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  1. Always have, always will follow England and have love for the national team. I was fortunate enough to see us at France 98 and the emotion that's involved when your team produces a moment like Owen did against Argentina is just beyond words. I'm glad that this time round the team has been kept grounded, not over hyped and actually play for one another. We may not go on to the final but we've certainly got pride back in our national team again and at least have a reasonable foundation to build on.
  2. No brainer as far as the club is concerned. If the choices are to give him another contract on equal or more money for another few years when he's approaching the last 12 months of his contract - sell him. Decent fee for a player who hasn't progressed and we have a wedge to now buy Venancio whilst bringing the young lads through.
  3. WatfordOwl

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    Always 3 sides to a story - yours, theirs and the truth. What I always laugh at with anything posted on the internet is the continuous misinterpretation of what anyone says and 5 minutes later being passed off as fact. George Hirst is one good season away from either playing for a PL team or a top end Championship side, more's the pity it won't be us. Good luck to him.
  4. WatfordOwl


    If you've had bad PR with the previous shirt launch and lack of availability at the previous Owls in the park event, you make sure it's there in all forms at the next one.
  5. WatfordOwl


    Should have played it safe and just had a re-run of the fun with a massive cake rather than this kerfuffle with £99 shirts. People want their bumps feeling if they buy it - the chairman needs a foot up his ass.
  6. WatfordOwl


    Hang on............. £99........... For a football shirt?
  7. WatfordOwl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I honestly don't see why its such a massive fuss. If the club were aware, having been told that the intention was for GH to leave and not sign then the club are within their rights to take whatever course of action they see fit regarding whether he plays for the remainder of his time. Equally GH shouldn't be restricted in seeking a move if he doesn't believe the set up at SWFC will give him the best opportunities to make it as a pro. Seemingly, this has more to do with a former manager's stubborn insistence on not bringing hardly one youngster into the fold during his tenure. Given what we've subsequently found out could anyone really blame him for that? Being frozen out effectively for a year - I'm not surprised at what appears to be a final word hitting the club financially at the end of it all, I also don't blame the hirst's for choosing a route they feel is best. Like Neil says - different personnel would have handled the situation very differently - perhaps giving one individual the full run of the club is the lesson that's already been learnt.
  8. WatfordOwl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Good luck to I'm, hope he goes on to have a decent career. Doesn't change my opinion of him or his dad in the slightest, I'd we'd wanted to keep him we should have done more and didn't.
  9. TC's view is wrong IMO. We need someone who can be a little more astute with the players being brought in and have the players to fit a system as opposed to finding one that works by shoehorning players into it. Jos knows the system he wants to play and he'll know who he needs to do it. Quite often the best teams aren't made up of having 'named' players 1-11 but by having players who understand what's required tactically and can take on board the coaching.
  10. WatfordOwl

    Bench seating

    Not sure about the idea tbh. There are quite a number of trumpers on the Kop and being able to feel the vibrations when someone goes for a tenor note from down below would be a little unnerving.
  11. Michael Owen out there on his own. He was just unplayable before his injuries and we never handled him well at all. Dare I say it...............Stuart Pearce when we went down in 1990 scored 2 crackers against us...........hate him and is thumbs up run.
  12. WatfordOwl

    If all the teams stayed the same

    None. I think we could be a bit of an unknown quantity for everyone next season as they've not see what we are capable of with a fully fit squad. There isn't one team with any stand out quality from 1-11 - Villa would be the one team from the season just gone that have (on paper at least) under achieved............not to be feared though.