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  1. WatfordOwl

    So which one is it?

    Probably elements of all 5 questions tbh. I get the philosophy Jos wants to employ by having a fully fit squad to choose from, but we surely haven't got such a squad of crocks that he cannot stick to a starting line up from one game to the next. We've played the same starting 11 in back to back games just once since Jos has been here, nobody is a guaranteed starter, but how does that then affect the confidence of all that no matter what sort of performance they turn in, they could be out the side the following week? That's where I think he's got it wrong.
  2. You aren't really reading what's been said mate. United for me are only a little further on than they were last season, which probably means they'll end up top 6 this season. They haven't got amazing quality throughout their side, but 1-11 they put it all on the line - we had to match that tonight, and did. Individuals don't make a team, sticking together does. We didn't offer much else, did you expect us to? Tonight was probably the toughest game given form etc..... that we'll have to face this season, and we've come through it with something. Not saying long term that the current set up will work for us because we've regressed in recent weeks, but tonight I'll take the positive of having gone there against the odds and picked something up. Now.......can you tell me how you'd have set up to play against a team that are in form given our recent run?
  3. Good game of football. Would have been better as a spectacle for us if we could offer more going forwards. We aren't going to keep mustering up performances like that week in week out and getting something out of games though.
  4. Again............ Where have I said what you are quoting? Your a fool if you don't think this Blades side have anything about them.
  5. Rubbish? So no respect then eh? Jos doesn't set teams up to attack for 90 minutes - we already knew this. Missing our main flair players from the off in Matias and FF. Other teams (with more quality than us) have gone to the Lane this season and been taken apart for trying to play attacking football. They aren't 3rd in the league because they are cack mate, regardless of what you may want to try and make yourself believe. Take it for what it is - a decent point at at a difficult ground and team to play against.
  6. Where and when did I say that? We've set up to play with what we have, against a team that clearly have more attacking intent than we have at our disposal. How would you have set the team up?
  7. No it's not mate. It's just the difference between the two teams relative to form, position in the league and injuries. We haven't set up with a gameplan to play on the front foot at all, it'd be a bad move against the way they play. Not a pretty performance by any means, but I'dve taken a point and a clean sheet in a heartbeat before kickoff.......let's hope we hold out.
  8. Not so sure our defence is really the issue, what's in front of it needs to protect the back 4 more than this. Far too much given away down the flanks and leaving us on the back foot,
  9. How ironic it'd be to end up with out 1st clean sheet of the season at the Lane. Once chance. Daring to dream.........
  10. Seriously? What were you expecting from tonight? We're low on confidence, they are 3rd in the league with their tails up. We've done exceptionally well to get in at HT without conceding, not many teams have done that at the Lane - let alone one in the position we are at the minute. Performances like this galvanise the team and give confidence. Full of commitment, putting ourselves on the line and showing we aren't as bad as you may believe.
  11. We've got a chance here. They aren't gonna keep this up for 90 minutes and they can't cross for love or money.
  12. Always great to see them scrambling about at the end of a game when they've been left with egg on their face. Normally with an angle of how they thought the other team would get success. I'm worried the midfield isn't protecting our back 4 at the minute, other than that it's been a good start from us.
  13. Sky commentators about to choke on the pork load down their throats at the moment.
  14. WatfordOwl

    Sky Build Up

    I really don't why we've bothered turning up. By all accounts we've lost before a ball is kicked tonight, according to this lot. I'd love to see Brown looking like he's gonna cry at the end of this. COME ON WEDNESDAY!