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  1. MartinOwlMan

    Categorise the squad

    I would remove Boyd and Matias from this list - I think we are yet to see what they can do for us
  2. MartinOwlMan


    I expect the opening game to be one of the toughest all season. Then after that things will improve a lot.
  3. MartinOwlMan

    Lincoln away

    I am sure if Wednesday win the league your enthusiasm will pick up somewhere along the way.
  4. I vote for 3 points for Wednesday in what will be one of the toughest games of the season but... the Children’s Hospital can have your money gladly. Let’s just hope both England and Wednesday can win
  5. MartinOwlMan

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    It’s all fine. He was 90 so he had a good innings, and a good life. And gave me my life long complete devotion to Sheffield Wednesday.
  6. MartinOwlMan

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    Sadly, not very. Apart from our party of around 25 (we had all been to my father’s funeral earlier) there were 2 others.
  7. MartinOwlMan

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    I watched yesterday at The Wednesday Tap. Amazing choice of beers, lovely environment and a nice atmosphere. If I was in Sheffield on Wednesday that’s where I would be
  8. One size (Fitz Hall)
  9. MartinOwlMan

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    Is Inter really a bigger club than Villarreal? Both decent clubs in decent leagues but the leagues are dominated by other clubs
  10. And I pointed out that Sweden’s finishing was wonderful... but only for comedy value. My point is, though, that not only the English are confident.
  11. If I see Lucas has to beat a Chelsea defender to get a strike on goal against an Everton keeper I can’t bring myself to wish for anything but a goal. I am club before country
  12. I'm really not that bothered. I do want England to win their games, but only because there are no Wednesday players in the other teams. Saw a Swedish acquaintance last night after our game had finished. He feels like they almost have a bye into the semi.