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  1. Basically this is just a reprieve to something more inevitable further down the line. Maybe not on a European scale perhaps, but another PL being reborn were there is even more of a closed shop than there already is.
  2. Loving the cliffhangers. Carmichael turning up out of the blue as well, throws another thing into the equation. Surely they aren't bumping Kate off before the finale?
  3. DEFINATELY. Ted's back in the game for sure.
  4. We better find out who it is tonight. I will be most displeased after having waited another week it's spanned out again.
  5. It full stop should not be allowed to happen. You want to create a franchise league, go off and do it without the need of understanding what the core of football competition is in each of the countries whose teams are talking about walking away. Every one of these clubs has 100+ years of history and rivalry that will literally just be consigned to nothing more than an afterthought in the pursuit of financial greed. When people get bored with that concept, then what happens? The complete cowardice of club owners to do this when there are no fans to give a d
  6. Those unlucky, plucky Blades that have shown so much fight and determination for so long. The rhetoric always has to fit with being the underdog for them. It's almost as cringey as when Chris Busdriver Wilder harped on about it not being good playing in front of zero fans, but THEY suffered from that more than most just well.............because. They are literally the type that will talk about how they 'nearly' won a game, because that is literally all they have to cling to. That and a 4-2 victory v us which for any pig fan will still rank as the biggest a
  7. So difficult to gauge how well they may or may not do when they come down. A core of that squad are the same players that came right through from League One, basically now a few extra miles on the clock, and is there the same desire to get back up? You'd also have to question if what they have bought since being up, is the right type of player to do it as well. You could see whoever comes in wanting to make wholesale changes to the playing personnel and being restricted with what they need to spend to do it. They need another Wilder type char
  8. Av eard pubs are open and it's just about chucking out time.
  9. I agree, we have no natural leaders in the team or at least the type of players others 'really' look up to. The scale of recruitment we've had is to constantly bring in players either nearing the end of a career looking for a final pay day, or the types that weren't genuinely being chased by other clubs. We've then stuck by them and ended up worse of for it, but then the decisions to keep the players who aren't pushing us on has been made from the top i.e. stories emerging of players not being allowed to leave. I'm kind of dreading to see how next season pans out, the
  10. Players are paid professional that's for sure, but just look at the trail of destruction that's been left for them to work through this season. Starting with -12 points, pressure right from the off by having a target of overturning that deficit within the first 6 games (as per Monk). 3 full time 1st team coach/managers in charge in less than a season. On top of this, little signs we would retain the vast majority of the squad, who (for the record), we left unpaid for several weeks during the season. Is it little surprise we are where we are?
  11. I loved how in commentary they were spouting off about how most of the pigs wins were by 1-0 last season, and it's been the reverse losing by the same margins this season. Promptly for them to get tonked 3-0. They just love breaking records. That's gonna take some sorting in the summer.
  12. It's a woman. No shame in the guess though - I thought Tommy Hunter.
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