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  1. Kop not sold out shocker

    Alan Irvine era - just couldn't bear it.
  2. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    I'm waiting for some old fart to come along and say he's mincing. 'Back in my day we used to play wi a brokkkken ankul'
  3. Caption This

    See Neil..............I told you 6 years before they back. Glad you kept to the bet of shaving your eyebrows. Baldy cvvnt!
  4. Promotion form?

    Yes yes yes - they need something to carry on the proud tradition of being hard done by, this is it. Especially as they are getting very wee wee tail sure of themselves following the start they've had.
  5. Promotion form?

    Oh I don't - a goal for us or against them that's shrouded in controversy would be a marvellpus way to round off promotion to the PL.
  6. Promotion form?

    2 more wins of the next 3 and we are virtually on for a real tilt at the top 2 this season. Great to see the lads come back from a goal down against one of the divisions more dangerous teams. Glad that CC is proving the doubters (me included) wrong. Pipping the pigs to a promotion slot would be immense......just when they 'believe' they've bridged the gap.
  7. Annoyed.

    I think other people who do support the team by attending are more deserving of a ticket tbh. Especially with your attitude.
  8. Carlos Out...?

    Does any sane thinking fan of this football club hope the team loses so the manager gets the sack? I haven't been a fan of the conservative football we've had to bear witness to but I certainly wouldnt 'want' the team to lose in order to reinforce my view that the football is turgid.
  9. Carlos Out...?

    Lets hope he keeps it on the same upwards trajectory - we all want him to.
  10. Carlos Out...?

    I don't want him sacked. Just want him to do what he is paid for and that is to win football maetches. Did that yesterday and I'm pleased about that but we need to be getting in among the top 6 quickly if we are serious about getting in the PL. Everyone who praises or criticizes wants the same thing at heart - we just disagree on the margins for error.
  11. You can run

    Nailed on you've had a beer.
  12. Joost van Aken

    Burn the lot of them. The Booth chant was only ever supersed in shiteness by the Holt one.
  13. Man of the match

    Gave it to Hunt but could have been any to be fair - I would say that's one of if not his best game for us, constant menace when going forward and only one time he was beaten by their winger. Team appeared to be more of a unit and dare I say it an actual identity is emerging to our play with the diamond being employed. Found a 2nd gear in the game which was pleasing and finished it strongly looking for more goals. Very very pleasing to watch and matched with the result.
  14. Well you learn something new every day http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/15418227.Cinema_in_the_sand__Big_Screen_on_the_Beach_returns_for_another_year/