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  1. Looks fit and has lost a few pounds. A really good break can do wonders for a persons physical and mental well being. We might just get the best Steve Bruce ever.
  2. Always had a sneaky feeling that he would finish his career with us. This might not be so far fetched.
  3. Having watched the game today I believe we could have a solid defensive midfield option on our hands with Hector. Has to be a better option than Pelupessy. He can certainly pick a pass. He is always looking to get the ball forward, which is a positive attribute and if he was 10-20 yards further up the field his long passing may be more accurate. Does anyone else think he has the skills to move into a defensive midfield role?
  4. Would love to see this team tomorrow: Kirkland Palmer Lees Hector Pudil Penney Matias Hutch Reach Fletcher Joao
  5. Obvious why he has not been sacked. No point sacking a manager whose contract is up on January 8. Let him see out the contract and then say thanks, but bye-bye. Costs the club nothing.
  6. We are a joke of a club and will remain that way until Chansiri feks off and takes Jos with him.
  7. Doesn't know what he is doing. Doesn't know his best team. Doesn't play players that would be in the best team. (maybe under orders from DC). Rotates players far more often than is necessary. Continues with a GK who has not kept a clean sheet. (not all Dawson's fault, but the position needs a change after so many non-clean sheets). Plays Nuhiu. It's utter madness at our club.
  8. Curran, Waddle, Di Canio - best players I have seen in my lifetime
  9. Whatever happens today it can never be worse than last years transfer deadline day. We swapped Winnall for Butterfield. So just relax and let's take some solace from that.
  10. There is no "f##k you" in my rant. Not sure what you refer to. But, if people want to listen to the games enough they will find 5 quid. Alcoholics find money for booze ahead of everything else, people addicted to smokes find money for smokes ahead of anything else. People beg in the streets with booze in a brown paper bag and a fag in their mouth. People are always moaning they are skint and then find money for their vices. Always have, always will. If your addiction is listening to the game you will find a way to pay 5 quid. Sorry about the $ sign. I don't have a quid sign on my keyboard. Hit $ by force of habit.
  11. It is well worth 5 quid a month. I pay more as I am overseas so I get access to live pictures of most games too. The service started with a few glitches but has improved none stop since. You will also get access to video highlights and interviews which you will not get elsewhere. It is only as reliable as your internet service. If you have good download speeds. Not a problem. Enjoy.
  12. I'm not a big fan of everything Chansiri has done, but on this occasion well done on him for not letting BBC hold him to ransom. It takes guts to stand up to organisations like the BBC when everyone else is capitulating. They are offering less to EFL clubs for commentary rights whilst they have increased what they are paying for the EPL highlights rights. Well fek them! Also, we should not be pressured by ignorant people who refuse to embrace change and get with the times. Less than $5 a month for commentary via i-follow is a steal. If some people claim that they can't, won't, don't know how to subscribe to i-follow then that is their loss. They can ***** and moan and have a little cry or they can get with the times and educate themselves a little so they can use new technology. People who refuse to embrace change inevitably get left behind. It's an ignorant viewpoint and in the end, they cut their nose off to spite their face. Screw 'em! I am proud we were the only club to tell the BBC to get fekd!
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