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  1. Thought Heneghan looked decent in an average(ish) performance. Feeling our way into the season, but the pleasing thing is we haven't lost - I'd take that. Especially today with 2 forwards missing. Well done lads!
  2. Cracking goal by Watford to win it. Can't wait to hear all about it at work today, might just get them to rerun the fun on it more than once............so tell me again, there was a hint of offside you say?
  3. Hope we've got the right home for him basically. Saw him a couple of times for Ipswich last season, not a standout player but a good physical presence. Mate who watched him a fair bit for Ipswich was of the opinion he didn't turn in enough convincing performances, and that's why they didn't take the permanent option on him. Different surroundings, different manager, we might have found someone who can kick on - lets hope so.
  4. 3-0 down to Scunny at HT. That'll sell a few season tickets.
  5. Reading this thread is like watching a stream that buffers and loops back 10 mins.
  6. Helping Larry the cat move out of number 10.
  7. No way this is real. Not written in crayon.
  8. Just spotted this a mate of mine had commented on Facebook, from their official page as well. Noone does balls up quite like they do.
  9. The Richard Arlison coach troll has to be the most epic shithousery that's ever been carried off. Cruel, but very, very funny.
  10. Some classic stuff right there. Commentators talking about nothing having VAR in the semi's whilst Berge is getting held in the box. Forest go down the other end and bang it in.
  11. Ridiculous - I proper laughed at that.
  12. Serious question, why would you sack him? 4th on the back of 85 points, his players, his staff, and he's getting a tune out of them. Granted not always been 100% correct in his decision making, but which manager is? DM would likely get any other team promoted out of this division IMO.
  13. As did Ipswich................... It's hit and miss is the point. Generally it doesn't come off, but you won't hear any Ipswich fans looking for a regime change. Accept it for what it is mate, we fell short, gave it a go and need to improve next year. Nothing wrong with that.
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