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  1. Thought he was going to get stretchered off from that celebration.
  2. Said in another thread, Luongo plays, we play. Quite simple really.
  3. Played well again today. A touch of the K Lees in the penalty area but other than that was quality again.
  4. Wonder how many who hammered Windass last week were jumping up celebrating when he scored today.
  5. The key is if Luongo plays. If he does we’ll be ok. If he doesn’t we’ll be crap.
  6. Similar report as the Plymouth cup game. Go one down and capitulate.
  7. Looks like an audition for Love Island mate. Daughter is 21 in a couple of weeks. Time flies.
  8. This has aspects of the Bristol City away from 2020.
  9. Didn’t Wing score and create more than Reach last season?
  10. Not really. You have your opinion, I have mine. I work off what I saw. I’m sure you do as well. I didn’t rate him. Thought he was a waste of a shirt. Don’t think his stats are particularly sparkling and I’m sure If I could be arsed to research i’d find other wingers /midfielders across the division who scored and created more. He just did a bit more in a ******** poor team who created nothing and were amongst the lowest scorers in the league.
  11. Yes should have cashed in and recouped some of the money we wasted on him.
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