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  1. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/september/owls-call-press-conference/
  2. Good OMDT as ever. This paragraph, for me, is really telling. Makes me think, in this day and age the Northern public has gradually been worn down by the flannel we have been fed over the years and no longer are we such a "no-nonsense" culture.
  3. Anyone who is angry about Bury’s plight and still subscribes to Sky TV should really think about their own part in this. The EFL are not the only guilty party and it was Rupert Murdoch’s invasion of our beautiful game that turned it into the ugly, greedy beast it now is
  4. Rob O’Neill talking now, normal EXCELLENT service is resumed WAWAW
  5. I’ve got Preston’s commentary?
  6. Probably after 3 wins out of 4 it’s not the best time to say “I told you so” about this particular matter. I like how Bullen takes positive action when he needs to. Against Reading and Barnsley the game plan was working so he stuck to it. Against Millwall we had a right go at it and though we didn’t make the breakthrough it was not for want of trying. Against Luton at half time he transformed us from second best to match winners. We haven’t had a manager who gets to grips with a game like that for a long time Also I like how he rests players when they take knocks. Speeds recovery time and keeps fringe players motivated
  7. That is amazing! I did notice however that we had a very good record at Hillsborough that season before that run of three games
  8. 76 - 77 season 12. Sat 23 Oct SHREWSBURY TOWN......... 0-1 6 17,030 13. Sat 30 Oct MANSFIELD TOWN.......... 0-2 11 15,559 14. Tue 2 Nov ROTHERHAM UNITED........ 1-3 12 18,204 Rodger Wylde I was at all 3 of these games, what miserable times they were...
  9. I was reassured by his performance today
  10. Barnsley played as well as we allowed them to. We weren’t great but we were efficient and effective
  11. There is useful stuff in there such as information about how rapidly crowds can disperse given the width of passageways they have to use. Then the author proceeds to misuse that information by ignoring stuff like the fact that a huge artificial wall is the biggest factor in narrowing the egress route. That wall does not help crowd control at all it just provides a point at which two opposing groups come together facing each other in the knowledge that we are here and the other lot are in front and headed our way. Like a tailor made crowd hostility system Remove the barriers and people from both sides merge immediately and can only tell if the person next to them is opposition if they are showing colours
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