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  1. Was saying to the old man on the way down the only way to deal with the form that we’ve been in is try not to get angry and try to laugh at it, otherwise it’s just depressing. When that goal went in I celebrated like a mad man and honestly thought I’d broke a rib or punctured a lung. I just completely lost control on the way back was saying to him that I had a massive lump in my throat celebrating the goal, because deep down as much as you try to laugh the form off and take the p*ss deep down you still care and the sheer relief of a win finally in the last bloody minute was flippin
  2. Tosun confirmed injured for palace might leave them short if they send Wickham?
  3. Just got back. fizz me that was a bad journey back. I don’t mind losing...that’s football, but when you can see there is no fight,desire, passion or urgency in this team it’s bloody toxic. winnall and rhodes... my god, I’ve wanted it to work so much for these two but winnall looked like he’d never seen a football before, rhodes hardly had a bleedin touch. Bannan couldn’t string a pass (neither could any of em) and he just kept waving his arms about screaming at everyone. that 2nd half was worse than Blackburn a couple of weeks ago. They just arnt bothered. The core
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