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  1. We moved to Leppings Lane end of the North stand
  2. "We'll meet again, Don't know where, don't know when, But I know we'll meet again, some sunny day." That's what I rememberbof that day.
  3. That's weird, never saw anything to be honest unless it was right back of me, I was stood in block T1 in front of the band
  4. Sorry if it doesn't come up, on a pc tablet so functions aren't 100%. But would love to hear this Saturday just before We Are The Owls.
  5. Love it, alot of clubs play songs each game for club, but us playing this on big occasion always gets the hair on back of my neck going. Glad we save it for times like these.
  6. So instead of being a keyboard warrior. Go up and have chat with them, they come into ground about 2.40 on match days, make your opinion and others known.
  7. With Rhinos they get paid 400 quid a game, England as far as I am aware they get free tickets and regarding Wednesday they have paid for season tickets up there. So you choose.
  8. For you ill-minded clowns slating the band. They actually started playing the Sibon song for Connor Wickham. The lads at the back of the kop plus "Ultras" start the JJ song but Wickhams name instead. End of argument.
  9. I wouldn't mind being part of the band if I got to watch Wednesday and England for free but then paid 400 quid a game to play for Rhinos
  10. Is there anyway can you get a 360 picture of the whole crowd???
  11. Conga on Kop, I'm starting it from back near band
  12. I'm the nutter who runs up to camera shouting my head off..... Proper brilliant in there
  13. How many and which games did we put ticket offers on for fans and what offers
  14. I did pick the ticket up. Got lift off Andy aswell brilliant day out. And found £20 on way to meet him
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