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  1. I think we're going down no matter what. Unless MM goes leftfield for a change and takes a long-term gamble on a young up and coming manager or someone exciting like Holloway or unless we get taken over. My biggest worry is whether the manager stays or not, the mess DJ has made with the squad with his poor man-management and player-recruitment on top of the over reliance on loanees, plus MM waiting too long patiently for DJ to turn it around last season and this season means it's a uphill task no matter what. Whoever is in charge need to rebuild or give the whole squad a fair chance and lift the players and fans. We're a good bet to go down no matter what this season. But if MM does nothing and if DJ stays we'll be in the same boat next season if we stay up by the skin of our teeth again. A change is needed but long-term it's not looking good unless we get taken over and/or we bring in someone vastly different to DJ.
  2. Agree but it's already crazily dragged on too long.
  3. A change of some sort is needed to bring some life back to the club at least. Regardless of a future take over or not and regardless of the outcome of the season. The apathy has become so bad that something needs to be done. If DJ stays whether we go down or not is immaterial as we'll still be in the same boat. Ambling along trying to stay up with loanees covering up the mess he's made of our squad.
  4. Out for sure, enough is enough. He should've already been gone. Most clubs would've got rid already. Only thing that worries me is that MM is not a chairman who goes for leftfield or exciting modern managers. MM mostly appoints dour faced experienced out of work managers. No question DJ has to go in my opinion. Due to the results; this season and last, the current table, the up coming fixtures and the mess he's made of the squad with his poor man-management and scattergun player-recruitment. Things ain't going to drastically improve with MM until we get taken over but the manager needs to go, take over or not. You live and die in modern football with results and simply results ain't good enough and no excuses can no longer dress it up or cover up the mistakes and mess DJ has made since promotion.
  5. Aye, how deflating and depressing is it supporting us during the past 15 or so years. I weren't there during the 70's because I wasn't born till the early 80's, although it's not as bad or as depressing as back then, it's on a par. But back then it took two big names a World Cup winner and the last English manager to win the top flight title too get us out of the mess back then. There's no way on earth we'd get anyone like that again to get us out of the current mess and apathy, unless we get taken over then we're not going to get someone exciting (which is what we desperately need to waken us up and put some life back into our club).
  6. True. Looks more likely that we'll end up with someone like McLeish or Dowie. :st2: Another dour faced dinosaur with a big CV. Instead of a young manager on the rise or someone exciting to shake things up.
  7. Aye, it seems the way MM works. It doesn't mean it might not work but a young manager like Smith, Pressley, Rosler or Solskjaer would be a lot more exciting or someone like Holloway. But it's unlikely MM will bring in someone he'd probably clash with or take a gamble on a young up and coming manager. Plus a young manager from League 1 wouldn't please some of our fans because they ain't got the experience or CV of DJ or Megson. But in my opinion it's the way to go nowadays in modern football, even though I would love Holloway to be appointed but that's sadly not going to happen either.
  8. Dean Smith or Steven Pressley would be decent young manager appointments. Both of whom are on the rise and doing well. I'd take Dean Smith out of those two for the job he's doing at Walsall on a low budget, with minuscule resources and for the way he's got them playing. Hollloway in my opinion though is the ideal man out of all the currently available managers but sadly I doubt he'd come. We're going to end up with someone dour, out of work and experienced again, someone like Dowie if DJ ever gets the axe from MM.
  9. Aye my thoughts too. Although out of those two I'd prefer Solskjaer for the job he's been doing as a manager, whereas Bergkamp would be the bigger gamble out of the two. But personally I'd love for us to appoint either of them or go down that young manager route and allow someone to bring in their own ideas for the long-term regardless of whether we get taken over or not in the future.
  10. If he's still here next season, the way we're going under MM and DJ I wouldn't be surprised to see us start next season even worse again if we're still at this level.
  11. How long does it take to work out what the manager says every week? That he thinks it's your fault; the ref's fault and the stadium is big and scary, and that he thinks we're nearly there?
  12. Solskjaer would be the most exciting option if we had money or went down the young up and coming manager on the rise route. Out of the one's out of work Holloway is the most exciting by far. Out of what we'll realistically get there's no-one exciting. But the bottom line is it isn't working and if we stick with the manager it will be a slow painful stagnation at best with eventual relegation because we can't keep relying on loanees whilst demoralising and poorly man-managing the squad, the way DJ has been doing ever since promotion. Whoever comes in has to work with what we've got and give the whole squad a fair chance.
  13. Holloway all the way. I wish. Doubt we'd get him, whoever does will get a cracking manager at this level. In my opinion we need an injection of some excitement, life and spirit. Our best bet to shake things up, would be to go the barmy route and replace DJ with someone barmy like Holloway, Warnock or PDC. But I can't see MM going down that route, due to the way he fell out/clashed with Megson. In my mind Holloway is the ideal man available. Although I would love for us to go down the young up and coming manager route. I can see us ending up with another experienced out of work manager, and a unexciting appointment. Although we have to be careful what we wish for, clearly it's not working and something needs to change or happen.
  14. DJ's ego is waiting for his dream Everton job or for the England job or a top 5 PL team job before he leaves us. Once he does finally leave he'll be lucky to get a League 1 job if he ever manages anyone again?
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