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  1. Set up to win a game ffs. Not try to avoid defeat! We are shockingly bad at staying in games, go out to win the fekker rather than fearing the opposition - we're playing Cambridge ffs.
  2. Be hilarious if Ashley starts punting them out in Newcastle colours.
  3. Don't think the Newcastle fans like Bruce very much.
  4. My heart goes out to you and yours fella. Macmillan offer the most wonderful, selfless and thankless service giving great comfort in loved ones final days, they are absolute saints for their support druing and after. RIP - she would be very proud of you being so brave and honoring her memory. xx
  5. We need to exercise patience, this is still a largely new squad that's been cobbled together for free with a few seasoned pro's at the club. I never expected us to be running away with the league, and the results if not performances have been as I'd have expected. We are still finding our feet but keeping in touch. For balance, I went to watch Ipswich take on Shrewsbury yesterday, their fanbase aren't calling for Cook's head despite results not going their way. Patchy performances, and not overlooking the quality of the opposition, which make no mistake was poor yesterday. They have more of a claim to being 'favorites' in the division than we do supposedly, despite having a smaller squad than we have. I don't see much past Wigan, Sunderland and Wycombe for top 3 who all have all had relatively settled squads for a good couple of seasons. We'll be knocking on the door of the top 6 by May, might not be a pretty watch though.
  6. You're having a laugh surely? You know he's just waiting for Koeman to get the bullet and he's already brushing up on his Est spaniel.
  7. WatfordOwl


    That's a tough one. 2 technically good boxers going against each other could be very boring, but fury would most likely try and put it on him. His size and awkwardness would be another challenge for usyk, but there are better heavyweight fights before that happens. That as it stands is the end game for the division atm, needs to come last.
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