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  1. I went to the U23 game yesterday and Rhodes took his goal well in the one-on-one with the keeper slotting it past him into the corner of the net. Did he do much more during the game, no not really. Do I think he still has something to offer, yes if played alongside Fletcher or Nhuhi to latch onto the knock on's or Harris's crosses. He never did offer much more for other teams apart from being a predator in the box but has never really had the service with Wednesday.
  2. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/291428/sheffield-wednesday Sheffield Weds up to 3rd they were flipping gash Pub team football played by blokes earning thousands Gary Monk has the hoodoo on us of late with his team scoring first and then just defending their lead just like Birmingham did last season Yet another poor side take 3 points off us. They had one game plan tonight, aim for fletcher at every opportunity and rough us up. We actually coped easily. However when you make Sunday league mistakes it doesn’t matter How depressing is it when we’re so painfully poo in a league where a side as god awful as Shef Weds are riding as high as they are? We were garbage but they were thrice as bad. It's flipping depressing that we are consistently beaten by flipping awful football teams playing a TP inspired 4-4-1-1 I'm no football snob but I'd stop going and practice inserting glass in my anus instead if I was a Wednesday fan. They just sit back and hope to counter attack. If they've actually got the ball they just smash it up to Fletcher, hope to pick up the scraps and cross the ball into the box regardless.
  3. I don't think the song is really offensive but I'm just not gonna sing about another mans c0ck.
  4. One thing they could improve on sometimes is the coverage of youth and U23 teams as sometimes their games has been called off or moved venues and there'd be no mention of it on the official site and you have to check the opponents website for details before setting off.
  5. Spoke to her every home game whilst buying my programme and she was always pleasant with a smile on her face. When she was missing I think it was mid September I enquired and was told she was in a home being cared for and there wasn’t much they could do which was a real shock as she seemed fine only a few weeks previous. R.I.P Rita and thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time. I don’t normally agree with minute applause as they seemed to be occurring every week home and away but Rita was a servant to the club for most of her life and so deserves recognition.
  6. You obviously don’t understand the term ‘playing devils advocate’
  7. I think one positive is in the past few seasons we’ve drawn too many games and that’s not happening at the moment.
  8. I’m just playing devils advocate here . . . . . On Tuesday we could rise up to 2nd place and they say after 10 games the league represents a true indication of how things are going but if we look at who we’ve faced, the results and where they currently are in the league :- Preston 5th place - 0 points QPR 9th place - 0 points Fulham 10th place 1 point Luton 16th place - 3 points Millwall 17th place - 0 points Middlesbrough 18th place - 3 points Reading 20th place - 3 points Barnsley 22nd place - 3 points Huddersfield 23rd place - 3 points We play Hull on Tuesday who are in 15th place so will have then played 7 out of the bottom 10 teams in our first 10 games and admittedly we’ve done well against them and need to beat these teams if we are going to push for promotion but against the 3 teams we have played in the top half we’ve taken just 1 point. The ‘easy’ run then continues with a game against 22nd placed Wigan. Obviously you can only beat who is in front of you but the real tests I feel are to come and we’ll see a true reflection of where we are at the end of November after Leeds, West Brom, Swansea and the surprise team Charlton. WAWAW
  9. I suppose if you ignored orders from your employers they’d be happy to carry on employing you? These people who without them the game wouldn’t go ahead with fans in attendance are abused both verbally and sometimes physically for just doing what they have been ask to all for minimum wage. I suggest if you have a gripe why not write to the club and Sheffield Council who are imposing these measures instead of taking it out on some poor steward.
  10. Saw it on advertising boards that game on Tuesday there will be no cash sales on turnstiles so you either need to buy them online or face lengthy queues at ticket office or kiosk outside South Stand.
  11. At this moment in time I think there is a long line of people in front of Ethel The Tree and Lord Snooty
  12. I saw that too and thought we should’ve had a penalty. VAR would’ve ruled in our favour
  13. If he goes to 10-15 games a season surely it would’ve been cheaper for him to buy a season ticket? With regards locating, why not keep your North Stand seats and just ask to change seats for Kop if and when your dad wants to attend a game and purchases a ticket?
  14. I visited Roswell, New Mexico about 10 years ago where there was an Alien Convention and loads were walking about with tin foil on their head like that, dumb yanks
  15. What I’m saying is if they listed it as an official friendly match 8 don’t think the 3 new guys would be able to take part.
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