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  1. Jos’s Tache

    Wigan tickets?

    Ticket office aim for three weeks, but it is sometimes out of their hands. They are technically selling them on behalf of the home club, so can’t do anything until they confirm prices and allocation. According to the ticket office Twitter account there’ll be an announcement in the next couple of days.
  2. Jos’s Tache

    Would you prefer

    I want to say World Cup, but I can’t stop thinking about those 12 points so I suppose that’s my answer. Fortunately, they are two completely independent variables so I can want both. #itscominghome #wednesdaytilIdie
  3. Agree, anyone who gives their best for Wednesday deserves our support.
  4. Jos’s Tache

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Is the £59 available tomorrow?
  5. Jos’s Tache

    #SWFC FIXTURES | Games moved

    Helps me I’m on holiday that week and am trying to do the 92. Gives me chance to catch a couple of other games on Saturday and Tuesday.
  6. Jos’s Tache

    No sign of the kit!

    I think the club’s marketing on this could turn out to be inspired. They know there’s been speculation for months about the design and release date, Which builds up interest. If they email the design this week and it’s blue and white stripes there will be a lot of excitement. If they launch on Sunday they strike while the iron’s hot and it has the added bonus of being the weekend a lot off people get paid. Genius.
  7. Blimey mate, I thought I was giving you good news.
  8. It would be a Saturday.
  9. I’d wait a couple of days if I was you. I reckon it will be moved.
  10. Brilliant as ever @mirodo thank you. Any chance you could put my dental appointment for 2nd July on for me?
  11. Jos’s Tache

    Two days to go...

    People slipping - there’s normally a fake news version of the full fixtures doing the rounds by now.
  12. Jos’s Tache

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Been a decent watch so far. Thought Spain v Portugal was a classic. It’s also been good to see some competition rather than the smaller countries just making up the numbers. Hopefully we get off to a good start tomorrow to give the tournament areal buzz in this country.
  13. Jos’s Tache

    Super6 World Cup league

    Just joined; cheers.
  14. Jos’s Tache

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    I think we’d beat them easily. I’d fancy us against Russia to be honest.
  15. Jos’s Tache

    League Cup Draw This Friday

    I’m hoping for Tranmere away. Only ground on there I’ve not been to.