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  1. SAG. Reports of a crowd of 500. Instantly called off and COBRA meeting. Boris coming back from France to chair it.
  2. All Unions/Federations have a duty to fight for the best for their members. ( getting like the politics thread this ).
  3. My view.I think that it's unforeseen consequences. As I've said before SYP said they want to police the matches differently. Not as many officers on duty. Friendlier approach. I think a report has been done to try to assist that and the report has raised issues that were unforeseen. I sometimes take my elderly neighbour. He sticks at the side of me like glue as if I could help him if the wheel came off. He doesn't "get" the crowd. However he loves it when he goes with us. My kids used to worry. Not any more. On the outside looking in its a bizarre set up. Like all grounds. BUT NOT DANGEROUS. Football fans get it. University lecturers possibly don't? (some). I think at the moment people/ organisations have jumped on the band wagon because they are scared. I have no inside information or more knowledge that anyone else. Just my thoughts. The people in charge of SYP now were no where near the events of Hillsborough so have no agenda. And no need to apologise.
  4. Duckenfield has no involvement with SYP now. Neither SYP nor the Federation are paying for his defence. ( or his spell check).
  5. Fixed it for you. . (I know, should be in the politics thread, but it's like Hotel California in there. Especially the Brexit thread).
  6. Think you need to count those. Not sure there's a hundred.
  7. SYP said they wished to police Sheffield football differently and use far less officers. I think they understood the matches were overstaffed. I wonder wether they have had the assessment of the ground done in order to assist their planning. Unfortunately the bloke from MMU came up with his results. Because he doesn't understand football? Because he is a risk averse academic? They approached the club in order to sort it,who didn't turn up for the first meeting and then came up with a half hearted solution for the next meeting, with both parties not realising the end result would be what we now have. No conspiracy, no vendetta. Just unforeseen consequences?
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