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  1. We needed a new keeper, the other 2 unfortunately haven't proven themselves consistently over the time they've had chances. Remains to be seen if this lad is the answer, but at least we are attempting to strengthen areas that are weak.
  2. "What do the fans want me to do" Listen, learn and stop blameshifting Dejphon. It's that simple.
  3. Entry level at $399.99 I believe but scale up to around $600. Looks a great bit of kit, and full access to Steam library. Sign me up.
  4. Yeah sorry, the link wasn't the best, but still leathering your own fans because they got in without a ticket?
  5. Makes no odds - before, after, during the game. This might have been the ticketless fans, but the point remains. England lose, fans went on the rampage again. Have a look at Kamara's tweets whilst he was on his way out of Wembley last night.
  6. What part have I said that isn't true? Have a look for yourself, violence broke out across London after the game. I'm not sensationalising anything at all - mate.
  7. Actually I'll change mine to the complete and utter morons beating fans up because we lost.
  8. Ah man. So bloody close. I'm gutted, but feel like we've got something more to build on than we did after losing the semi in 2018. Credit to Italy for the way they out manouvered us for more than an hour in that game, they really put their all into the whole tournament and deserved winners. Just not to be, I hope the one thing we take from it is to keep playing our own game rather than inviting the opposition on, I felt if we'd got that 2nd tonight Italy were done. We'll go again.
  9. I'm sticking with ITV. Purely on superstition after beating Denmark on that channel.
  10. Loved hearing Geoff Hurst just now.
  11. Sterling - either way Nah - I hope he bags a couple.
  12. Totti for me, for sheer longivity of his career and playing the very top level until the end. Rooney's career was outstanding no doubt, but Totti as a leader for Roma and Italy was something else. He was one of those players that could make the game look so easy with the vision he had, tremendous passer of the ball as well as a fantastic striker.
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