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  1. Just seen a tweet from Mike McCarthy saying we have appointed Chansiri's wife as a director of SWFC Holdings Limited based in Hong Kong and that The SWFC Holdings Shares have been transfered From Mr Chansiri to the Chansiri Owned Sheffield S2 Limited. Anybody heard about this and know any reason for it?
  2. Jesus already. God knows how many we could sell, MASSIVE
  3. Has anyone been succesful in getting a ticket yet this morning? Must be a nightmare.
  4. Block 137 back Row so can stand all day. Train Booked and in London for 10am, Staying at Hilton Marble Arch, so get there drop bags off and on Tube to Wembley, Probably the Green Man from early doors.
  5. Fantastic read, seems he has his feet firmly on the ground and appreciates the opportunity he has. Also seems very mature for his age, probably due to what he has experienced during his career. Think he will have a fantastic season if he stays fit and love to see a player play with his heart on his sleeve.
  6. Will be late on as Milan probably sat at his desk thinking 'ballock's how am going to write this don't want to cause a shitstorm Friday'
  7. We will be non the wiser after the statement. Still in limbo.
  8. Sky sports 6, whats that? I dont have that on my Sky, No wonder i did not see it.
  9. I would have to go with Marwood or Waddle. Although it always amazed me how Waddle could hit a ball 70-80 yards on to the end of someones toe but could not slot away a penalty from 12 yards.
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