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Community Answers

  1. Supporting Foals in Blackpool next month.
  2. Album out today. Liking it a lot.
  3. The album is excellent.
  4. This is it for me. They constantly evolve and experiment, and keep it fresh. I'll never understand why anyone wants the same sound for years on end.
  5. Really enjoyed The Curse. Tom Davis's voice is brilliant in it.
  6. Hope this is alright. Hopefully a mod can pin it. Ex Wednesday keeper Arron Jameson and his wife are urgently trying to raise funds for the treatment that their son, Jude, desperately needs. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/judescancerjourney?utm_term=P9mdePAD3
  7. Was mainly comedy that got added.
  8. Next lineup announcement coming tomorrow at 6pm.
  9. Great band and an early contender for album of the year.
  10. Last night's documentary following up on the series is also worth a watch.
  11. They are brought up and clearly brought up as a factor, but even then, the mistakes by the Police and the subsequent follow up overrides it all.
  12. It's not perfect but the chances of catching it and passing it on with the jab are reduced. The chances of becoming seriously ill are greatly reduced.
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