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  1. Annoying today but one of those you kind of have to laugh and think wtf? Nothing we can do about refereeing decisions, a lot we can do about putting a game to bed before any of them have a chance to influence things. 12 games left and probably only 3 wins needed as I can't see any of the bottom 3 putting together a run that would take them past 45 points let alone 50. Great to see we've got a manager in place that will give youth a chance and the perfomances show we are capable of winning even with our injuries...........what's not to love?
  2. Bow down before lucky owl

    If Mesut Ozil were an owl.
  3. I see you Louis....... Shaking that shaft. Shaking that shaft.
  4. Rate jos so far?

    I think he's doing well with what he has at his disposal. Cannot in any way pass full judgment until he has a near on fully fit squad to select from.
  5. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    I get that but then do you weaken the side for the game against Villa in order to rotate? The argument for both is there but for me Jos is still learning about the players and their capabilities in terms of the demands he puts on them, so I'm not too worried about it. Let's hope we put in a show against Villa.
  6. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    So who should he have picked v Swansea in your opinion?
  7. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    It's not ALL games though is it..........it's one. It's nailed on that what ever the line up was tonight, Jos would have been criticised by playing the same 11 v Swansea and then against Villa. 'Doesn't he realise the players are knackered?' or '3 games in 7 days'............take your pick on the thread title.
  8. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    I think we've got (and have had) a difficult run of games where the demands placed on an already thin squad (because of injuries) and Jos is entitled to pick who he wants..............he's the manager. On the game.........we got in front, doesn't matter how much pressure we were under........look at the Wigan game last night. Our downfall was too much playing around with the ball at the back and creating problems for ourselves, that's something that can be coached out of the players but they've had 2.5 years of management that taught them it was ok to do it week in week out........it'll take time. Of course we were capable of getting more out the game tonight but that's the unpredictability of football is it not? I'd sooner have what we can consider our best 11 (at the moment) out against Villa as it will be a much harder game in front of our own fans who also aren't the most forgiving when things don't quite go as planned. We may/may not have done better with the aforementioned players in the starting 11 but Jos calls it how he sees it from training, we call it from a keyboard. UTO.
  9. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    I still don't get it........... Other than, in your opinion you feel Sean Clare should have played tonight.
  10. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    How? We were one up without what could be considered as a recognised striker on the pitch, away from home, at a place where they've lost 3 games all season. Can you tell me as fact that playing a different side would have reaped anything better at that point?
  11. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    On the bench where the manager asked him to be. What's your point?
  12. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    CC plays consistently same 11 - gets slated. CC doesn't play youngsters - gets slated. Jos plays youngsters - gets slated. Jos rotates players - gets slated. Different managers have different approaches week in week out to suit the needs of the team - isn't that what a manager does? Manage? Makes no odds what any of us think is the right and wrong team selection, he's the one that's being entrusted with picking the team - let him get on with it.
  13. Proabably the right choice for him to stay put for the time being. Knowing you are out for up to 9 months can't be easy, if he came back to us it would be nearly 18 instead.
  14. Inept TV research

    Pundits and commentators alike are the main reason it's better to mute the TV when any game is on. Especially Townsend or Mark Lawrenson.