they say so. I’m a grown up I can accept that. I don’t earn what Monk earns. You don’t need to file a report every time you red arrow but knowing your penchant for a lengthy wordy reply I was surprised you missed the opportunity. Monk must know the end is nigh because the only time you surface is to defend the indefensible, Jones, Carlos, Jos. Everyone you’ve backed.
  4. Go on then Mortimer, why the red arrow? 10000 words of utter cack going round in circles.
  5. I was looking forward to going. Just come out of quarantine with Birdflu!!! FFS!
  6. If they play behind closed doors I want my money back. Not watching Ifollow.
  7. If he’s not good enough and he’s not playing why didn’t we send him back and save his wages? Bearing in mind we’re skint. Could we have done this in January and brought in a midfielder? Or did Monk not think to make this decision? Does he only make one at a time and then lay down for a rest for a month or two? Dreading close season when he rebuilds the team.
  8. We can’t change Monks mind. I get that. We can only comment on what we see. Only my opinion, but Westwood is better than Dawson. Dawson needs a rest/break but he can’t have that because Westwood is persona non grata. Whoever (Monk, Chansiri, or Paxo) decided that has created an unnecessary situation. Hutch is better than Pellupessy. ( I’m better than Pellupessy and I’m 51 and knackered). Again whoever decided to bin him off has created another issue. And whilst they do what they are doing on a Saturday, we are losing game after game and shipping goals for fun. The old arguments of paying top dollar for this also kick in. Pick your best players, make sure we are safe this season, let them go in the summer if needs be. I get that. We were third before all this started. We may have been punching above our weight, but as we say the Championship is wide open, so perhaps we could have sustained it. Not now. And we might get relegated without a points deduction. Let that sink in. League 1 because of the decisions made. Not for footballing reasons, because someone fell out with someone. And we paid millions (in wages) for the privilege.
  9. Aided by Kevin the Gerbil as his assistant? Would be the end of Bullen.
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