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  1. Maybe it’s been sold to pay Rhodes’ wages whilst he’s out on loan.
  2. Anything is worth trying at the moment. I watched the Ipswich game on TV. Far too many times we were passing sideways and backwards with no penetration or opportunities to progress into the final third. It was only when Kieran Lee came on that we started attacking properly. If you watch him, his movement off the ball is fantastic. We don’t get midfield players (Bannan excepted) or forward players moving quickly into positions where they can receive the ball and move forwards. I agree that all this passing nonsense looks good on paper but we are not Barcelona or Real Madrid. Goals win games, nothing else!
  3. The fact we’ve spent so much on players and are at best a mid-table team at the moment.
  4. Regarding the last paragraph there are are numerous clubs that spring to mind. Everton blew £140 million in the summer and look like relegation candidates so there’s one club that is doing a lot worse than we are vs. money spent.
  5. I saw Wednesday play in Barcelona last year (play-off semi-final) in a Sports bar off Las Ramblas!!
  6. The thread said ‘How symbolic is the Presto Stand’ and I meant replace ‘symbolic’ with ‘shambolic’ as the whole stand is way past it’s sell-by date and needs replacing. As it stands it isn’t up to standard hence the reduced capacity due to safety issues etc. Once more money comes into the club (hopefully by promotion to the Premier League) then I would imagine it will become more of a priority.
  7. Bobby Charlton was a great player but an unsuccessful manager. The two don’t go hand in hand. Mourinho and Fergie were average players but great managers.
  8. Does that mean Jordan Rhodes is still worth £10 million??
  9. That's one more than he scored in any first team game last season!
  10. Nearly 30 minutes gone and we have been shockingly bad up to now. Only consolation is that it is still 0-0
  11. Once the West stand (and the North West corner) is demolished I envisage a new larger standalone 2 tier stand being built with executive/VIP boxes running between these tiers. The corner could be filled and partially squared off (thus separating the North and new West stand and keeping opposing fans segregated) and could contain stairs/lifts to the corporate areas of the new West Stand and media facilities for the TV companies plus a new control room to replace the one in the South West corner. Boavista's stadium is an example of my thinking but has been done in a very unsympathetic way but I hope you get my drift. Cost is the big issue here like everything else when you try to make significant improvements.
  12. It is Live on Sky Sports 12.30pm kick off. Google 'Sky Live' and it shows all the upcoming fixtures
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