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  1. Do you? Rather than use our democratic right to appeal a judgement, you'd rather just forget that so you can feel righteous?
  2. Right. Everyone with money has no idea of how to use it? You bigotted prat
  3. What the hell has him being born with a silver spoon in his mouth got anything to do with it. Makes you sound like a jealous spiteful man rather than trying to get a valid point across
  4. The EFL primary purpose is to protect football league clubs. If they relegate us and we can't afford to trade, thereby going into administration, the EFL will be deemed as putting the final nail in the coffin of a footballing institution. To say they don't care may well be correct, but they don't want to be seen to not care.
  5. What a way to look at things.... we were the better team against both and to make out we were lucky in both is a tad embarrassing on your part
  6. Well, as Hutch is one of the poisonous ones that everyone is desperate to see out of the club, I'd say Cruz
  7. Never deserved the vitriol he got. Yet there are still people saying that the only reason is playing well is because he's after a new contract.
  8. Be reyt. When Corbyn gets in and nationalises football, we'll be up there amongst the, well equals.
  9. And yet we are a Ferrari when it comes to football clubs.
  10. He's got a very short pay off period. Was a week, hence why he wanted to renegotiate. All sorts of other weird clauses in there.
  11. I would have preferred the Cowley's, but it's not the time. I look forward to seeing us play with a bit of a game plan. Welcome Garry.
  12. There is legs with this. He's already turned down one offer, and they're back around the table
  13. He's better looking than wilder, and with those blue eyes and blonde hair, he'll be a hit with the neo nazis.
  14. Trying to find positives. He's young and wears a cardigan? Seriously though, his brand of football is a) a brand and b) what we want as fans
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