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  1. I find it amazing that Yorkshire is losing it's grip on the title of tight barstewards. Especially more baffling leaving our games early when you consider what people have paid. You may as well enjoy all 90 minutes + stoppage time of misery/success if you shell out £30+ for it.
  2. The club have made the right decision in releasing him. Wrong side of 30 now, and on big wages which will be freed up to bring in a couple of players who will hopefully push us on. In 3 years he's played less than 70 games for us, we cannot afford to carry a player that doesn't play regularly enough. Good player on his day, but not exceptional enough to warrant another big contract.
  3. Massive statement to say that he's offered Westwood a contract. Perfectly managed when he was made to feel like an outcast by JL previously. At least if KW leaves, we've done our level best to keep him. SB knows how to manage a football club from top down.
  4. I honestly think the time has come for the club to show we aren't a soft touch when it comes to matters like this. Thank them for their service, but go with younger options that haven't got the injury track record, and ensure we at least go into next season not having to nurse players. The club can ill afford passengers in the current predicament, and both would not get through the rigours of another full campaign at the levels we've previously seen them at. Hooper more so than Lee - a dozen goals a season out of your highest paid striker at this level does not get you promoted. Lee would be worth a deal on reduced terms only.
  5. Liam Palmer has been a revelation this season. All the talk at the back end of last year was about how we needed to replace the 2 fullbacks, and he has come on to have his best season for us. Especially the latter half of the campaign, license to get forward and support attacks has shown he is probably not as one dimensional as we maybe had him down for. Hector has also done exceptionally well as a loanee, Fletcher has been the pick of the strikers. Reach in midfield has been steady if not spectacular.
  6. 5 minutes soz 6 bbz. Oooh you need a free kick no probs. FK OFF BENT BARSTEWARD
  7. Argh hector! Follow the man not the ***** ball.
  8. I remember sitting up in the attic room at our house at the time and hearing the ambulance sirens screaming across the city. R.I.P to all that lost their lives.
  9. If ever one game sums up our journey over the last 3 years then it's today's. Looked capable for the most part, but when it comes down to the key moments we lack a ruthless streak. Bruce has enough about him to realise this, whether the tools at his disposal allow him to put his own stamp on the club is another matter.
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