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  1. Some of the players struggled tonight. But our fans were terrible. Heard nothing until the 82nd minute. Don’t abdicate responsibility, as fans we have to get behind the lads in hard times.
  2. I would have Nuhiu any day over a total waster like Sibon. I don't care that he would give us a moment of genius once every few hours of football. When I look at players for our club I want them to be the best they can be. They can make mistakes and they can take bad decisions, but put the effort in and they'll get my backing. Our current group, under Jos, seem to be really working at their trade. This is good for them and damn good for the club. Long may it continue.
  3. MartinOwlMan

    QPR Restricted View

    I went when we lost 3-0. Was about 5 rows back upstairs and couldn’t see anything of the first 6 yards or so of the pitch. But I wished I had restricted hearing because of the racist abuse some of our knuckle staggers were giving to Lloyd Owusu
  4. MartinOwlMan


    He flapped at ONE cross on Sunday, of the many that Bristol City launched into our box. Chris Woods used to flap at every cross that came anywhere near him and for some reason a lot of our fans look back on him as if he was a legend. A bit of balance lads, come on.
  5. MartinOwlMan

    Gary Hooper

    Absolutely hilarious that people have a problem with him playing golf. And that he should want to show that he is playing at one of the country's top courses, a real test of golf. Good for you Gary, hope you had a great round and while you're up in Scotland enjoy more of the amazing courses up there. I'm really happy you're doing something during your rehab that is enjoyable, gets fresh air in the lungs and gives some gentle but sustained exercise. Keep off the games consoles and on the fairways, you'll be great.
  6. I would say Jos' approach is Game Theory Optimal.
  7. Three points in a difficult away game. And we had to beat the referee as well as their team. Great game plan by Jos. Worked brilliantly.
  8. MartinOwlMan

    Two greats

    Bannan is exceptional. Really happy he is at the club and has extended his stay. Sheridan is for me the stand out Wednesday player of my lifetime, so I can't put someone even as good as Bannan ahead of him.
  9. MartinOwlMan

    Sean Clare Signing for

    I think this is a good move for him. The standard of football is far higher than most of you seem to be giving credit for
  10. MartinOwlMan

    Where can this team finish?

    We will win the league. Comment brought to you with the assistance of Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier. Thank you
  11. If he didn’t receive the ball and didn’t distract a defender or the goalkeeper it was not offside. The goal was correctly given IMO.
  12. MartinOwlMan

    Loving this

    Apparently Bands FC are going to produce this shirt for people who want it. You need to follow them on Twitter
  13. MartinOwlMan

    Loving this

    Really beautiful - I would love to have that hanging in my wardrobe
  14. MartinOwlMan

    Squad Value

    "All art is quite useless..." (Oscar Wilde) To the OP: don't be put off because people have said that the thread is useless, or disagreed with your transfer values. Most of the threads on Owlstalk are useless - which is the whole point really, just as with art. There are 6 pages of discussion so far and that says something. It is an interesting topic and fans will have loads of differing views, and none of their views really matter in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, the debate is fascinating to read.
  15. I love the place. My home is in Gozo, which is Malta's second largest island. I try to call in at least once a week in the early evenings when I am over there for other reasons, and get to watch the games there when I can. I'll most likely be there this Saturday for the match. Stephen and Dawn are great hosts for sure.