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  1. WatfordOwl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    BS checklist. 1 - It's from Twitter/HITC. 2 - Close thread.
  2. WatfordOwl

    Steve Bruce press conference

    If he doesn't dress up as Mrs Doubtfire at his initiation I'll be gutted. Welcome to S6 Steve!
  3. WatfordOwl

    £2m for Bruce

    I think that's a fair reflection. Wasn't aware of the personal tragedies that beset him during the last 12 months or so, bound to affect anyone. You'd only hope that he himself is ready to step back into a role that demands an awful lot of anyone.
  4. WatfordOwl

    £2m for Bruce

    That's true. Except for the fact he didn't hang around when all the stuff with the Allam's kicked off at Hull.
  5. WatfordOwl

    £2m for Bruce

    Agree. Villa fans wanted him gone because his lack of organisation of the players at his disposal was atrocious. Look at the tune Dean Smith is getting out of the same squad at the moment. I would rather take a younger manager with a fresh approach to the game. Heckingbottom did well before taking the poisoned chalice at Leeds, I'd also look at Paul Hurst.
  6. WatfordOwl


    The team lacks any kind of cohesion and recognisable game plan. Even 11 fit, motivated players on a pitch can be more effective when given clear instructions. Not once this season have we really taken hold of a game and looked like we knew what are doing. Needs to be relieved of his duties asap.
  7. WatfordOwl

    Official - Club up for sale

    Doesn't he just. I genuinely feel for the guy in a lot of respects, if his personal life and health suffer from the job then it's time to step away and pass the baton on. Football is a very destructive business in the modern age.
  8. WatfordOwl

    Official - Club up for sale

    Wow. Just when I thought his naivety as a businessman could not be any lower, he publicly announces the club is up for sale. I mean.............. All we are going to have is a load of 2 bob millionaire tyre kickers, looking to knock the price of the club down because it's in such bad shape. Nobody, but nobody, will pay £40m+ for a team heading towards League One. His emotions clearly have got the better of him.
  9. WatfordOwl

    Fans forum match day thread

    He still after 3 years does not understand the very fabric of the club in that case. If he truly believes that the fans are not backing the club even through the bad times when we are turning in gates of close to 25k at present, and a strong away following every game, then it's all too personal for him. Being involved with the club and hosting these fans forums is to connect with the supporters, not to keep going with the woe is me line. All the fans ask for is to feel connected with the club, DC's decisions are the reason many don't.
  10. WatfordOwl

    Fans forum match day thread

    Ye gods. So does he adjust the prices when said players aren't anywhere near the 1st team then? If I was there I'dve walked out by now.
  11. WatfordOwl

    Fans forum match day thread

    Nothing of what's going on makes any sense. If we want shut of the high earners, they have to be in the shop window for clubs to take them. I just cannot fathom from DC's perspective as to why the situation is not being addressed - almost like he's not bothered about going down when the start of the season was talk of promotion. Utter contempt for the fans yet again - my word!
  12. WatfordOwl

    ‘We Must See The Reality’

    What needs to happen is DC comes out and gives the picture clearly rather than letting others who haven't developed this situation throw themselves under the bus. Silence from the club on anything is absolutely deafening, and when you're witnessing something that's not representative of the price being paid, questions should be answered. Some among the fanbase wanted the big money spent and the higher gate prices, doesn't mean any fan is different when it comes to having the wee wee taken out of them.
  13. WatfordOwl

    So which one is it?

    Probably elements of all 5 questions tbh. I get the philosophy Jos wants to employ by having a fully fit squad to choose from, but we surely haven't got such a squad of crocks that he cannot stick to a starting line up from one game to the next. We've played the same starting 11 in back to back games just once since Jos has been here, nobody is a guaranteed starter, but how does that then affect the confidence of all that no matter what sort of performance they turn in, they could be out the side the following week? That's where I think he's got it wrong.
  14. You aren't really reading what's been said mate. United for me are only a little further on than they were last season, which probably means they'll end up top 6 this season. They haven't got amazing quality throughout their side, but 1-11 they put it all on the line - we had to match that tonight, and did. Individuals don't make a team, sticking together does. We didn't offer much else, did you expect us to? Tonight was probably the toughest game given form etc..... that we'll have to face this season, and we've come through it with something. Not saying long term that the current set up will work for us because we've regressed in recent weeks, but tonight I'll take the positive of having gone there against the odds and picked something up. Now.......can you tell me how you'd have set up to play against a team that are in form given our recent run?
  15. Good game of football. Would have been better as a spectacle for us if we could offer more going forwards. We aren't going to keep mustering up performances like that week in week out and getting something out of games though.