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  1. The 70s were a good laugh used to go to nearly all away matches with my dad and some mates I was only a young un, it always amazed /amused me how we equalled and sometimes outnumbered the home support. Eg Lincoln Mansfield Grimsby etc for results Blackburn in the 79/80 season, both legs of the 91 semi v Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd away wins under Wilkinson and the play off win in Cardiff.
  2. Or just a simple adthe adthe ( like we sang to ante) Milosevic in the 80s! Oops mirocevic
  3. Nuihi hu hu he scores one then he gets two Nuihu hu hu and he's over six foot two Or pinch from Vidic man it'd Nuihi woh oh oh Nuihi who oh oh He comes from Serbia He'll fcin murder ya!
  4. Not saying we have to sign people in June, just a bit of something encouraging, news wise from the club would be nice, they wouldn't have to release targets
  5. It's June in Huddersfield too but they're getting on with Things!
  6. Huddersfield have made 3 decent signings today, I do hope it's quiet because out targets are going to stun us all when they do sign? We are being linked with anyone with 2 legs but we've not even had any "we are close on a couple of deals" type statements from the club have we?
  7. Pressman was lightning, I did athletics to county level but over 200m Kevin flew past me, heard when he 1st signed he was fastest on Wednesdays books
  8. Probably as he was firmly in Reasons camp was cold shouldered by Jones and possibly Milan?
  9. See what Newcastle have done with shearers bar and copy it, need what everyone else has said reasonably priced drinks and food and live sky and a good pa system!
  10. Think Ched had a parrot oh no that's it he's had a cockatoo!!!
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