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  1. Vassalo and Vella are both pretty common names in Malta. Not surprising to see Vella on Maltese team sheets. I wouldn't be surprised if the US and Scottish families have Maltese ancestry
  2. Elliot Vassalo. Maltese sounding name... is he Maltese? I'm a Malta Owl so this is of interest. Thank you for all these updates
  3. Their goal... if we concede like that these days our defence would get such abuse. How did Cork get so much room?
  4. My favourite was always we love you Wednesday. Followed by Singing the Blues
  5. I think a lot of you are underestimating Brentford in a big way. They win 5 of their last six games and are scoring for fun. Get behind our lads tonight
  6. Perhaps your problem is purely a personal predicament. Bruce’s boys barely bother with banalities! I’ll get my greatcoat garment and getouttahere
  7. He's as much a celebrity as most of the talentless nobodies they have on there. And he has a personality, which marks him above most of them. Probably the only truly interesting person on there since John Lydon, if he goes on.
  8. I felt he was perfectly at home against the stars of Chelsea. Of all our players I felt he was the one who showed he was comfortable at that level. Fletcher maybe as well but he was outnumbered all night. By the way, did anyone invite any fans of Chelsea?
  9. Also not a fan of Sibon. At a time when he could have used his talent and status to inspire the rest of the squad when we were in desperate need, he gave us nothing except for the few times he could be bothered
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