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  1. He has the third best win ratio of any of our post war managers has he not? Something like 48%
  2. Watfords chant for Abdi was based on 1000 miles I believe
  3. Also, the Chief Executive of Southampton is a Wednesday fan and will be well aware of the positive impact he has had and the attacking football that we play. i wouldn't be surprised at all if he is on their shortlist.
  4. Pretty sure we can spend the first £6million without worrying about FFP as that's what we took from the playoff final isn't it?
  5. He did more in 5 minutes than McGeady has in several games
  6. McGeady wasn't hot today at all for me. Stobbs did more in 14 minutes than McGeady has in several games. Big Dave was best player by far today - even covering for the defence that kept going missing.
  7. Perhaps shows why match day prices have been made to what they are too - we rely on them heavily.
  8. Kivo, can you tweet Bullen and see if he can confirm names?
  9. I don't believe we did, but Kivo will likely know. His contract was up this year though, so maybe he decided that dropping down would give him a better chance of getting some game time.
  10. Agreed. If you believe the hype about Betra then its already started. Hirsty's son is playing above his age too and is earning rave reviews.
  11. Hirsty is indeed an academy coach. We seem to be loading our academy coaching with ex-Strikers - maybe planning on a future team ethic of "We're going to score one more than you" a-la Liverpool?
  12. Are these interviews on audioboo or anywhere? Don't think i heard them - one of the issues of being out of South Yorkshire...
  13. Agreed, but Nuhiu/Lavery between them may well do, maybe feeding off the scraps of this 20 goal man we're signing..
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