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  1. I heard people saying they had blocked access to the man’s toilets on our floor and were making fans trudge down the hundreds of steps to the bottom to access mens toilets and so fans were claiming to be “gender fluid” or whatever they call it these days and using the ladies toilets instead. If true that just shows how stupid this sexual identity thing has become and find it funny fans took advantage although I’m guessing the woman weren’t happy. On a side note, I bought a beer from the kiosk before the game but there were no price lists displayed so you had no idea what they had or how much anything was and they had the cheek to charge £4.60 for a bottle of carling. Isn’t it illegal not not have a price list displayed? I just googled and found this … This guidance is for England, Scotland and Wales Where goods are offered for sale to consumers they must have their price clearly indicated and be inclusive of VAT. This is controlled by the Price Marking Order 2004, which applies to goods only and is limited to sales between traders and consumers im guessing Sunderland upped the price for the game as don’t remember it being that expensive for the league game.
  2. It's absolutely true, the EFL stipulate a minimum allocation of 10% of the stadium up to 2,000 tickets but more can be given dependant on the two clubs. Sunderland opted to just give the minimum 2,000 tickets so Wednesday said you get the same.
  3. It's down to Sunderland who restricted the allocation to 2,000 despite what I read on your message board saying it was Wednesday who had dictated the allocation. Remember when we played you in the League Cup a few years ago and despite there being less than 14,000 in attendance, Wednesday only received a similar allocation when there were over 30,000 empty seats. Sunderland would've had the Upper and Lower Tier of Leppings Lane if they'd reciprocated the allocation amount.
  4. You can get blue flares chearper here :- https://www.mazeys.co.uk/products/run-fly-mens-ink-blue-vintage-jimi-hendrix-paisley-retro-bellbottom-flares?variant=39442938986575&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInOKl2YiM9wIVR7DtCh3-3AUjEAQYASABEgLMJvD_BwE
  5. Read about half the thread. What I witnessed yesterday was several flares thrown including one that landed at Berahino’s feet as he lay on the floor, apparently he had been hit by another missile. I was hit on the back by a 50p coin thrown by our own fans, luckily it didn’t hurt me and with my cost on hardly felt it and annoyingly someone picked it up before me l.o.l. At the end of the game bottles, coins, lighters and I even saw part of a seat were being thrown from both home and away fans. The steward stood near me was just a body in blue steward waistcoat and did nothing whilst loads of fans walked past him with two or three pints of beer into the stand, fans who are too thick or drunk to be able to read a ticket and find a seat totally blocked the gangway all through the game which resulted in a mass surge when we scored and people went down multiple steps and there could quite easily have been broken bones. Outside it was kicking off again and I saw our fans squaring up to police which is never gonna end up well for them. Also, just seen on Twitter that Tango ended up in hospital after the game and someone has mentioned Police being heavy handed so don’t know what happened there.
  6. Some of the comments from our so called fans a few seasons ago were just pathetic and even earlier this season the "he's found his level" remarks . He's a young lad learning his trade and goalkeepers usually reach their peak in their 30's so he's a long way to go yet. People so easily forgot the clangers Westwood used to make every now and again but were straight on Dawson and Wildsmith's back if they did anything wrong.
  7. Just as long as we don’t have to play them in a playoff semi-final. Two trips to Plymouth in one season is bad enough without adding a third and would no doubt be at a stupid kick off time to boot to suit Sky, no thanks!
  8. Been in all areas of Hillsborough for games All 4 stands at The Sty All 4 sides at St. James Park (away fans 93/94 season had a small section on Gallowgate End whilst they rebuilt away end) All 4 at Millmoor Not quite all 4 stands but have done 3 at the following of which some were reserve games or friendlies Oakwell The Dell Upton Park Villa Park Selhurst Park Withdean Stadium Old Trafford Field Mill Valley Parade Elland Road Priestfield
  9. I’d say any Wednesday fan going down and taking possibly two days off work is crazier than the Plymouth fans who set off at 3:15am to attend Sunday’s game, I mean if they have a 9 to 5 job they’d not need to take anytime off work. For the record I’ll be going and it’ll be my third night match at Home Park watching Wednesday
  10. Regarding Shrewsbury Town on Saturday :- They were our bogey team in the 70's and 80's and of the 8 home league games we've played them in our history our record is :- Won 0 Drawn 6 Lost 2 Our away record against them isn't much better :- Won 1 Drawn 4 Lost 3 Onto Ipswich - The last game we won out of South Yorkshire was Bournemouth on February 2nd. We've had 14 away games since then only winning at Barnsley last season and Rotherham a few weeks ago. Really wetted my appetite for the long trips to Ipswich Town, AFC Wimbledon, Cambridge United and Cheltenham Town in the next month or so
  11. What’s the rush? It would just be another big headache refunding people if circumstances changed next week. Most fans will probably be in credit to the club from past season ticket purchases awaiting refunds and so there will be no waiting for pay day and fans will purchase the tickets online. WAWAW
  12. Unless he bought a multiple years season ticket I can’t see him being back for a while. I’m guessing he wasn’t allowed to buy in the early bird sales this year whilst still banned and they ain’t gonna sell anymore tickets while crowd limitations are in place.
  13. For the programme collectors amongst us, Walsall have produced an issue for Saturdays game priced £2 each plus £2.50 postage whether you order 1 or multiple copies. Less than 170 left for purchase on their website so get your orders in fast as looks like they only printed around 250-300 https://www.walsallfcstore.co.uk/new-arrivals/1288-walsall-v-sheffield-wednesday-carabao-cup-match-programme-05092020.html WAWAW
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