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  1. You’ve gone and done it now. That’s breaking my head, thanks.
  2. Not watched but I'll take that. Away from home and still settling the defence and keeper. Gotta improve but you need scrappy wins like this as well.
  3. Just to add after talking with the op a little more, turns out Lucy was also part of their Social Media team as well.
  4. Unfortunately due to my job and supporting my other half with her business means I have to pick and choose my games which puts me right down the pecking order for away games too. Try to get to as many as I can and was great to be back at Hillsborough for the first game. Will either watch on TV or keep track on here if I can't make a game.
  5. Should have won really but absolutely terrible school boy defending cost us 3 goals. Hopefully that poo gets sorted sharpish. On the plus side we were dangerous going forward and scored 3 and came from behind to grab a point I suppose. MK next up so see what happens down there.
  6. So been on Reddit and seen this in the league 1 sub. The op wanted to let Wednesday fans know about this so said I’d post it on here. They’ll be a minutes applause on the 24th minute for Lucy Dawson who was an MK dons fan who recently passed. link below. https://mkdsa.org.uk/2022/07/31/lucy-24/ Do us proud lads.
  7. I'm guessing we have moved onto other targets. Its fine for us to leave what we have offered on the table which is likely whats happened. Thing is we shouldn't just jump at anyone. Whoever we sign has to be an improvement on what we have and not just filler otherwise its pointless.
  8. Iorfa had a decent effort from distance. Had it not been for their keeping play acting I reckon we might have nicked it. They were well under the cosh.
  9. This, if Iorfa sorts himself out then we should be fine.
  10. I remember red lion at Townend always being full of owls.
  11. well I did live there for best part of 20 years. Playing footie at the park with a lot of the kids off my end of herdings there was only 2 blunts and about 12 wednesday. Might be different now obviously but I'd say historically its probably about evens.
  12. I’m telling ya pal. It’s very even in that area. Most of the kids I used to play with on herdings growing up were Wednesday.
  13. It’s not a United area at all. It’s at the back of herdings, charnock and hemsworth. Having lived in that area for about 20 years I’d say it’s a pretty even split. also that land is massive and they could even make the dual carriageway bigger so traffic can get away quicker.
  14. I’m sorry but he can’t win the headers for them. The awful defending falls on the players at the end of the day. I’m sure DM will be ******** fuming with the poo they served today.
  15. First game. 3 nee players at the back and one out of form. Reckon we won’t be that bad again all season. We’ll obviously make mistakes but I don’t believe we’ll fizz up 3 times like that today. on the plus side we looked dangerous going forward and could have had a couple more today. we go again.
  16. The Netflix doc is called the game changers and I found it to be really interesting. Worth a watch if you haven’t already.
  17. Not that I’m disputing this as I’d rather be informed. Can you explain why the Netflix doc goes into a lot of detail regarding vegan proteins for elite sports people and the benefits of them if this is true. Surely they would stick to a meat protein diet? like I say I’m more interested then anything as I ain’t ever giving up meat.
  18. Okay cool. I don’t claim to know a lot but our lass knows a fair bit about nutrition and seen a few programmes etc. there’s a good one on Netflix that follows some elite pros including Lewis Hamilton, Djokovic and half an NFL team that switch to vegan diets. I mean it helps that they can afford amazing personnel chefs as well.
  19. This was my favourite part of the interview. It’s good to hear that they’ve altered things and really looked into the issues. Good to hear about them focusing on diet more, also new exercises and stretching routines which should all help them massively. I hope they eat more vegan foods (I’m a meat eater before you ******** start) as they’ve been proven to help with recovery faster as the proteins are better. also get em doing Pilates if they ain’t already. would all stand them in good stead.
  20. The club weren’t the only business/people impacted by COViD. End of the day the club didn’t provide a service and money should have been paid back. how many people lost jobs or businesses through COViD. This money will likely have meant far more to the family that bought that ST then what less than a thousand quid means to our multimillionaire chairman. unbelievable some people are defending this poo .
  21. Stockdale hunt Ihikwe (sorry if I butchered it) hennegan palmer johnson vaulkes byers bannan smith gregory would be my starting team. Palmer I’ve put in to keep some familiarity at the back with a new keeper and two new centre backs.
  22. Anyone defending the club needs to take a ******** look in the mirror, your part of the problem. this is totally unacceptable! Those people paid for a product/service. It wasn’t delivered and they are entitled to get that money back. just because your loyal and a fan of the club doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of. I’m a fan of food, you know it keeps me alive and poo. If I go to a restaurant and order food and it ain’t brought of course I’m gonna want my money back. There’s no difference here.
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