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  1. A few Snickers away methinks. <<<<soz Big Geoff, don't batter me>>>>
  2. Big Lisa. What do you want to be when you grow up Big Lisa? hurr hurr.
  3. He could have crumpled a £20 note just to put the cherry on it. Poor form 2/10.
  4. Have to remember that the inflated contracts a lot of this squad will now be on following promotion to the PL will see them having to cut their wage bill drastically. Hardly likely their 'key' players (that aren't good enough for the PL) will want to take a drop, even if it does still mean playing for them and Wilder - with the exception of Sharp, none of them have ties to the club so hardly likely to stick around. It's a big call for the Prince and for Wilder tbh - stick or twist? I can't see Wilder walking, but it's whether or not dropping from the PL will see him b
  5. Biggs really does have a lot of admiration for Wilder. I suppose there is some mileage in his comments, but also a slight bias in there as well. Never tends to be that critical of them, but OTT when it comes to the smallest things - he was commenting on Brewster saying it's coming, it's coming - might be around the same time they get their 2nd win!
  6. This would be great if they go on another run like before. Might want to have a pause on putting the longest winless run up ont board just in case. Next 2 look like bankers for them as well - love it.
  7. They won't have a better chance to win all season. My brother's just sent me a text saying United are smashing Newcastle - had to switch on and find out it's 0-0. LIKE PROPER SMASHING.
  8. How dare anyone suggest they'd be favorites to come straight back up. Everyone knows that fans' 2nd team would be the underdogs in the Championship competing against 40k wages week in week out.
  9. Intelligent fouls He looks like he's gonna pop when he mentions that.
  10. Pitch wasn't great? Neither's your hair fatgrannyshagger.
  11. Oh he scores them, Callum Patto. He is a shytliner, Callum Patto. He looks like Micky Quinn, he's Callum Patto, Callum Pattoooooooooooooooooo
  12. I'd take that for them tbh. Actually no, I'd take them going down on goal difference due to a last minute, deflected, VAR nonsense goal.
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