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  1. And yet we are a Ferrari when it comes to football clubs.
  2. He's got a very short pay off period. Was a week, hence why he wanted to renegotiate. All sorts of other weird clauses in there.
  3. I would have preferred the Cowley's, but it's not the time. I look forward to seeing us play with a bit of a game plan. Welcome Garry.
  4. There is legs with this. He's already turned down one offer, and they're back around the table
  5. He's better looking than wilder, and with those blue eyes and blonde hair, he'll be a hit with the neo nazis.
  6. Trying to find positives. He's young and wears a cardigan? Seriously though, his brand of football is a) a brand and b) what we want as fans
  7. His philosophy is high press, fast paced passing football, which does suit us.
  8. Spoken already. Couldn't agree terms the first time, come back and its looking like we might have a manager!
  9. I only read your 1st paragraph, but I can categorically state that I never said anything when Jos dropped him... certainly not about him "being done and not good enough". I've never thought that. I think he can be quality, but he needs direction and he isnt getting it. He isnt a natural midfielder, even he admits that. But to say I said he is done is either a fabrication on your part, or you've got me mixed up with someone else.
  10. Eh? Have I portrayed him badly in years gone by? I dont think so, but if you want to go digging to prove that you know me better than I know myself, then crack on big lad! Hutch has been crap this season. Anyone saying differently is deluded. And it's not all about tactics... sometimes it comes down to using your bonce, and his natural instinct is to drop in to the back 4, exposing Bannan. This is his own choice. Bullen then doesnt do anything about it... why? I don't know. And, for the record, I have had a go at Bannan before. He didnt play up to his level a few years ago, and I did have a dig (on here) about him. Maybe that's what you're referring to? Either way, I take it as a compliment that you take so much interest in what I post!
  11. I lived in lincoln for 10 years and know a few proper Lincoln fanatics. Lincoln isnt a big club, fans talk to players, players mix with locals, so news gets around. My mate who is as big a football fan as anyone I know, has just told me that he's heard that the Cowley's are "staying put - for now". I think that the hyphen is telling!! Only passing on from a nice man that wouldnt bull$hit me
  12. It's not bannan dropping deep that is the issue, its Hutch doing it. The whole idea behind it is to draw their midfield in, creating a gap in midfield, the CH should then be able to find a gap to slide the ball, so that you can work the ball through the zones. If one does it, the other has to move forward to receive the ball in the gap. The number 10 should also then drop, creating a higher midfield. There you can work through the higher zone, to the forward wings or to slip a through ball. When bannan comes to take the ball, hutch NEVER finds the forward space creating the impression that we play 2 deep midfielders. We then need to pass to the full backs or try the glory ball. When Nuhiu is on, he will drop deeper than Fletcher to optimise the space, but we then have no forward to play it to. When hutch drops to take the ball, the opposition allow him to have it (milwall being a great example of this... allow him to have the ball because there is a 99% chance he will not create an opportunity). This means that there is only bannan in the middle, and he will have 2-3 men on him, effectively nullifying him. Hutch's options are then pass to a full back, who has the same options to pass forward, pass it to Lees (Borner will be marked as he is the better player) who will launch it down a channel or put his fullback in trouble, or hutch's final option is to go for a glory ball. All this time, hutch becomes another CH and exposes our midfield. For me, you drop hutch and get someone in who knows how to play that role, ie Luongo. But, dont listen to me, listen to the people who think he's a brilliant footballer because he occasionally does a good slide tackle! Unfortunately Bullen fits in to this category!
  13. The away defeat to Milwall wasnt a freak. They had the better chances... our 21 were long range shots that didnt trouble their keeper.
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