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  1. Michael Owen out there on his own. He was just unplayable before his injuries and we never handled him well at all. Dare I say it...............Stuart Pearce when we went down in 1990 scored 2 crackers against us...........hate him and is thumbs up run.
  2. WatfordOwl

    If all the teams stayed the same

    None. I think we could be a bit of an unknown quantity for everyone next season as they've not see what we are capable of with a fully fit squad. There isn't one team with any stand out quality from 1-11 - Villa would be the one team from the season just gone that have (on paper at least) under achieved............not to be feared though.
  3. Many a fine tune played on an old fiddle.
  4. WatfordOwl

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    Not a Wednesday related one but a young lass I work with has a middle name of Hornet...............it was supposed to be Lisa but her dad had other ideas when registering the birth.
  5. WatfordOwl

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    Kind of didn't want the season to end given how we've performed across the last few months. Jos and the players can take great credit for coming together as a unit again - had the same feeling the end of the first under DC finished with, bodes well for next season. We don't need a lot to improve and I trust Jos to be able to pull the right strings in the summer to get the added ingredients we need to compete again. He's shown what a capable motivator can do with a group of players that were fighting to keep the club in the division at the time he arrived and my word.............how cool has he been under that kind of pressure? Awesome! Give Nuhiu a deal that fends off interest...........big player and even bigger part of the club..........that needs rewarding.
  6. On the face of it - yes it looks right. It all depends on what we do to replace the players leaving in the summer. Loovens & Wallace it seems stayed on a season too long and are not dependable week in week out at this level. If we want to push on then we have to be very astute with who we bring in and ensure they are part of the 1st team set up rather than back ups to what we already have. I would be concerned if we don't bring in another central defender to compete with what we have - it's essentially leaving one experienced CB (Pudil) and a relatively inexperienced Van Aken, together with Lees. To me we are still missing a leader on the pitch who has a regular starting berth and could be the difference between another tilt at the playoffs next season or languishing towards a mid table finish again. It would also be good if the club could come out before the end of the season and tie Jos down for another couple of years to really see what he can get out of this squad.
  7. I agree with the notion that DC shouldn't be telling anyone who they can and cannot pick for games. I also agree with DC's decision not to bow down to the demands of a player who hasn't proven anything at all but either wants out or wants more cash to stay. We now have a manager in place who is prepared to give youth a chance at S6 and if the lad wants to be here then you'd hope that an olive branch has been offered. The club in some ways are missing a trick of having the son of a fans hero playing for the club but it's not like we are letting the next Lionel Messi leave.
  8. WatfordOwl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    Carbone did it in the PL - FF has done it in the Championship. FF is a decent flair player but Benni was a cut above. That overhead kick against Newcastle still gives me goosebumps.
  9. I think it always depends on the individual player in question - if you were talking Real or Barca with Ronaldo/Messi as that 'one' player, then it makes sense to always build around them. We've got a decent flair player in FF but not one who should have a team built around him. JL has proved in some respects that he can manage with limited resources but his emphasis is on the team as a whole and not the individual.
  10. He's currently off participating in the international hide & seek championships. Predicted gold medal.............if he ever appears to be presented with it.
  11. WatfordOwl

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Score corection - offside. Still 0-0 people.
  12. WatfordOwl

    Joey Barton

    We should sign him for one game. Just to see how good his Yorkshire accent is when doing a press conference.
  13. JL is still managing a squad that is nursing players back to full fitness. We can't go full tilt for 90 minutes.........players'd be blowing out their backsides and undoubtedly picking up yet more injuries. If you can't get excited about what he's doing with a limited squad at the moment then summat's up. Completely transformed a few of our players...........can't wait to see what he can do with the rest.