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Community Answers

  1. Low on numbers at the back, especially in central defensive positions. Sign a left back.............
  2. 9 months in the role, and he was appointed during the final part of Marcus Evans' tenure - so not the new boards choice as manager. They've suffered from so many players running down contracts and never getting a return by selling. I'm not sure what more could have been expected by having so many changes at the club, takes time for it all to come together. Ipswich mate of mine said that yesterday was the 1st time the crowd have had any kind of murmuring about the football being played, a bit of discontent and then he's sacked during their first blip in a while. Seems a harsh one. Cook will do well in the lower leagues, but like most manager's when they don't have a wealth of riches, you'll have a decent plan A, plan B is not so easy when you haven't got a massive squad.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59454640 Messi has won the Balon D'Or for a record 7th time. But has he deserved it? 40 goals in the campaign, and led Argentina to the Copa America title - his 1st international award. Other worthy contenders, notably Jorginho who won the CL with Chelsa and also the Euro's with Italy. Levandowski scored 53 goals in the season, missed out on the main award, was given a newly created (on the day) striker of the year award. Not sure Messi did enough this time, and there were definitely other very worthy contenders.
  4. Give over. There's only one Cup Kings,.......................
  5. Game changing investment Think Liverpool, Lincoln.
  6. That press conference is pretty epic tbh. Black Friday deals have come early in S2.
  7. Just saw there was over 12 mins of injury time and wondered what had brought that about. Hope he's not in any serious trouble and back playing asap. I suppose it's more and more elite level athletes pushing themselves to extremes that highlight any missed underlying condition that may be there. It seems to have happened in more frequency because of a number of high profile players collapsing, Eriksen, Aguero......... Probably too early to analyse what's going on, but thoughts are with him for a full recovery.
  8. You've got this all wrong guys. Wasn't a pre-match presser. BB genuinely believed he'd been called in to give his Christmas list for Santa.
  9. Expecting to see a pic of Wednesdayites buying 126 jagers, no excuses. Have to prove we're massive innit.
  10. Yeah, no offence. But with your track record of losses when you touch it, we could do without it right now.
  11. Yes. In the North and chucked it back down bouncing right next to the lino. Was aiming for him and felt well guilty afterwards that I could've hit him.
  12. I remember that episode well! The thing both shows do so, so well is that they have you fully invested even in the utterly reprehensible characters. Tuco Salamanca, complete psycho, but has genuine compassion and love for his family and Jimmy is someone you should never root for, but do because of his desire to be loved by his brother. I put both shows easily within my top 3 ever watched (Sopranos being the other) - could never put an order to them, but I'll watch all 3 to the grave and find a new angle on the plot lines every time I watch - just incredible.
  13. I'd say watch BCS 1st, then run through BB. Gives you a better picture of the whole thing, each is a masterpiece in it's own right. Hope Bob Odenkirk is back to full health soon, waiting on the new series of BCS! The character building through BB is exceptional, watching WW descend into the man he becomes is incredible.
  14. I agree. 1st bite is actually ok, then you get to the middle part and it's disgusting, finished off with summat that's alreyt.
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