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  1. MartinOwlMan

    Talking in a Waddle wonderland

    Absolutely awesome.
  2. MartinOwlMan

    Festive form predicted

    We will win our next 8,733 games. Followed by a 1-1 draw away to Shakhtar Donetsk.
  3. MartinOwlMan

    Middlewood Road

    Of course, I'm sure there is loads of credit due to the club employees - and the work is done at that level no doubt about that. Without them nothing can be achieved. But DC (lack of major money? really?) has put millions into our club, he is definitely due some credit. And to be man enough to host a fans forum at a time when his popularity is so low is exemplary.
  4. MartinOwlMan

    Middlewood Road

    In the current on-field situation it is very easy to slag off the club in everything it does. I don’t think the training ground or academy should get any stick at all. Good work DC
  5. MartinOwlMan

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    I agree with Tom Lees 100% about Fox. Fox has put some good performances in recently and he has only suffered from lack of confidence. He gets in good positions going forward and the quality of his delivery suffers from indecision. It looks like he is worrying about not producing perfect results instead of working on instinct. THIS is where we, as fans, can improve players like him. Fans sitting in the stand moaning about the players are doing their job worse than the players they moan about. Because those players that work better when confident (I don't care how much they're paid, they're human and have the same psychological needs that you and I have) need to feel that everyone at the club is in this together the fans should be cheering them on. Or keeping quiet - definitely NOT getting on their backs. Supporters give support: and not just by spending their money. What makes it so much worse is the fact we have so many youngsters in our squad and the negative effect on their performances is likely to be far more significant than if we had a squad full of seasoned pros - like we had under Carlos. If a player is not putting the effort in I can understand abusing them (Bothroyd / Sibon) but not someone who is working hard to improve himself and the club. Fox deserves the backing of every one of us. He is an honest professional, who puts a shift in: and while he is at the club he is one of us.
  6. MartinOwlMan

    BBC Sport running a competition

    I wrote this comment, 12 hours before our season was turned around. Something Changed - Pulp
  7. When is the first proper episode coming out? That short intro in the pinned thread has got me buzzing. Just what we need in these times. Positivity! John Sheridan’s mother... fantastic!
  8. Chris Carr, Jon Beswetherick, Kim Olsen, Ola Tidman, Chris Adamson, Richard Evans, Ashley Westwood. For attitude I would put Gerald Sibbon alongside Jay Bothroyd and Adam Proudlock. Worst thing about Sibbon was we couldn't get rid of the waster for absolutely ages, cost us a fortune we couldn't afford to lose.
  9. MartinOwlMan

    International Break

    Someone told me Atdhe was suspended for the Malta game
  10. MartinOwlMan

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Yes, they are both meaningless insults dreamed up by people who have been swept along with the bullsh1t fed them by the right wing media. Hitler would be so proud that his ideals are reaching across europe at last
  11. Pricing policy is not Jos' fault. While you might have a point, it has nothing to do with what the OP is saying.
  12. MartinOwlMan

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Unless you don't have long left on this earth (and I hope you have loads of decades) then when you start a post with one long term timeframe it is totally out of context to go on to discuss such short term issues.
  13. MartinOwlMan

    That 'Penalty'

    There were four incidents in the game where the Sky pundits suggested there might be a penalty appeal - this one, another where Fox supposedly held one of their players in the area, the one on Penney, and the one on Fletcher. - This one was a clear dive and a penalty was given. Dawson's superb save was poetic justice. - Fox holding someone? They were both at it. - Penney, not a penalty. - Fletcher: this was the only one that should have been given. Fletcher moved away from the defender, defender grabbed him, Fletcher kept his hands to himself and ultimately put them in the air to appeal. Sorry I couldn't name any of the Blunts involved, there is only one (Clarke) who I could pick out in an identity parade. Don't care for them.