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Community Answers

  1. I think it's over 11. Cheers
  2. Don't think there are any. We'll have a 7 month old with us and the ticket cost £3.30.
  3. https://fb.watch/6_A86zNfF4/
  4. What a weekend. I think a lot of people went into it a little apprehensive but by the end of Friday and through the rest of the weekend, the atmosphere was fantastic. Obviously helped by the perfect weather. All three headliners were great, though I did feel for Supergrass - It seemed like a lot went for a breather and slowly filled back in. Other highlights were The Blinders, Slow Readers Club, Blossoms, The Lathums, The Reytons and The Snuts. Milton Jones was incredible, and Ed Byrne and Emmanuel Sonubi were very funny. There will be a lot of Covid from this weekend but, unless you chose to get right in the crowds at any stage, it all felt very safe too. Plenty of space, extra bars and extra toilets/urinals meant next to no queues. Well done Tramlines.
  5. Would imagine it's to make more space around the main stage.
  6. Ready made replacement? Good timing...
  7. He already had done by the looks of his Instagram post.
  8. No Richard Ashcroft. Had told Tramlines organisers over 10 days ago that he wouldn't be part of any Government trial.
  9. The rest of the lineup can't be far away.
  10. They have sub-headlined Glastonbury and they've headlined Reading and Leeds though, and they're widely seen as one of this country's biggest bands.
  11. Them headliners all seem very possible. Would love Foals but they're possibly too big. Idles and Fontaines DC are both doing Truck so got my fingers crossed both will be at Tramlines.
  12. Sounds like full capacity so I imagine it'll be a combination of proof of vaccination, negative tests and anti-bodies.
  13. Foals just announced for All Points East. Not sure if that strengthens the Tramlines rumours or not.
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