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  1. Does it automatically reimburse the away tickets bought as well? Had the Bristol tickets.
  2. I thought the ref was a gudgeon. Although when he missed the push on Iorfa it made the end a bit tench.
  3. Would have been the same effect when Luongo went off if no one came on,than Joey.
  4. I thought he was still a bit short on pace. Not the Lee of old. If we go down I’d go for a one year deal. If we stay up, having extended Pellupessy, I’d probably let him move on. Should have given him a year and got rid of Pellupessy.
  5. Well done Liverpool. Played some fantastic football. Fully deserved.
  6. And that’s why I don’t want a refund on my season ticket, because every penny is spent so wisely.
  7. Fortunately Dawson is in the form of his life.
  8. Just get on with it. People are going back to work in other walks of life. Worlds got to start turning sometime.
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