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  1. Just a rumour...

    We don't! Must have been a meeting between DC and young Att. Att no good at keeping secrets, like any kid, sends a text to JaddyOwls family member. Fek me it's true!
  2. Just a rumour...

    Very entertaining indeed. Bravo to all contributors.
  3. Should never have bought him. Did not need him. It was another McGugan signing by DC. Could have spent $8-$10 million so much wiser. He quite rightly does not get game time because we have two excellent forwards ahead of him. When he has come on in league games he hasn't taken any of the few chances he has been given. He is in Limbo on good pay.
  4. Fantastic News - Aus and NZ Owls

    Seriously though we missed the derby game last week because of Bein delay in getting rights sorted. Some might say that might be a good thing in hindsight. If Bein has game iFollow can't show it. Becuase rights here were not finalised by Bein even if we were subscribed to Bein and iFollow we could not get the games. It is a massive plus for championship fans in Australia and NZ. UTO!
  5. Fantastic News - Aus and NZ Owls

    Should suit our slick, zippy, pacey quick style of play. Or not ?
  6. Bein have finally sorted the EFL rights out for Aus and NZ. The Owls v Leeds game is on Bein 2 at 10:15 pm. Hallelujah!
  7. Who dictates the tactics, CC or DC?

    DC to CC - " Carlos, now listen to me, all them players I have given you $millions to buy. I want you to stifle them and not allow them to play to their abilities. I want you to play dire depressing football that wee wees off all the fans. Do you understand me?'' CC to DC - "Yes boss. Thank you boss".
  8. Paul Hurst

    Dean Smith for me.
  9. Three words... Knee-jerk reaction. I'm as gutted as anyone. But fekn flouncing or what?
  10. First half tactics

    No Thread over
  11. Outclassed

    WTF was that ? Get Nuhiu on. Sack Carlos. Flounce, flounce, flounce....
  12. Surely you jest. It says 22.15 on their website.
  13. I just tried the login to Sky Sports with my VPN turned on for a day pass. The VPN works fine but it will not accept overseas credit card. Back to BET 365 on a four-inch screen it is.