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  1. Plenty in the tank sir!
  2. How symbolic is the Presto Stand?

    I think the roof is probably asbestos? I wouldnt fancy painting it.
  3. Read This (don’t shoot the messenger)

    Should rename it The Vile Blogger. I go to Birmingham semi regularly for work and its an absolute armpit. The surrounding area to Merry Hill is an absolute Shiite hole where you genuinely feel a bit uneasy when you go for a wander round.
  4. United

    Yes this unfortunately. Praps this is where we are going wrong-Carlos thinks we are playing in a walking football league?!
  5. Ah,I didn't know that-back on the list he goes then!!
  6. I don't think Pearson would get a job at a Thai owned club ever again so I think we can cross him off the list.
  7. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    I have realised you were referring to KL not Hooper.
  8. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    I thought he was about our only player in the derby who could hold his head up high tbh.
  9. Brian Laws

    I was with you up until the Roy Keane- how about a Roy Keane, Paulo di Canio dream team combo??
  10. #19 for Brentford

    I couldnt read it from the kop end of the north.
  11. Carlos to the stands

    In a sardine heater?
  12. Carlos to the stands

    The banish Carlos to the stand for the rest of the season thread. Im not sure if im serious or not?!
  13. Added time tonight

    Ref had a fine game?? Really??
  14. Jacob Butterfield

    If hes good at sitting on a bench then he will probably do well here.
  15. Graham Pugh - Please help

    She was very easy on the eye if I remember rightly?