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  1. Bannan just tweeted a pic in brum
  2. SWANSEA. Woods thing is live with Clucas cash likely ... Amat to Rayo Vallecano on ...
  3. I can’t see him being sold to a champ rival. Chansiri said he won’t sell him and he wants promotion. Selling FF to Swansea would be promotion suicide
  4. Didn’t DC say he wasn’t going to sell him?
  5. Owls99er

    Possible player exit?

    Maybe Boyd at rwb?
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zg7oQCCagI
  7. Nixon just tweeted let me get my tractor Ipswich loan?
  8. Sunderland. Nuhiu going cold. Rhodes looks too dear. But have a Prem loan possible ... and it may be a lucky break. yaaaaaaay!!!
  9. Barnsley. Austrian boy due in. Major problems with Fletcher loan return. Hull swap ongoing too. Alan nixon i take it that’s the knasmuller lad we were linked with a few days ago
  10. Sunderland. Making an optimistic loan attempt for Jordan Rhodes at Sheff Wed. Need people out to pay his wages. Alan nixon
  11. I miss the transfers now guy :(
  12. Good point for me that, I feared this would have been Jos' first defeat. We set up for a point and got it. Yes we rode our luck at times but that's football. We might not have scored many goals so far but (in the league) you have to remember our last 3 games have been against teams all in the top 8 of the championship, 2 of those teams have been in good form and we have kept 3 clean sheets!, from where we were against burton and with the shadow of the squad we can have out on the field, for me that is huge progress. give it a bit of time, players will start coming back (and fitter) and the goals will follow. Jos is doing a great job so far!
  13. Sorry if already pointed out..but notice how it’s Manager and not ‘head coach’ wonder if he will have more of a say in terms of recruitment than Carlos did? sorry Markowl just seen your post mate