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  1. Lawrenson hates us.

    Some really embarrassing comments in this thread. Some of the precious type that we laugh at United fans for. He's a Preston fan. Why would he think yesterday was anything but bad for his team?
  2. Definitely is on iFollow.. More More MATCHDAY! @LUFC @SkyBetChamp Elland Road 3pm #swfcLIVE Listen live on iFollow (UK/Ire) Watch live on iFollow (overseas)
  3. Message from Keiren Westwood

    But I thought he's been missing through other, non-injury reasons. Yet more evidence that anyone believing these conspiracies are absolutely mental.
  4. Here's another one. Maybe DC doesn't want to be involved in TUF.
  5. Has he fallen asleep yet? As he did whilst on the top table at the recent Q&A?
  6. It's a provisional squad for a game nearly three weeks away. Players can be picked with a chance of playing. Last update was to be out for around six weeks about a month ago, so that fits. If it transpires differently then questions must be asked.
  7. Why is this being stirred up and why are some absolute lunatics believing it? Jesus wept. It's the Oscars tonight. Get all these incredible actors out to Hollywood quick.
  8. Honeymoon over Jos

    Do you know for sure that they could have played though? Maybe Reach had got to his tipping point and needed a rest to make sure his standards don't drop? Maybe some of them have knocks and niggles that they just needed to manage last night? Starting is very different to being on the bench for if needed. I'm sure we'll see a stronger team having a go at Villa on Saturday. Maybe the breathing space from the win against Derby and the potential QF draw has given Jos the incentive to pick a stronger team at Swansea? Yes, he got it wrong last night and the performance was nowhere near good enough but Jos is working a minor miracle with what he has at his disposal.
  9. Katiren Meire

    The topics from the main question in the survey were already being discussed before she joined the club.
  10. Katiren Meire

    Maybe she's learnt her lessons? Like others have said, we'll still reserve judgement but she's made a reasonable start.
  11. Carlos The Second

    Maybe you should do a spreadsheet for comparison.
  12. will we be bouncing

    I see you've chosen to subject yourself to being laughed at by a bigger audience.
  13. There's a real lack of class being shown here. Of course Carlos needed to go and it's the right decision but, this season aside, he's done a good job. He's a good bloke and he doesn't deserve some of the vile comments that are being aimed at him. Ashamed to support the same club as some of you.
  14. I'll be there. No idea what time yet though.