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  1. The most charged atmosphere for a Wednesday game I've ever attended. All the run up to the game was about Judas Atkinson, chants before the game even started to that effect - then that goal from Hirsty just 3 mins in. I've never randomly hugged a stranger at a football game until that day, and the joy of that goal was like something I've never experienced. All the vitriole towards Atkinson died down until we went behind again, I for one was gutted to lose that day because we had an opportunity to really give him a message of what he left behind. Stung more that the other Atkinson came back and had an absolute blinder of a game as well. Great memory.
  2. You just know if Abdi was still here he'd then be out for 5 months with a paper cut as well.
  3. I need to email the club to ask the question about this. If only just to get a response saying they think it's a good or bad idea. We need a socially distanced meeting with DC on this one.
  4. I think we should sign him. This club has form for not signing players when pitches have been an issue. Worked out reyt well from what I remember.
  5. If clubs got really clever with this, they could have them all attached to a piece of wood, with someone moving them up and down to look like it's a real crowd. You could go 1 step further with the announcement system occasionally blurting out 'siddarn' just for good effect. Perhaps even have realistic smells to go with it, the phantom Kop trumper could contribute, and cause a few of the cutouts paint to peel when released.
  6. I'd donate 100% I think you're being ambitious with 40k though, you know damn well SAG would limit it to at least 35k.
  7. Would you pay to have one? Colchester are likely to end up in the League Two playoffs, and are offering fans the opportunity to have one for the price of £25. I've seen a few of these being used in Germany and also the Oz rugby league today. Obviously isn't gonna change the atmosphere much at some grounds up and down the country, but would you go for one if it meant helping the club out? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52855586
  8. Fletcher is the only one out of the lot that's given us any consistency for the last few seasons. Penney may be worth another look given he's now had some 1st team action elsewhere. Urhoghide too early to say, will be cheap so keep and loan if not knocking on the door. The rest would be living on past reputations, definitely need to go. Monk needs to be able to have room to bring his own players in, if he stays on that is.
  9. Honestly don't know what I'd think tbh. Do we carry on treading water in the Championship and hoping for what? Foreign investors that package the club up into some corporate branding in the vain hope of selling the name of the club worldwide? or Do we go for a guy whilst many view as a tight fisted a.rse, who would only be looking to turn a profit on the club being in the PL season on season? Lets face facts - we've had a couple of sniffs at being anywhere near the PL for getting close to 30 years now. Once we get there it's a whole new level altogether, and it doesn't really make a difference who's at the helm, the club would be 1 crap season away from financial meltdown again. Do we keep gambling on those who don't have the funds to really take the club on? or go with someone who's at least been involved with the game enough to know the ropes? Say what you like about Ashley, he doesn't often pick bad managers, and the direction is clear from the board. Newcastle's delusions are grand - it'll still not work out, regardless of how much cash they throw at it.
  10. I reckon refunds will be offered. If you commit to a 10 year season ticket and buy a play off final t-shirt.
  11. It's the way contracts are set up that's the problem. If you're paying someone a huge basic wage, then it's down to the individual whether they agree to a cut or not. You could say 'rightly so' as the individual only takes the best they can get in what is a short career. Do we implement the same rule for players coming to end of contract in the next 3 months? Those players must face the most uncertain time given that we have no timeline of when we'll see football again. The truth of the matter is that the PL will most likely be just fine, whereas the remaning clubs in other divisions will be the ones that are hardest hit by all of this. In times of need, you'll always find the worst as well as the best in people, and if the game is relying on goodwill to survive this, then I have to say that it looks completely knackered.
  12. The talk is always about accommodating FF in the team in a position he plays well in, but he's nowhere near consistent enough to warrant that sort of focus. He'll probably move on to have another cracking season somewhere else, but given our predicament, and the performance of him since being on one of the highest wages at the club, we can let him go. Good player, but we need to be looking to younger, hungrier players moving forward.
  13. I can confirm it for you. Happy now?
  14. Sign up for the subscription model and get free delivery!
  15. and with good reason :) I just asked about Paxao. He was asked about his involvement, but the question didn't receive a straight answer other than DC saying he's a good friend, advisor. DC is apparently considering taking him to the interview with Dom Howson - be very surprised if that happened personally.
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