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  1. Mel Sterland

    his wife came from the Goathland estate at Woodhouse, i went to Beaverhill Comp with his brother in law, he would come up and watch the school matches whenever he could,
  2. got 3 tickets for this, really looking forward to it, dragging my workmate and son along, not that they needed any encouragement.
  3. come on you pigs!

    it would just be a potential banana skin, why give them the opportunity, forest for me.
  4. THE TEXT "ellis" CAMPAIGN!

    Done, best wishes for you & your family.
  5. will try and make this one
  6. Richest Wednesday Player Ever?

    Trevor Francis must be worth a bob or two, I know his wages wouldn't match todays top flight players, but he's had one hell of a career, played for 10 teams, in England, Scotland, Australia, North America & Italy, managed 4 teams over a 15 yr period and worked as a sports pundit with Al Jazeera and Sky ( all according to wiki )
  7. Time to applaud

    there needs to be more bouncing, it looks awesome when there's a decent attendance in the ground,
  8. Would you buy Wednesday?

    Yes, and build a hotel next door,
  9. Albert Steptoe, to the right and up one from Jim Smith.
  10. Wayne Jacobs

    Haha, yes the kid never backed down, and had somewhat of a reputation, Last I heard from old school mates was that he'd found religion, Another bit of trivia, whilst we where at beaverhill, lawrie madden's wife was a teacher there.
  11. Wayne Jacobs

    I went to school with him, he was a decent player at that level, He was the same age as Carl bradshaw but different schools, I think they where both on Wednesdays books as schoolboys, but Carl had by far the better career,
  12. Please, please sort this out!

    a semodo bumper sticker on the rear, to ensure no one overtakes you, and reda on the the front bumper to progress through congestion
  13. Should Bywater go back in goal?

    what about all the shots kirklands saved, to enable us to make come backs, would bywater have saved them, is it 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, personally i thought the guys done ok,that said im also a fan of bywater,
  14. Standing on the kop / atmosphere

    im fine with standing , but find its a sort of knock on effect, when the front rows sit down it slowly works it way back up through the kop, im half way up but im always concious of blocking someones view behind me if i remain stood,