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  1. I don't think there is any problem with the thickness of Lee Bullen's skin. He probably blocked people he felt would just waste his very precious time right now. I can't understand what criticism you would have of Lee Bullen and more so I could never imagine why you would take to Twitter to voice that criticism. Personally I don't want Lee Bullen as manager because I want him to stay at the club in the role he has had for these last few years. Having continuity around the team must be a good thing as managers come and go so quickly.
  2. They are professionals and I would expect them to knuckle down and observe the guidance of whoever is giving the instructions. We are fans and get irrationally emotional about our club but players are just going to work.
  3. What makes you say his standing with the players is tainted? I wouldn’t expect them to react in an emotional way to all this.
  4. Hartlepool is not a good analogy. According to a friend from Hartlepool most people from there support Hartlepool AND Newcastle. So they would probably be off anyway
  5. Or.... you are so excited... tonight we can go 4 points clear of Tranmere in 4th place if we beat Shrewsbury... but it was always 0-0 v Shrewsbury So you tore out ticket L and then also had to tear out M ... and the worry about losing L overshadowed the bore draw versus Shrewsbury
  6. Was mentioned in this excellent thread:
  7. I'm a fan of Nuhiu and acknowledge his limitations. Also, I am a fan of our fans and acknowledge that we have a minority who think it is ok to take to a public forum and air negative and abusive views about one or our own. Nothing's perfect in this world
  8. Vassalo and Vella are both pretty common names in Malta. Not surprising to see Vella on Maltese team sheets. I wouldn't be surprised if the US and Scottish families have Maltese ancestry
  9. Elliot Vassalo. Maltese sounding name... is he Maltese? I'm a Malta Owl so this is of interest. Thank you for all these updates
  10. Their goal... if we concede like that these days our defence would get such abuse. How did Cork get so much room?
  11. My favourite was always we love you Wednesday. Followed by Singing the Blues
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