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  1. owl-zat

    QPR Pubs?

    Whoops, I meant The Coningham Arms @ 191 Uxbridge Road and 5-10 minutes walk t the stadium
  2. owl-zat

    QPR Pubs?

    A pub called The Connaught on Uxbridge Road is away fan friendly
  3. I bet half the people moaning about Sky aren't complaining Tuesday night when sat in their armchair watching Q.P.R v Sheffield Wednesday on the red button
  4. We should've made it £10 all around the ground for home fans and charged away fans full whack like they did us that day too(offers don't have to extend to the away fans as per the example given)
  5. Hence why I put 'shown loyalty' in inverted comma's and like I said, we've sold more season tickets than ever because people know if they pay match to match its going to be very expensive. Many fans traditionally turn up to the first and last matches of the season plus a game over Christmas and the odd big game and so Mr Chansiri has raised prices for these matches.
  6. Just to play devils advocate regarding ticket prices, I believe we were selling 16,000 to 17,000 season tickets before the price hike but now have around 22,000 season ticket holders meaning around 5,000 extra fans have 'shown loyalty' by purchasing season tickets which I think was Mr Chansiri's aim.
  7. Ranks up there with the humiliating defeat at Stevenage a few years ago
  8. I was down towards Lepp end of stadium so wasn't best placed to see it fully but previously have seen him go down clutching his face after minimal contact so he has previous in my eyes and needs to cu the play acting out of his game.
  9. Been hoping he'd come good for a few years now but what dies annoy me is he's always looking for the foul going down too easily and today he went down like he'd taken a punch from Tyson Fury holding his face when I don't think he was even touched in the face area
  10. owl-zat

    Ian Cranson??

    Alan Harper, another disaster of a signing
  11. owl-zat

    King Kev

    He was at the U23 game at Middlewood Road Monday against Cardiff as was D. Hirst
  12. Closest proper pub is The World Tuned Upside Down and is just over a mile away, lets away fans in and is quite cheap from memory. Dont know if it's a Reading thing but you form an orderly queue in this pub rather than being 10 deep at the bar.
  13. owl-zat

    Sunderland..which tier?

    Can see a number of fans purchasing a £4 ticket for this one just to get the 10 Priority Points and not travelling.
  14. owl-zat

    The youngsters - quality

    Not at all, I've seen both Hirst and Borukov in action and Borukov looks the more complete player at the moment. Maybe Hirst will develop and gain a bit of strength so he's not knocked off the ball so easy