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  1. Maybe Aston Villa read my post about a 4 match ticket package for their playoff push
  2. We will be at most 4 points off the playoffs and could be only 1 point away so with only 4 games left at home, interest growing and with an international break should our marketing and financial departments be looking into the viability of selling a 4 game package of tickets to try and get some of the fans back that have stayed away because of high prices and also get Hillsborough rocking to create an atmosphere to spur the team on in these important games. With a very high percentage of our home crowds being made up of season ticket holders (my guess about 85% to 90%) I’m sure we’d knock a few thousand out at least, especially with 3 out of the 4 visitors being around us and are also looking for a playoff spot, not to mention being a couple of the biggest teams in the championship with Villa and Forest. Bank Holiday matches used to attract bigger attendances too (remember nearly 30,000 for the visit of lowly Swindon Town in the Premiership in the 90’s) and so the visit of Bristol City also could be a massive game in the scheme of things and lastly the final game of the season with the not so glamorous Q.P.R but this could be the game that clinches a playoff spot so again is potentially a massive game. With the next game being Stoke on 30th March and after payday for most this would give them a 2 week window to push a package with the added bonus that the money will be in the bank before the end of the financial year to maybe help our F.F,P and if things go Pete Tong against Stoke people will already have committed to the 4 match package (terms and conditions should say no refunds once purchased) Doing this we can still sell tickets to the away fans at whatever price Wednesday have decided where I’d guess Vila and Forest would definitely sell out even at £39 a ticket. Purchases of this package could also receive priority for any playoff game after season ticket holders and members. Kop £80 North and Grandstand £100 South £120 How many do people think we’d sell?
  3. Now if you’d been to Millwall tonight I could’ve bought you a pint of probably the best lager in the world (sarcasm) for the princely sum of £5 in the Millwall fanzine
  4. Seems people don’t realise you can do this. Go onto your planner, highlight tonight’s fixture (whoever it is) and click he record button. This will then bring up all tonight’s games and it’s here you can select the game you wish to record and press the record button again. Enjoy
  5. We've a new manager and are on a good run in the league apart from the Hull blip and it would be nice if the crowds went up at Hillsborough over the coming games to give the lads some vociferous backing. What do people think would be a sensible pricing package for those 3 games in a 9 day period to encourage non season ticket holders to attend all 3? I'd guess it will be £39 or £42 for a Kop ticket for the pig game for non members and a lot of fans who pick and choose their matches would no doubt choose that match and probably miss Swansea and Brentford so how do we entice them to go to all 3 games? For a 3 match package how about £70 for the Kop, £80 for the North and £90 for the South obviously only open to people on the Wednesday database to stop our porcine neighbours buying them. It would be nice to have 25,000+ gates for Swansea and Brentford
  6. Abuse towards staff gets worse when the team isn't performing. I work on the turnstiles these days and when on a cash gate yo get fans abusing you because of the ticket prices as if the guy selling the ticket can influence the admission fee. Theres none as stupid as football fans and to think if ours are like this how bad must they be over t'other side of the city!
  7. Traffic permitting I should be dropping off the tickets at Middlesbrough's away ticket window between 1pm to 1:30pm
  8. Pigs main game and 6 other games listed on red button but our game not included in those
  9. All those thinking he'll bring back all the frozen out players forget they've not played competitive football for months and who knows wether they've even been training even. Westwood played 45 at Lincoln pre-season and 45 in an U23 game. Hutch hasn't played since Brentford away in September was it? Abdi, can't remember when he last played but sure it was last season Winnall, Hooper and Lee and Forrestierri are all still injured All in all can't see that many changes tomorrow, maybe Boyd might play some part as he's had a couple of U23 games recently I think. Best people can hope for if wanting some of above players back is to maybe be in squad and on subs bench.
  10. A larger than life character who like most people have said, i didn't know him personally but saw and said hello at many an away game and I was happy to help him out getting home from Brentford earlier this season. I'm sure he'll still be cheering us on from the blue and white skies Saturday at Blackburn. R.I.P Wheeny
  11. I was speaking to an officer last night and he said it's not a Police matter that they are in a Council car park and that it's a council matter who would have to employ bailiffs to evict them.
  12. They are poor persecuted misunderstood people who just want to travel and live nomadic lives. Or Non tax paying scrubbers who dump all their rubbish and human waste before departing and leaving the local community and tax payer to clean it up.
  13. He's making the half time draw Saturday . . . . . . . . . . Probably
  14. Reminds me of when we had Francisco Sanetti, made his debut in final game of season scoring a blinder and then the following season when we were doing crap most of the Kop were shouting his name wanting him to come on as sub. Thing is I saw most of the reserve home games as they were back then where Francisco Sanetti was playing and as a striker I think I'm right in saying he didn't score a single goal all season
  15. I thought FFP was over a 3 year period. We've spent nothing this season so far and so surely at the end of the season Carlos's spend for his first season will not be included in out FFP going forward and so I'd have thought this would give us some money to play with again?
  16. Whoops, I meant The Coningham Arms @ 191 Uxbridge Road and 5-10 minutes walk t the stadium
  17. A pub called The Connaught on Uxbridge Road is away fan friendly
  18. I bet half the people moaning about Sky aren't complaining Tuesday night when sat in their armchair watching Q.P.R v Sheffield Wednesday on the red button
  19. We should've made it £10 all around the ground for home fans and charged away fans full whack like they did us that day too(offers don't have to extend to the away fans as per the example given)
  20. Hence why I put 'shown loyalty' in inverted comma's and like I said, we've sold more season tickets than ever because people know if they pay match to match its going to be very expensive. Many fans traditionally turn up to the first and last matches of the season plus a game over Christmas and the odd big game and so Mr Chansiri has raised prices for these matches.
  21. Just to play devils advocate regarding ticket prices, I believe we were selling 16,000 to 17,000 season tickets before the price hike but now have around 22,000 season ticket holders meaning around 5,000 extra fans have 'shown loyalty' by purchasing season tickets which I think was Mr Chansiri's aim.
  22. Ranks up there with the humiliating defeat at Stevenage a few years ago
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