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  1. I would love to know what he thinks of events here since he "departed" and what he is doing with his time?
  2. How is this complete non event groaning on??
  3. Praps if all this farce continues we could all go one Saturday when Wednesday are at home to watch Stocksbridge Park Steels instead? Maybe if Hillsborough was nearly empty and Stocksbridge had a huge record attendance then the message might start to get through? I dont think Jos is in charge though TBH, I think he is just a puppet and the problems are far far deeper than JL.
  4. Looks asbestosy to me. I dont think it would be that simple as to climb up and paint it? Anyone with definite info feel free to shoot me down?
  5. I think he definitely got the ball-well, a ball anyway.
  6. Great picture- I think the steward may be wondering where his egg is??
  7. Ive got a year left on my 3 year S/T so can I just have another 1 year extension does anyone know? Would it be £555 on the north then for 2019/2020 season?
  8. I dont think you will be far off- how depressing is this season.
  9. We are operating a sit where you want policy.
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