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  1. That’s understandable but you just know people will sit together and claim they are family.
  2. 50 across the front row (because you can exit on the wide walkway without directly passing anyone and then 2 per row per block so probably about 600 as a guesstimate for the lower tier! With regards family groups sitting together, i think it would be too hard to supervise and people would sit together and argue the throw so to save all that hassle they shouldn't allow it. There should be marked seats where people must sit like there are on a lot of buses at the moment and if you don't conform then your ejected, as simple as that.
  3. I follow The New England patriots in the NFL and they've just announced their capacity for next season will be reduced to 20% of their stadium. I was trying to work out the capacity for Hillsborough and for the North Stand I estimated around 800 would be safely allowed on the following restrictions :- 2 people to a row of seats per block of seats so people could safely leave seat to exit without having to directly go past anyone with a row left clear between each occupied row for further distancing although this could be scrapped I guess and each row could be occupied with 2 people spread out across the rows so people are more than 2 metres apart on or between rows which would then take the capacity to about 1,600. The South Stand you could have about 50 people spread across the whole stand safely seated 2 metres apart and with a big walkway in front of them so not having to directly pass people to exit and then again 2 people per row of seats in each block you cold get about 600 I reckon the ground could hold about 5,000 fans with total social distancing
  4. I wonder what Barnsley's player wage bill is per month and have their players been on full wages since all this kicked off. Asking Joe Public who might be paid £1,000 to £2,000 a month not to have a refund but still be paying players on more in a month than a fan might earn in a year stinks.
  5. Only when i played alongside him in defence in school team
  6. I went to school with his fellow team mate David Wetherall who moved from Wednesday to Leeds together. Different story from him, he said that their contracts were up for renewal and Big Ron didn’t offer them a much improved deal whereas Howard Wilkinson’s offer was to double their salary and that’s why they left.
  7. People may know the face but not the name so anyone got a photo? R.I.P fella
  8. Think I’m right in saying we never got paid for that sponsorship
  9. War broke out in September so the season was not even a month old bearing in mind seasons used to start towards end of August so it’s a bit different this season with 3/4 of the season now played.
  10. Don't know if this has been mentioned but even if they did decide to complete this seasons fixtures when things get back to some sort of normality, i'm guessing the clubs would want a few weeks to play some warm up games to get players back to some sort of match fixtures which would delay things even further. This all would have a knock on effect to next season and then with the Euro Championships to take place now in the Summer of 2021 so next season couldn't go on much further than originally scheduled for. If they really want to finish this season the only solution I can think of is to play a shortened season 2020/21 and maybe only play each other once either home or away.
  11. You mean, the same guy who chased a guy who tried stealing his car on foot and caught him?
  12. First person mentioned Lee Chapman who should instantly be ruled out as wasn’t he charged with hitting his missus Leslie Ash? Di Canio was a psycho and no-ones mentioned Andy Pearce
  13. I’m guessing to stop Citeh fans getting in home ends there’ll be no pay on the turnstile Wednesday either. You’ll only be able to buy them from ticket office so they can check you’re on the database so if you are thinking of going be warned. I can see the queue being quite long at the ticket office with people thinking they could pay on the gate.
  14. VAR has overruled you and says I was right after all
  15. just wish I’d been wrong and someone had dug up this thread again to embarrass me instead of proving me right.
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