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  1. True, but someone programmed it. Struggling to see what stats they’ve used to put Leeds so fa4 ahead of us. We finished above them last season and are neck and neck with them this year.
  2. Nuhiu in action for Kosovo

    Excellent to see him doing well. Hopefully will boost his confidence.
  3. Coming up

    Sorry for your loss. I hope the weekend goes well for you and isn’t too painful.
  4. Now theres something marvelous....

    It’s a lovely kit. I also agree with your campaign against the unnecessary use of change strips.
  5. Sky Sports to thank ... again

    Means me missing my work Christmas party. I bet there’ll be a few in the same situation. Never mind I’ll have a few beers in New Barrack Tavern instead.
  6. Reading Away Ticket Details

    Ipswich is a great away weekend. Addams beer is cracking. I’m gutted it midweek it’s one of my favourite trips.
  7. My Predictions

    I sincerely hope you are right.
  8. The 3 year season ticket.

    I'd get one. Not overly pleased with start to the season but I'll still be there each week supporting the team.
  9. Millwall up next

    Football on Five said Millwall are yet to win away.
  10. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    With great great regret it's time for change. We were a bit better today, but for me far too little, too late.
  11. New Sheffield Wednesday shirts

    Mine seems alright. Have you taken it back to the shop? I'm sure they'd change it if you've got a a rogue one.
  12. Ex Wednesday player Junior Agogo

    Didn't know he'd suffered bad health. Makes you appreciate what you've got. I wish him well for the future.
  13. We have been papering over the cracks for a while now.
  14. We won our last home game; but generally it's been disappointing of late. That defeat against the pigs has damaged the club psychologically on the field and in the stands for my money. We now need a decent run to put that behind us.