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  1. I really admire this guy. You can often wait for hours in those dogging car parks waiting for other doggers to turn up and get into it. But, rather than just sit there having a vvank he has used his time positively to give us an amazing insight into what has been a crazy couple of weeks for our beloved club. Cudos to you, young man. I hope some fellow doggers come along shortly.
  2. When discussing being Sheffield Wednesday manager he said... - "I've been very privileged to be that". Past tense. Disrespectful.
  3. OFFICIAL? THESTAR? Thornilly leaves training camp due to injury - OFFICIAL.
  4. Sell him to Barnsley. $1 million.
  5. Iorfa centre half Odubajo on the wing Palmer left back Matthews right back Lee centre mid 5 right backs in the one team
  6. It was a lovely flowing move, deserved to be a goal. From defence, through midfield, into the attack and in the back of the net in less than 10 seconds. Shame.
  7. IMHO. We would have been promoted in 2017 if he had not gotten injured before the play offs. That is the difference he could make.
  8. Looks fit and has lost a few pounds. A really good break can do wonders for a persons physical and mental well being. We might just get the best Steve Bruce ever.
  9. Always had a sneaky feeling that he would finish his career with us. This might not be so far fetched.
  10. Having watched the game today I believe we could have a solid defensive midfield option on our hands with Hector. Has to be a better option than Pelupessy. He can certainly pick a pass. He is always looking to get the ball forward, which is a positive attribute and if he was 10-20 yards further up the field his long passing may be more accurate. Does anyone else think he has the skills to move into a defensive midfield role?
  11. Would love to see this team tomorrow: Kirkland Palmer Lees Hector Pudil Penney Matias Hutch Reach Fletcher Joao
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