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  1. Football’s lost its moral compass and touch with real people. I will follow Wednesday for as long as wealth and health allow. But apart from that professional football depresses me.
  2. Jos’s Tache


    I was against the idea...until I saw this.
  3. Jos’s Tache

    The Big Issue.

    Stop tippy tapping it around gerrit in’t box. Megson would get them to show some passion. I can hear it now mate.
  4. Jos’s Tache

    How stressful is it being an Owls fan?

    Working for a living is stressful, bring up a family is stressful, paying a mortgage/rent is stressful. Supporting this club and meeting and spending time with fellow supporters is a privilege.
  5. http://blog.marathonbet.co.uk/if-tv-characters-were-a-championship-team-who-would-they-be/ Quite funny. I reckon they’ve got us nailed. Not sure why the Blades aren’t in as Peppa Pig.
  6. Jos’s Tache

    Holte End

    But only the knockout stages, the group stage is tinpot.
  7. Jos’s Tache

    Biased pundits etc

    Tremendous goal, the lad deserves a lot of credit for it. I was in the ground, and was too disappointed at conceding to realise how good it was at the time; as soon as I watched the goals back on telly, I realised it was different gravy. The media have have, rightly, given us plenty of credit for some cracking goals in recent years; this week it’s someone else’s turn.
  8. Jos’s Tache

    Hayley - Update

    Terrible news.
  9. Each to their own, but I’d definitely be watching Wednesday.
  10. Good luck England. Let’s hope we can get off to a good start in the competition. I shall be watching on telly tomorrow and in the ground at Leicester on Tuesday, first time I’ve seen England live since 1998.
  11. Jos’s Tache

    Home of football

    They are 4th at best: Sheffield FC, Hallam FC and us are all older.
  12. Jos’s Tache

    What a day

    Seems to me that both Bannan, Joao and their representatives have been convinced that there are positive things coming to this club in the next few years, which is fantastic news.
  13. Jos’s Tache

    Sheffield Wednesday Playlist

    This great, I wonder if the club could set up a Spotify playlist that people could subscribe to. If it was put out a day or two before, it would be cracking to get in the mood post-pub on Friday night or on Saturday morning.