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  1. Coke owes us a goal.... Isn't he supposed to be adding then to his game this season? 0-1 OWLS, Coke 77'
  2. http://goal.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/18/after-a-series-of-setbacks-holden-stages-a-comeback/
  3. Where are the owls meeting for a pre game beer? I'm over from New York and this will be my first solo game ( and first away in 2 yrs). I Need my fix before I have to go.
  4. It's fans like this that make us the best football club in the world!
  5. Shame - only chance to go before Chrimbo. thanks Will UTO
  6. Originally Anston... now Hells Kitchen NYC. Looking fwd to getting back for Crimbo
  7. Does anyone know? Be interesting to hear his opinions if nothing else?
  8. 'Sack' - didnt want to use it cos i am happier with the on field situ than i have been for donkeys and im in NYC..... still not a great adert for the 'willsmans' routine but less bad than you may have thought
  9. ok and what league position B4 you cal for Irvine's head.? Just trying to guage expectations... not cause trouble btm 10 for me or 10 of auto
  10. yes - ive had a beer Sorry for the poor typing PS: be nice.... its my first thread start and im an avid reader but an infrequent poster dont know what came over me. UTO
  11. Sorry id go top 2 ok - top 3 given our fixures
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