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  1. They would. But we have what we have. Gotta try and make it work. Something has to give though, cos playing like this the playoffs are gonna be very tough
  2. With the embarrassment of riches we have up top, surely we now have to change how we play? I think the dreaded diamond could work for us. Hutch deep of course, bannan and wallace next, forestieri at the top of the diamond in behind two of Rhodes, winnal and hooper. Hutch drops deep when the fullbacks bomb on. Forestieri buzzing about helping both midfield and attack as he naturally does anyway. Unfortunately I feel this won't happen, and we will continue as we are, which will only work if we start to attack and think we can win games. Only thing I'm
  3. I think your right. But I do see him getting a half hour or so. Given his ability to terrorise defenders, and his obvious h'energy, there is a real chance I think.
  4. Transfer to score in their owls debut? Can our new recruit do the same? Welcome and good luck Sam. Rip this league a new one.
  5. I don't know, that's just it. Is it as simple as that. Is there anywhere else that we can get them. I'm just so happy he wants one!
  6. Hi. Finally the boy wants a Wednesday shirt. And coming from Northern Ireland that's quite an achievement! He is 5, so 5-6 is perfect, but the clubs online shop is out of stock. Can anyone pick me up a 5-6 year old home shirt and post it to me. I would PayPal the money across. thanks in advance.
  7. Carlos is fantastic. Dealt with a very difficult situation fantastically well, and ground out an amazing result against a top team. Only slight gripe I have is that he named one player for being the reason why we lost it a bit in first half. Giving how childish modern footballers can be, as seen with fessi, we need to keep everyone else together. Whatever is gonna happen re Fernando, will happen. But we have a manager and a team to be successful regardless. When's the last time we've been in that position!
  8. Support the player. If by some small stretch this gets back to club and player, don't you reckon he might be annoyed at busting a gut all game, defending, attacking closing. Only to hear he wants to leave because he didn't do a heart shape with his hands. A player who did not want to be at a club could not, and would not have put in a shift like he did!
  9. Stop worrying about things we can do nothing about, and start enjoying the ride. I think forestieri looked knackered, and the celebration was not quite as vibrant as usual due to that. And he had right to be knackered, as he never stopped all game in the first competitive game of the season against a good villa side. But, if something is going on, and chansiri feels like offloading him for two bags of scratchings, to the lads down at casa del pork then there's nowt we can do about it. In the meantime enjoy one of the best players this club has had in many years, and get used to u
  10. Totally agree with this being how teams got to us last season. But, I have seen evidence in preseason that Carlos is trying to combat this. We were pinging some quality diagonals in behind, and believe we now have superb passing and movement. Perhaps enough to combat the lack of raw pace. Break the line, and your in before they get a chance to run at you.
  11. Westwood hunt, lees, hutch, pudil bannan, Abdi, lees Forestieri . Fletcher, hooper simple. Best squad in years. I sat for ages working this out and am still thinking that formation could change, or players I haven't put in might be better. Matias looks rapid in pre season. Wallace. Still think we need another CB, but if we score 4 they have to score 5, right?
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