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  1. 11 out of 10 for Bannan, the rest were all 10's. 3rd int league at Christmas. Incredible considering how much pressure there is off the pitch at the minute. Well done Garry Monk and the lads.
  2. Vote for Rhodes. Goal of the day. 1 hour left.
  3. 4 4 4........ HOW DO YOU LIKE IT..... HOW DO YOU LIKE IT.
  4. Have a fiver on the fact that some tvvat will say 'you can't judge him on 45 minutes alone'. IF DUNT SCORE 2ND HARF - SELL IM.
  5. I want everyone to wear Garry Monk masks and adopt the catchphrase. Aye up we're the Monkee's.
  6. Someone is bound to refer to him as Gas. This is why DC took so long, less complication of the spelling meaning less people walking around with incorrect names on their backs. Hey..........someone will have Monk on eh hahahahahahahaha
  7. So vote yes then. <<<<<yours faithfully, the digital press-gang team>>>>>>
  8. "I certainly don't know enough to say one way or another whether I think they'd be the right fit for us." - so you have an idea of what might be the right fit for us or is it just a throwaway comment? I agree btw - unless any of us have followed lower league football enough to 'know' the pair, then it is a bit of a punt. For me, I look at what they have achieved versus an experienced managerial team i.e Rowett or Pulis, and believe that the Cowley's might just be looking past another payday on the managerial carousel for the next 6-12 months til it goes belly up.
  9. But how can you quantify what is? If you give anyone the autonomy to make the role their own, put their stamp on things, then surely being armed with those tools for the job gives you every chance of success.
  10. We need a boost and a buzz about the place in the same way the Bruce appointment brought. The Cowley's are just that. We'd create a bit of a fanfair, whilst being able to temper expectations a little by understanding they are coming in to build a solid foundation for us to move forward. We've tried the money route, it hasn't worked, we now need a longer term plan. 2 upcoming, ambitious individuals that would 'genuinely' see SWFC as a huge opportunity and give it their all. They'd 100% have my backing.
  11. I agree, we need a full coaching staff on board working with the players day in day out, does Bullen have that? 3 weeks ago he was assisting Steve Bruce and his 2 sidekicks in getting the squad ready for the start of the season, and here is now, thrust into what for him is a pretty unwanted limelight and being asked to do a job he's not had either the experience or the credentials to do. So no, I don't blame him one bit for not having any of the support afforded to his predecessor, and in some respects he's done pretty well to get a few results on the board during his 6 games in charge. It's very easy to cite the manager's set up of the team as the reason we lost, fans have been critical of LB not having a plan B, well today he did and it didn't come off. He may have got elements of it wrong, but questions need to be asked of senior pro's at the club that are way off their best form at the minute as well. I'm as frustrated as you that the manager situation isn't yet resolved, if it's LB, then he needs backing with more assistance because at the moment we're in a position where we'll attract the wrong type of manager to the club and in a stressed situation, it'll lead to a bad appointment. The type of manager that works well in the modern game is someone who's able to have a system and recruit the players to play that system, not the other way round. That's why we'll continue to struggle regardless of who comes in and takes charge. It's also part of the reason why (given our finances) I believe we aren't as attractive a club to any 'would be's'.
  12. Lee's dropping out before kick off was not a good start, game was just a complete mess for us. Iorfa looked like a full back playing as a make shift centre half, I think with a few games under his belt there that he'd be pretty good though. Borner impressed me with how he tried to come for a few balls when QPR were playing a high line in an attempt to box us in, his distribution is pretty good as well. Given it to Fletcher, mainly for the penalty, but feel like we really let ourselves down today despite the scoreline being close. We never looked like getting back in the game when they went 2-1 up, that troubles me. We don't seem to have an indentified style of play, I wouldn't put the blame at LB's door, he's got little support trying to do the job of managing 30+ players with not even a murmuring that we are close to appointing someone. I think the uncertainty is getting to everyone, most of all the players, some of which are not playing at full tilt. With only half a dozen games played, that's quite worrying. I don't think QPR were up too much, Hugill aside they are about as average a side as you'll see, we certainly made them look like world beaters today.
  13. What needs to be done? Get those fkers in 1st thing tomorrow and tell them that today was not good enough. We didn't work anywhere near hard enough to get a result out of the game, and one or two are a million miles away from what they're capable of. Everything else can wait.
  14. He was very unsubtle. Bannan also lucky to stay on the pitch after kicking out and putting hands on Hugill. I was surprised either side finished with 11 tbh.
  15. It's a throw up between the 7-1 Arsenal game or the 8-0 at Newcastle. I'm saying it's the Arsenal one because we were drawing 1-1 entering the final 15 minutes of the game. I've never seen a team turn it on as much as they did during that spell, unplayable and absolutely sickening at the same time. The 8-0 at Newcastle was me own fault, should never have gone up there, Bobby Robson's 1st game in charge. We had restricted view seats with a pillar covering the middle 3rd of the pitch, no roof, and it started pyssing down once the game kicked off. A lot of Wednesday fans left at HT, some telling me to 'enjoy' as they did. About as dogshyt as a Wednesday performance I've ever seen, pretty much gave me the realisation we were going down that season as well, but still didn't top the Arsenal game - cooonts.
  16. Define an easy start? 2 teams that have come up from the league below that have carried good form into the new season? What do you base your assessment on? Not being belligerent, it's a genuine question. Our record at Preston for the past 8 years is god awful, bar 1 result gaining a point in an end of season dead rubber game. Millwall is a horrible place to go to, turned out to be one of those days. My argument is that Bullen has got the setup for a game wrong once, that was yesterday. By time we started to play, the game was already lost. I disagree with the notion that we have a team capable of the top 2, we are a way behind the stronger teams in the division this season - Leeds, Fulham and WBA will be fighting for those positions with Derby closing the gap. We are looking at the last 2 positions in the top 6, if we stay injury free and have a bit of luck. Those are my 'expectations', I disagree with yours. Yes it's play off form. Winning 3 of every 5 games would see us in the playoffs comfortably. The performances need to improve, I get that. But realistically, how many teams sack (or don't give a job to) a manager that has the team in and around the playoffs? For all we know, Lee is putting a front on because he's as frustrated with the situation as some of the fans are. The thing that goes against the grain for me is the general feeling that we need change for the sake of change.
  17. I think people are being over the top with the negativity. The truth is, the first 10 games of the season is a truer litmus test as to where we are this season, and the facts are it's a remarkable start given the upheaval we had 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. I get that fans may not particularly see Bullen as the answer to filoing the manager's role, but he is only doing the job the club is asking of him, nobody knows if he even wants it. I disagree with the notion that we've had easy games since the start of the season, they're easy on paper only. The underlying reason is we are still tweaking the team to find the best 11, and the fact it's Bullen rather than Bruce or A.N.Other is a reason to beat the club with a stick. Our form, is playoff form, speaks for itself.
  18. No. Best start to a season under DC's reign as chairman. Noone should doubt giving bullen the role - it was always his to lose. We were a lot better 2nd half, not perfect, but we are getting results. That's down to bully and the players pulling together.
  19. Big ****** deal. Take 1-0 wins all season thanks. OP says it all - TOP OF THE LEAGUE. End of chat.
  20. But that in a nutshell is always the issue hiring someone with a long track record. Just how motivated they are, and is it purely a payday they are looking for. I think we are well shut.
  21. I don't want him back. Same way I didn't want Atkinson back when he was fresh out of clubs that would give him another roll of the dice. I reckon the Newcastle gig is Bruce's last in football, he was on the fence about wanting to take another one after Villa and we should have perhaps seen the signs. Plus he's fat knacker.
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