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  1. Just think though... if we had gone to the wall, we'd be over it emotionally now and I could happily be supporting Man City. Curse that Milan Manderic!!
  2. I think it reflects well on Hector, Palmer and Iorfa that Lees is now very evidently the weak link in that back 4
  3. Please. Semedo makes Pelupessy look like Fernandinho!
  4. to be fair, he has spoken up, but you have chosen not to believe him.
  5. the beauty about this thread is that it is very easy to see and then make a note of the posters that know nothing about football. Bringing out the argument that Megson was hampered by losing Marshall, but then in the same breath totally ignoring the fact that Jos has a fairly decent record and has lost Bannan, Forestieri, Westwood, Hooper, Lee, Winnall. Fletcher, Hunt, Loovens, Hutch for huge chunks of his reign. Do I think we need a change; probably, but to use the argument one way and then totally discount it the other is ridiculous and ignorant.
  6. Love it!!! Questioning whether someone can pre-guess a situation, and then goes on to pre-guess the situation in January!!
  7. No pressure on the lad then? The best full back I have seen as a kid was (and I hate to say it) Kyle Walker. Whilst I like Penney, and think he's our future, he's not in the same class as KW was... but then again, KW has gone on to become the best RB / RWB in the world
  8. There was a passage of play against Forest where we were passing it around the back four, and pivot-playing with Bannan and Onomah... Forest pressed and we ended up moving the ball through the zones with Thorniley. He had the opportunity (one of only a few on the night) to slide Matias in down the channel (potentially risky as he was out of position), but chose to stop and pass to Bannan. Bannan didn't have the space to be able to do any thing apart from pass backwards and was therefore not the best or easiest option. Bannan had a go at Thorniley for doing this, and so he should. So should Matias. When Jos spoke of using Bannan too much, he was referring to this type of situation, and not about trying to remove him from the game.
  9. Unfortunately he was on both counts. I feel harsh having a dig, but if I’m realistic and honest, he was the weakest player on the pitch by some distance.
  10. No you're not... he will love you. In fact, if you tell the club where you are coming from, he'll probably sort you out with a complementary one and a tour before hand. Don't bracket yourself with the brigade who could turn up but don't because its "£49 a game", when, in fact, it has only ever once been that on the south stand. And moreover (if you're a member) its fairly reasonble. But we shouldn't let the truth get in the way of a juicy excuse for the entitied!!
  11. He was player of the season last season, pretty much dragging the team with him, and he’s been second only to Bannan this season, yet so many people still leave Reach out. I find it staggering.
  12. We are being paid the same as we were last year, with a reduction pro-rata for the games that were missed, which was negotiated as 2, with the Sunderland game not counting towards it and another which was argued that we wouldn't have been the FM game(?). It s convuluted and complex apparently, but we are no worse off than last year, except for 2 games. And don't get me started on the beeb; to say they are a service, the fact that they reduced funds being paid to EFL to support increase in prem payments is against just about everything that the BBC's constitution stands for
  13. @FreshOwl would have them both sent to the knackers yard!!
  14. its a good job he and the club don't have that attitude... we'd have no players left!
  15. that's a lot of assumptions to take from 1 sentence... I'm not saying that you are wrong, but to read that much into it takes some mind-set!!
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