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  1. A few dingles reckon he's fallen out with Carlos, was on a thread on their forum the other day
  2. Should have been off in first half tbf, but played fantastic aswell
  3. The only difference from this season to last season is Lopez, should have signed him when we had the chance
  4. Full Match is available on youtube if anyone is interested
  5. There would be so much trouble if us and Leeds met in any of the playoff games
  6. Just show him this which was posted in another thread, and ask him why he thinks that we should have to pay way more then anyone else in the league Fulham Newcastle - cheapest £25 Blackburn Norwich - cheapest £22 Birmingham Cardiff - cheapest £25 Derby Brighton - cheapest £34 Huddersfield Brentford - cheapest £15 Ipswich Barnsley - cheapest £27.50 Reading Preston - cheapest £23 Rotherham Wolves - cheapest £25 QPR Leeds - cheapest £27 Sheff Wed Aston Villa - cheapest £42
  7. Big screen being put up at keepmoat stadium outside, enough room for 4K people I think
  8. Boro only got the money because they had an agreement in place with the other finalist, as far as I am aware we had no agreement in place with hull, so we probably won't be getting the money
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