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  1. w.t.f seriously? I was going to post it Saturday but ended up in the pub and then forgot about it Sunday and got on with everyday life going to see my 100 year old Grandad who'd had a fall Saturday night, is that alright for you? I was then reminded of the incident when I saw someone share the news story on Facebook Monday afternoon and posted here as it didn't mention the near incident I posted about. Now maybe you can get off your high horse!
  2. I see the Sheffield Wednesday have released a statement about fans conduct at recent games including the flares at Hull. Whether you're for or against flares is a discussion for another day but what I witnessed Saturday was a lit flare launched at speed straight at our wheelchair fans sat at the bottom of the stand at the front. The flare either hit them or missed by inches going between them which is totally unacceptable and if it had been those lot from the other side of the city who launched the flare there would've ben uproar on here but as our own fans did it nothing has been said.
  3. Saturday's edition features the first ever Wednesday side to play at Hillsborough in September 1899.. Chesterfield were the opposition
  4. Everton were our bogey team of the 80's and we always seemed to draw them in the cup too
  5. Match Day Pies

    Pie related I bought a pie at Ellend Road on Saturday and they were selling Holland pies from the dark side of The Pennines
  6. Deadline Extended

    You say that but they're quite happy to spend £4 on a bloody jug off coffee from tax dodging coffee shops and the fast food shops are always full so there's money out there :-/
  7. Can someone put the clock right on the roof of the North Stand as it's about 5 minutes behind
  8. Ticket issue

    Maybe the turnstile operator was being dozy and let you in without checking but I have to ask why if you have a season ticket for South Stand would you try going in the Grandstand?
  9. It's not just about the pitch though these days, it's about fans safety getting to and from the stadium that's taken into account too with over the top health and safety and all that b0llacks these days.
  10. If due to snow the Swansea game tomorrow night is postponed there is a possibility of the home game against Ipswich on 6th March being put back due to F.A Cup taking precedence over league fixtures
  11. Last Night's Tactics

    I don't think it was because no-one was available up field, it looked deliberate with a player each side of the penalty area and one in the middle all waiting for an outlet pass but unfortunately as I said Millwall had our number and did what we did against Derby and Swansea pressing the opposition.
  12. Whilst frustrating but annoying I can understand is the resting of players to not risk them getting injured I,e Reach being overplayed and not 100% match fit Big Dave and João. What I cannot accept is the tactics of having Wildsmith rolling the ball out to one of 3 defenders around our box nearly every time he had the ball only for our player to be pressurised by the opposing strikers which often led to a hurried pass or mistake losing possession several times which ultimately led to their two goals. Why did he persist in this tactic for 90 minutes when after 20 minutes the fans could see this not working and needed changing! Even with the score at 2-1 this was still happening and it was like watching us earlier this season under CC passing the ball around at the back and getting nowhere.
  13. Millwall ticket news

    We've only played them on a weekend once or twice since they moved stadia and I believe one of those times we took a lot down and so I heard at the time we 'gave it to em' so maybe that is one of the reasons behind this.
  14. Millwall ticket news

    Speaking to a Policeman apparently clubs are allowed to make requests regarding their home fixtures like 'no big fixtures over Christmas' and in this case Wednesday to visit Millwall not to be on a weekend