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  1. Glenn Loovens

    I think he definitely got the ball-well, a ball anyway.
  2. Forestieri gets his reward

    Great picture- I think the steward may be wondering where his egg is??
  3. "I feel sorry for you having to play with this lot."
  4. Get in! Well done lads!!

    Tay Tay is a serious squirter! Get in!!
  6. Ive got a year left on my 3 year S/T so can I just have another 1 year extension does anyone know? Would it be £555 on the north then for 2019/2020 season?
  7. Predictor For Remaining Games

    I dont think you will be far off- how depressing is this season.
  8. Ticket issue

    We are operating a sit where you want policy.
  9. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Who is our new member "Anus" and where has he sprung from? Is this a direct result of the bumming thread?
  10. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    Now that's a top idea!
  11. Jos - A Cardboard Cutout?

    We say this every summer!!
  12. Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    I think he probably already is having a go.
  13. Who will be SWFC manager next season?

    No Steve Bruce, Mick McCarthy or even Schteve McLaren would touch the job at Wednesday IMO. No manager who is their own man will come. If its not still Jos it will be another foreign "coach" (manager??) we have never heard of.
  14. Sports Psychologist

    Penistone Road would be gridlocked with the fans trying to get in to see them.
  15. He definitely needs to use "as such" more. I dont know what we are gonna do now-just hope we stay up.