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  1. I'll be there. No idea what time yet though.
  2. Blades fan in peace

    They did that anyway.
  3. Jones the quiet man

    Jones is the type of player a lot of football fans don't understand just what a good job he does for the team. His positioning is perfect, making a lot of interceptions rather than crunching tackles, and his passing is all about keeping things ticking over rather than anything spectacular. The type who doesn't get noticed unless he makes a mistake. He's doing a great job.
  4. Forestieri

    Or more likely he's been concentrating on his heavily pregnant wife and now on his young baby.
  5. Promise to do his best. Not a promise on promotion.
  6. Carlos

    Was a very good piece. Good to see Carlos smiling and in good spirits. Spoke a lot of sense too.
  7. Season Ticket Cap. Must be around 21k.

    Sure it was around the 7-8k mark. Very impressive.
  8. Brighton roll call

    I'll be there. Train down Friday and staying overnight.
  9. 4 more saturdays

    There's every chance the Derby game will be on Sky too.
  10. I'll be in Berlin on a stag do. Actually glad it's on Sky for once.
  11. Forrestieri ?

    Play him in both and rest him in the cup game.
  12. Preston Away Roll Call

    Me +2. Setting off about 11.
  13. Exactly. He was completely mindless for the red card yesterday and deserved to be sent off. I'm sure he knows that himself. Let's not vilify him.