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  1. Why do 'staff' including Lecturers who are on a good wedge get cheaper tickets?
  2. Anniversary watches

    I looked at buying one but when I saw the exact same watch selling for £90 so couldn't justify paying over 50% extra mark up just because it has the SWFC logo
  3. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Had ball in back of net second half against Brum :-/
  4. Not seen anyone mention Francesco Sanetti A player who scored on his debut I seem to remember after coming off subs bench in the last game of the season against Aston Villa. After this he came on a few more times the following season with the Kop embarrassingly calling for him to be brought on as our saviour because of that one great if probably fluky goal but not having witnessing him playing a full season as striker in the reserves without scoring a goal.
  5. Am I behind Carlos, you're damn right I am whilst he's the man at the helm. Am I happy with what I've seen over the last year, definitely not and Carlos needs to get us playing the same way we did towards the end of this first season in charge when we played exiting flowing attacking football. Sunday's performance was below par for 2/3rds of the game, especially the first half when we seem lacking in too many games. Maybe it's the society we live in today with social media e.t.c but fans abusing players and demanding they come out and apologize for their performance is somewhat embarrassing to the older generation and I'm surprised I've not seen anyone demand their money back yet! Football is a game and a game is something you can win and lose no matter who has the better players, sometimes things just don't fall for you or the other teams stifle you with their tactics just like we did ro Cardiff last week in the first half and whilst at the game I had BBC Radio Wales on and ex pig Nathen Blake was full of praise for Wednesday, especially Reach who on Sunday admittedly had a poor game. Anyway, just to put things in perspective, back in the 1991-92 season the pigs did the double over us and we also lost 6-1 to Leeds at home and 7-1 away at Arsenal and still finished 3rd in Division 1 (now known as The Premiership) One result does not make a season!!! WAWAW
  6. It'll be interesting to see what price they sell them at a fifth of the way through the season
  7. I hear there is a special 150 page £5 programme on Sunday with about 50 pages dedicated to the history of the club and maybe an interesting addition inside which I don't want to disclose that will be interesting, especially to programme collectors.
  8. I don't think I've seen anything mentioned on here but on 11th November there is an event at Hillsborough to celebrate the 'Olive Grove Years' for the princely sum of £10 which includes a 40 page 'scrap book for each attendee with photo's and info about our playing days back in the late 1800's before moving to Hillsborough in 1899. There will be medals, international caps and other memorabilia available to view from that era also. Get your tickets a.s.a.p as I believe 3/4 of the tickets have already been sold
  9. It will be to help keep fans apart queuing outside the stadium. They'll have the fencing separating North Stand ticket holders Wednesday fans from West Upper for their lot and then Wednesday fans with Lower West tickets will be admitted in the newer turnstiles on the South Stand side of the ground rather than those on Leppings Lane
  10. So people moan about this stand not being open and then when they do decide / get permission to open it you moan about that too With regards their fans, with only having less than 2,400 tickets the first 10 or 15 rows in the upper tier will be left empty as has happened in the past few seasons when Wednesday have been in the lower tier
  11. I've got a signed F.A Cup semi-final programme signed by the complete squad and management team but don't think i'll be able to retire just yet :-/
  12. New merchandise in shop

    I'm guessing shirts will be the popular answer here
  13. There is a second book that comes with this one also with interviews of I think it's 50 fans including a lady who was over 100 who was interviewed earlier this year but sadly died a couple of months ago plus a smattering of celebrities like Martin Ware, Pete McKee, David Garrido and a few others and then the rest made up of current fans of all different ages.
  14. According to my sources the book 'should' only be unavailable from SWFC as they are to be the sole distributor
  15. Didn't he get that 'appearance fee' whether he played or not too?