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  1. I visited Roswell, New Mexico about 10 years ago where there was an Alien Convention and loads were walking about with tin foil on their head like that, dumb yanks
  2. What I’m saying is if they listed it as an official friendly match 8 don’t think the 3 new guys would be able to take part.
  3. I note the Shrewsbury game in Portugal is not listed in the pre-season fixtures and instead they’ve said it’s a ‘training match’ which maybe so Julian Borner, Moses Odubajo and Kadeem Harris can take part with it not being an official game.
  4. Looking at flights for 4 of us at the moment into Hamburg Thursday and home Monday. People planning on staying in Lubeck and Kiel might be interested to know that Hamburg are playing Anderlecht on the Saturday if you fancy an extra game and new ground to visit. How much are people paying for hotels?
  5. Lovely plates but I'm more interested in the Mark One carrier bags, talk about blasts from the past.
  6. Usually we get 1,000 to 1,500 hardy souls travelling for a night match at Millwall but with it being a Saturday in august I can see us possibly even selling out for an early season Saturday afternoon trip to London. Would be great if we sold out the upper tier and had fans in the lower tier too which would be a first. WAWAW
  7. I'm probably the only person in the world with a copy of this unless the Spanish TV company still has the recording so it's good as you'll ever see
  8. No Waddle, Hirst, Woods, Nilsson who were regulars back then so presume they were rested being only a couple of days after a league game, instead the Spanish were treated to the cultured Andy Pearce Subs included Poric, Watson and Tricky Trev.
  9. Two days after playing Blackburn on a Sunday at Hillsborough Sheffield Wednesday flew off to play Real Madrid in a little known game to celebrate the opening of a new stadium in Córdoba, Spain in March 1994. Below is our goal scored by Shezza which I’m guessing probably no one has seen before in the 3-1 defeat and team line-ups from the night.
  10. Definitely scored a screamer at Carrow Road which I rated as the best Wednesday goal I'd seen at the time and there was great photo's in the next home programme from I presume Steve Ellis the club photographer of the strike and then further photo's of the ball in flight and finally hitting the back of the net.
  11. My original post was about offering fans the chance to commit to game month by month at a price slightly higher than the season ticket price so for example £25 per game on the Kop thus giving people who cannot commit to a season ticket another option for cheaper tickets but the club could still keep it's POTG prices as it likes which on the majority is paid by the away fans.
  12. Not lazy or talking out of my arse and at least I'm trying to come up with something viable rather than slagging the club. I could see what Chansiri was trying to do with the match day prices encouraging fans to purchase season tickets for which we have 21,000 - 22,000 I believe but, after that very few fans buy a single match day ticket and the crowd generally only goes up if the away fans bring a good following. I've worked on cash turnstiles and had only 9 people pay the £42 I think it was on South Stand a few seasons ago and apart from season ticket holders and away fans there are very few extra fans coming through the turnstiles.
  13. We unexpectedly had a top 6 chance when the Villa fixture came round and the attendance was only 5,000 more than the previous home game where Blackburn brought about a coach load whereas Villa brought 4,500. There are very few fans willing to pay the match day prices with the exception being when we played the pigs and gone are the days where 30,000 fans turned up to watch the likes of Swindon Town albeit on a Bank Holiday. I remember the days before all the new bigger stadia were built we were in the top 10 average attendances in the country but now we’re struggling to be in the top 10 attendances in The championship with Leeds, Villa, West Brom, Derby, Notts Forest, Stoke, Norwich, pigs and maybe even Middlesbrough averaging more than us.
  14. I’ve heard a weeks warm weather training early July which probably means Portugal but no games and then a game in Germany or Austria end of July (St. Pauli would be interesting)
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