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  1. We've ripped the pee out of them for 6 years, they're bound to have a moment in the sun. Let's be fair, every one of us to a man would have rammed it down their throats if we'd won the game yesterday. Wilder as a Blades fan is rightly going to be proud of turning us over............can't blame him.
  2. A simple "I'm sorry" would be appreciated

    CC has just done what every other manager does in the same situation by asking the flak to be directed at him. What we need is the players to take responsibility and show some leadership amongst themselves. It's not like they need time to get used to each other and figure out what each is capable of - they aren't paid to go missing in big games and it's about time pressure was applied to make them realise that.
  3. This is exactly what we needed

    I think I'd rather shyt in my own hands and clap than have another performance like yesterday. We absolutely didn't need it.
  4. Carlos IN

  5. The CC Out Crew

    Fair enough. I do see reasons for sacking him, I want to see him use the squad to the best of their abilities and I don't hold the view that he is or can still do that. Lack of consistency in performances, cannot motivate for the bigger games, created and imbalanced squad and with 40 odd players still does not know who the best 11 is. That's the fundamentals of being a coach that he is not delivering on.
  6. The CC Out Crew

    Ok. So we'll just keep ignoring the voices of discontent and carry on as we are.
  7. The CC Out Crew

    If you read my post above........... Not all fans boo. Not all members of Owlstalk vote (there are 30k members on here). Not every fan can call RS to sound off. As I said...........not a road you ever want to see a manager heading down but at the moment he is..........fans recognise that he is as well.
  8. The CC Out Crew

    Who do you suppose the boo's were aimed at? The half time kiosk for luke warm pies?
  9. The CC Out Crew

    The OP said he only heard people grumbling on RS and here about the poor performances.............I provided evidence to the contrary to say it's more than that. I'm not in the 'new age' of football fan bracket but I do take that on board. 30 years of watching us now and I would say that gives me a little more than the average fan to judge. Personally..........even in our darkest days I've never once boo'd at a football match........I might have gone batshyt crazy on the odd occasion but never boo'd. We've seen this time and time again, I want CC to succeed nothing would make me happier but this team cannot manage the big occasion, we constantly fail at it. So.........either the players aren't up to it or the coach cannot instill enough fire in them to rise to those occasions..........3 successive failures suggests it's a collection of the 2.........that buck stops with the coach. It might not be a 'majority' of fans voicing disapproval but if we struggle against Brum and another performance like yesterday v Leeds..........it certainly will be.
  10. The CC Out Crew

    erm......... I think you'll find that fans don't boo because they are happy.
  11. The CC Out Crew

    Ah right. Selective hearing then
  12. The CC Out Crew

    So you'd already left before the end of the game yesterday then? Because I was certain I heard booing.
  13. Evert good manager signs players for a system - not a bunch of players then trying to find a system that works. Cc's issue is he had one that worked and in trying to improve it broke . No doubt wilder would get more out the squad because he'd suss out a team the plays as a team.
  14. Better than a win

    Unless you're Nick Berry.
  15. Better than a win

    I get the sentiment regarding paying team's respect, especially if we don't go out and impose our own game on them. But it certainly wasn't beter to lose yesterday.