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  1. Number 1 Owlstalk rule. Never slag Bannan off!!
  2. He very rarely passes forward unless it’s a Hollywood ball.
  3. Yes, apologies the way he dragged the team along. Possibly make him captain. Some nice back passes though
  4. Perhaps he just doesn’t like defending for 80 minutes and watching the ball sail over his head before conceding and then going mad and attacking for the last 10 minutes?
  5. He seems to be playing a bit higher up the pitch which is better. Misses some easy balls to play Fox in though on the wing who is one of our better crossers. I don’t think he likes him.
  6. I think he supplies the balls and playground rules dictate he takes everything.
  7. Perhaps if he realised he isn’t, his own performance might be better.
  8. Loved it when he got the ball from the throw in, turned back, and beat his man in order to pass it back to the full back
  9. 3 million cash back on completion? Done!!
  10. Do they have swimming pools in the cellar? If they come with diving board I might be interested.......
  11. Just think how much he could have put in if he had lots of money making streams, ie sponsorship, catering, retail, corporate, selling players. Even people paying on the day to watch us, thousands of them, all eating and drinking and buying things from the club shop and coming back again the following week and buying more food and things from the shop and buying season tickets, leaving other people to pay on the day, buying things and eating and drinking and on and in and on and on.............
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