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  1. MartinOwlMan

    A siren for our saviour.

    Perhaps your problem is purely a personal predicament. Bruce’s boys barely bother with banalities! I’ll get my greatcoat garment and getouttahere
  2. MartinOwlMan

    Steve Bruce in one word

  3. MartinOwlMan

    Celebrity Tango

    He's as much a celebrity as most of the talentless nobodies they have on there. And he has a personality, which marks him above most of them. Probably the only truly interesting person on there since John Lydon, if he goes on.
  4. MartinOwlMan

    Liam Palmer

    I felt he was perfectly at home against the stars of Chelsea. Of all our players I felt he was the one who showed he was comfortable at that level. Fletcher maybe as well but he was outnumbered all night. By the way, did anyone invite any fans of Chelsea?
  5. MartinOwlMan

    Apart From Blinker.......

    Also not a fan of Sibon. At a time when he could have used his talent and status to inspire the rest of the squad when we were in desperate need, he gave us nothing except for the few times he could be bothered
  6. MartinOwlMan

    In the home end

    Not strictly the "home" end, but in the first of the three cup replays at Filbert Street v Arsenal I ended up in their corner. I was 15 and had a paper round at the time and went with the owner of the paper shop and his mate. As we approached the ground the first thing we saw was the Arsenal corner: maybe 3 turnstiles, no queues. To the left there were queues of Wednesday fans at other turnstiles. So we walked around the ground... every turnstile had queues of fans in blue and white colours. So when we got back round to the Arsenal corner we went in there. I was asked the time but I had no watch on so I pushed up my sleeves and did my best "dunno mate" and got away with it. There were other Wednesday fans in there - the two guys I was with had a chat with some they recognised. Can't remember any other details like what happened when goals were scored or what the score was.
  7. MartinOwlMan

    In the home end

    At Baseball Ground versus Derby once the locals around me were terrifying. Two of us together were in there and made sure we kept quiet. On the opposite end of the scale I was once in the home end at Colchester (Layer Road) and it slowly dawned on me everyone around me was an Owl!
  8. MartinOwlMan

    Joao, Hutch, Bannan injury update

    He, like me, probably wouldn’t have bothered opening the thread if there had been a question mark.
  9. MartinOwlMan

    FA Cup replays

    Fair enough
  10. MartinOwlMan

    FA Cup replays

    I agree with your point, but “mighty reds?” Why would a Wednesday fan be up their a.rse like this?
  11. MartinOwlMan

    Man of the match & scores WBA (a)

    Fox and Palmer were both awesome today. For the third game in a row
  12. MartinOwlMan

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    No. I lived in Hillsborough at the time. Some good players in that side
  13. MartinOwlMan

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    I played with him for that team as well. Were you involved when we won the national final against that Welsh team at Millmoor?