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  1. Hitting the club in the pocket like this is never going to be good for anyone except those that like to laugh at us.
  2. If there’s one lesson to learn from KW’s excellent statement it is NOT to believe the rumours that get passed around and post them online. The latter part being the most important
  3. Mr Farrell is right Our home support gives more encouragement to the away team players than our own. Our players are forced into a shell Worst home performances are against teams who we have no edge with, like Cardiff and Hull. We're much better against teams like Leeds because our fans are behind the players Away from home our support feel like part of the team
  4. Indeed the best left foot to come out of the whole of Clackmannanshire
  5. Bought mine before. Love it, definitely recommend it
  6. The major cause of the issues that happened at the derby game was that temporary wall the SYP somehow thinks helps. It means idiots can throw missiles into an area where the only people they will land on are rivals. It means all the people they face when they get to the end of the wall are rivals. Absolute crazy idea. Before that wall, almost immediately you leave the ground both sets of supporters are mingling and there is no our mob - their mob situation. Just a few well placed police officers to keep an eye on things and spotters watching the known hooligans was all it needed until that nonsense idea of a temporary wall was dreamed up by someone. I don't think I have seen that pointed out, anywhere. To change things, it might work if a campaign is started and taken up by local politicians (possibly other celebrities as well) and the media. Obviously the Sheffield Star seems to have no appetite to bring this issue to the fore so maybe look further afield to the Yorkshire Post or even national media. Another option might be using social media but I really don't know how you get that sort of thing started. Mass protests would also help if people can be bothered.
  7. Liam Palmer and Morgan Fox are definitely up to standard in my opinion. In fact I think in those two we have an under appreciated embarrassment of riches.
  8. What has come to light at the Stain these last few days? I probably missed it because I live abroad. Do tell...
  9. Sincere apologies for taking your efforts for granted. This thread is always one of my favourite. Your reporting is always much appreciated. I would definitely miss it if you stopped doing it
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