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  1. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    It was very nice. Good value at £3.80. I hope they do it in bottles soon.
  2. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Excellent, and better still it's my Dad's turn to drive tomorrow.
  3. September 4th 1867

    Brilliant picture. Great support. Today's a proud day. WAWAW.
  4. Swfc world record cake

    According to Sky Sports News we broke the record.
  5. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    Just spoken to a Derby mate who is not pleased. His view is we've done ok.
  6. Our squad...

    ...is our squad until January, so get behind them and support the team.
  7. Top players linked to our rivals

    We've got some good players and we've publicly voiced that FFP is a concern; of course we'll get bids.
  8. Places you've not sat and why

    At some point everywhere expect NW corner. Unless I get a job as a Sky pundit I doubt I'll ever get chance.
  9. Westwood's knee

    It's on his twitter feed - which has a blue tick to show that twitter have verified its him.
  10. Westwood's knee

    People near me were saying there was no contact. I think Sordell's reaction showed he knew he'd caught him.
  11. Westwood's knee

    I thought it was a terrible challenge at the time.
  12. Just got home thread

    Until they scored fairly positive. After that subdued. The referee took the lion's share of the grief.
  13. Just got home thread

    We struggled to breakdown a physical team scraping for points - but we have had that problem for a long time now, we need to find a way to win these games. Hooper looked dangerous throughout and was probably man of the match, Reach continues to improve. The referee had a stinker and favoured them, but that's no excuse. Highlight of the day? The short journey home.
  14. Rhodes to L**ds??

    A61/M1 are they only Rhodes going to Leeds.
  15. Fulham had fergie time

    There was an injury on the stroke of 90 minutes. The referee add on 4 minutes from the restart. No complaints from me.