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  1. I am kind of sniggering, thinking that they can't play in front of a pashunate blavges crowd for the forthcoming season as it stands. Imagine.............it took you that long to get back to the PL and then you can't watch the team in person. Sucks to be a Blavges or Leeds fan as it stands. <<<<<desperate grasp at straws atmittedly>>>>
  2. I don't know Neil...........but I'm gonna stick around and find out. 😆😆😆😆
  3. Cheers for erm - speaking my mind for me. So you want that bet or not?? Or are you clucking?
  4. When they've sold enough cattle to be able to pay the legal fee's?
  5. I'll take that bet with you now that we don't make the playoffs.
  6. I don't even think DC has a chance of saving what little support he must have among the fanbase now. He's not the type of guy that will hold his hands up, apologise, and come back at us with a real plan of what he's going to do in order to restore faith. It will just be rinse repeat, ad inifinitum. The crazy part is that every Wednesday fan to a tee, wanted this to be a new dawn for the club, but as the time has passed, it's become little more than hiring a shyt kids entertainer.
  7. We did, but they were failures whichever way you want to spin it bud. Other than the 1st season, can you 'honestly' say you've felt secure in DC's running of the club?
  8. Calm down. We ain't going for a Blades style honors board here.
  9. DC has left an impression on me that he's like the uncle in the family that has a bit of cash, chucks it the nieces and nephews way at Christmas or birthday's, but the truth is he doesn't actually know them. I think he wants to be part of the family, but can only see things through his eyes and believes buying his way in is the only way.
  10. I don't think anyone who has been passing comment on this topic would have feasibly know that was the case. The impression everyone was under had been, potential points deduction this season.
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