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  1. No way this is real. Not written in crayon.
  2. Just spotted this a mate of mine had commented on Facebook, from their official page as well. Noone does balls up quite like they do.
  3. The Richard Arlison coach troll has to be the most epic shithousery that's ever been carried off. Cruel, but very, very funny.
  4. Some classic stuff right there. Commentators talking about nothing having VAR in the semi's whilst Berge is getting held in the box. Forest go down the other end and bang it in.
  5. Ridiculous - I proper laughed at that.
  6. Serious question, why would you sack him? 4th on the back of 85 points, his players, his staff, and he's getting a tune out of them. Granted not always been 100% correct in his decision making, but which manager is? DM would likely get any other team promoted out of this division IMO.
  7. As did Ipswich................... It's hit and miss is the point. Generally it doesn't come off, but you won't hear any Ipswich fans looking for a regime change. Accept it for what it is mate, we fell short, gave it a go and need to improve next year. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Sunderland set up that way tbf. Cleverly made the game scrappy, were physical, and gave us no time on the ball. We played it long so many times and that's not our game. I agree about the composure, we have one player who's very comfortable in possession (Bannan) and Sunderland's whol midfield can not only play a bit, but run at you as well, difficult to combat and you'd need everyone on their game to do it. Said it in another thread, Clarke is a cut above at this level, what a transfer he is.
  9. I don't get where people had the idea we would be top 2. Honestly......... We started the season with virtually a new squad, we were bound to struggle for consistency in the 1st part of it, which we did. Kicked on post Christmas and looked stronger, more consistent and the best home record in the league. Why is it people can never look at how positive the season is rather than looking for an angle to get the manager out? A new manager will want his own set up, overhaul of the squad, and all this puts us back again. We've done well this season from where we ended last campaign, build on that, don't start again.
  10. Not so sure. I can't see any takers for Bannan, 32 and settled in the area. It's who we pull in through transfer and what we've got to play with. The positive thing is, it's not a complete shuffle of the deck like it was in the summer. We can move on the players who've not improved us and replace with hungrier. I honestly think the momentum we've built since the turn of the year will be good for us.
  11. I think we paid too much respect to Sunderland's players in the middle of the park, you're right, we hit the long ball far too often tonight and the kicker was the one we time we got it down and played, we scored. No doubt Sunderland are a good side, I think we started slow again, let them pressure us, and we only showed the intensity we should have done from the off after we scored. Our goal wasn't coming, but we didn't really push on after grabbing it. It's really hard to judge tbh, occasion, opposition, setup - all contributing factors, for me I just think they were the better side with more belief about their style of play over the 2 legs. We'll be better for this season, remember this is Sunderland's 4th crack at getting out of it, still not got the job done yet.
  12. Well played Sunderland, hopefully they go up and it's one less in the way next season. Actually no complaints, just the better team over the 2 legs won. We'd have been gutted to be in Sunderland's position and not go through, they've got some threat going forwards, Clarke is an exceptional talent at this level. I thought this season with all the upheaval would be too much in one go, close - hopefully it's our foundation with the crop of players we have. We need to stick with the lads. Unlucky, but a tough ask after the 1st leg.
  13. Poor from NML. Made it way too easy for them with that. Not done yet though.
  14. Madrid are absolute masters in this competition. Could really damage CIty this though.
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