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  1. After as long out as he's had you'd think that it's probably going to be a very long road back. Bound to have a few setbacks given how there's no way of knowing how his body will hold up. Hopefully nothing to worry about and the lad deserves a bit of luck it seems.
  2. My first visit to Hillsborough, was back in the 88-89 season v Charlton Athletic - if memory serves me right, we won the game 3-1. I hadn't been living in Sheffield long and lived in Meersbrook at the time, I'd taken a few Blades games in as with the club being relatively local, felt it was worth a look. Just never got the feeling it was a club I could fall in love with and tagged on with a few lads from school to watch Wednesday, completely different feeling to walking onto the South Stand and seeing the view of the ground from there blew me away. This was before the South Stand had been redeveloped (old wooden seats) and it was only £3 to sit............imagine that now! I was literally hooked from day one, Hillsborough felt like home and had a great bunch of mates to share some of the best memories I've had watching us over the next few years.
  3. WatfordOwl

    Lloyd Owusu

    A pattern which continues to this day...........
  4. WatfordOwl

    Lloyd Owusu

    As far as I'm aware (happy to be corrected) it was only during his time with us. The 3 players we signed that summer were Owusu, Leon Knight and Jon Beswetherwick - Owusu may have been sick with the nerves but he was relatively ok on the pitch. Beswetherwick just went to pieces and never ever recovered from it.
  5. WatfordOwl

    Lloyd Owusu

    It was down to him having panic attacks because of the pressure of playing. Awful really, and clearly affected him a lot.
  6. WatfordOwl


    So no facts to back the statement up then? Ok.
  7. WatfordOwl


    So Westwood's not in the team because he's not making himself available to play? Please elaborate.
  8. WatfordOwl

    Lloyd Owusu

    and throwing up multiple times.................. UTO Lloyd.
  9. WatfordOwl

    Man of the match & scores

    Not a lot to choose between a fair few today. Gone for Joao though, showing a different side to his game by the amount of defensive work he's doing - yes it's not where we want to see him but it's needed when we get put under pressure. Felt he took his goal very well. Honorable mentions to Nuhiu, Reach, Palmer and Penney.
  10. WatfordOwl

    The Club's Strategy

    Depends on what the definition of success is - they are now an established championship team who play good football, and have players that other clubs would love to sign. We are still no further on in terms of financing the club's success, so should we look towards a model that promotes players already within the club, with a lowered expectation level but with a side that people are excited by? It's not going to appeal to everyone admittedly but to me the alternative of throwing money at it constantly breeds an aire of negativity that sucks the life out of the club.
  11. WatfordOwl

    The Club's Strategy

    It would be more in keeping with club traditions and ensure that we are a solvent club that's for sure. Whether DC is in it for the long haul remains to be seen, the task of bringing the club on may be too big for one mans modest (by today's standards) wealth but I'd be surprised if he's looking to walk away right now - pride being the main factor.
  12. WatfordOwl

    The Club's Strategy

    The last few seasons to me have been similar to buying a lottery ticket and seeing the first 4 numbers drawn and the last couple letting it all down. It's a massively complex issue for a club of our size that has languished outside the top flight for as long as we have. Supporters who've lost the habit through years of mediocrity, passion extinguished and only a couple of false dawns to try and reignite it all again. Those fans are gone, probably never to return, and even less so when the prospect of paying a higher price to come back to watch the same again just doesn't make sense to anyone. For me, we need to go back to basics with recruitment, keep promoting players from the youth team and maybe look at the models Brentford have operated under to see if that could also work for us - the issue will always be however, expectation versus reality, and would that approach entice new fans as well as the ones who just don't go anymore. Money in the game doesn't always necessarily attract the wrong type of player to the club but I believe it's a contributing factor. How many have been signed that did so either because they really wanted to be at the club, have signifiicant re-sale value or where some looking for a last pay day? We don't necessarily need to take a revolutionary approach towards moving the club forwards on/off the pitch however we do need to carefully assess exactly what the ambitions of the club 'really' are, most importantly though, the club really has to reconnect itself with the fans because we'll still be here regardless.
  13. WatfordOwl

    Slightly worried...

    See I look at it in a slightly different way. If the man who picks the team can't instil discipline then the whole squad suffers as a result, whether it's being slack with training or constantly picking players on reputation. I think a lot of our team selection at the moment is down to player's being 100% fit and this could be why we are seeing some of the more senior players in the squad nowhere near the first team at the moment, which is right. Why would/should a manager pick a player that cannot be guaranteed to either complete 90 mins or be able to give their all?
  14. WatfordOwl

    Jos changing the team

    I think with FF it's a case of holding him back - he's like a clockwork toy that just doesn't have any other gear than fast. He was out for a long time last season and we suffered as a result, you don't come back not feeling the effects after each game from the injury that he had. With Nuhiu & Joao, it's a game of differing opinions I suppose. Ipswich never play an open game of football and came to contain us - always gonna happen with a team that's struggling and we weren't the only team that contributed towards it not being a spectacle. Nuhiu pulled us out of the cack last season with his performances, you'd have to think he has a degree of trust from Jos to be starting a game or two. I can take the performances not being amazing if we are bagging 3 points by fighting, and we've certainly done that in the last 2.