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  1. We'll have to use less of that 'spare' cash to stay within P&S or we'll be back here again.
  2. I've heard stories about Westwood that don't always show him in a positive light off the pitch so Gregg may be right. However, a long as it's nothing illegal and he's professional and performs on the pitch then it doesn't matter one jot. This just comes across as stirring by Gregg. Very unprofessional from a BBC journalist who should be impartial.
  3. That's how I saw it. He made good points about deeper issues with the fitness and the dressing room but he also spoke a lot of rubbish. So many contradictions.
  4. The biggest improvement that will help consistency is in the defence. It's not quite there yet but it's going in the right direction and, but for a wonder goal, Saturday would have seen the first clean sheet.
  5. If we were to break FFP and land ourselves with one of the now much more severe punishments, then there really would be something to moan about.
  6. I reckon we'll keep the white and gold third kit so the gold shorts will do.
  7. How do you know he's never attracted attention? How do you know he's not a late developer? How many times have you seen him play?
  8. Sounds like they're fit but are just being eased back in due to how long they've been out.
  9. So as most of us thought then. High earners that we can do without and some dead wood are way ahead of the likes of FF and BB in the queue for shipping out.
  10. I'd imagine we'll get pictures once the players are back and they've been able to do the publicity shots.
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