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  1. It's more of a level playing field this season with Norwich looking the most consistent of the top 6. A few teams have under achieved along the way, and we've had our springboard at exactly the right time. I think we've got to take a minimum of 19 points from the remaining games to be in with a shout as there's a couple of other teams outside the top 6 hitting purple patches as well. Whether we sneak in this season or not, at least we're looking forwards to next season rather than thinking about how cack it's gonna be.
  2. Thanks for that. Had the chance to go back and neg it, as I missed it first time round.
  3. Sheesh. No longer our play and stll creating a ruccus. We're well shut of both Hirst's tbh. Club seems to be moving onto a more settled place without them around, and the aire of negativity that lingered for months whilst the saga was unfolding. We lost a youth player who was making a career off the back of his dad's name. He had a good season, and a tournament with England U18's where he did summat. That might end up being the highlight of his career, but I couldn't care less anymore. Good luck to him, made his bed let him lie in it.
  4. Ref wasn't perfect, but got most of the key decisions right including the penalty appeal. How they got away with the challenge on Hutch was beyond me, other than their player feigning injury to get out of it. Hutch glared at him like he was gonna murder him when getting up, and didn't want to make up on the sideline either - he's a lucky lad.
  5. Only thing that distracted them from the truffles on the pitch. Dykheads.
  6. Yeah I'd say it was probably his best game since he came back from injury. Having Hector alongside him helps a lot, very similar to his partnership with Loovens. Like I say, all had decent games, but the backline was pretty impressive.
  7. I don't think we've got much to come after launching objects on the pitch tonight. Idiots exist in both sets of fans unfortunately, hope we find the prats in the North and kick em out for good.
  8. Mardiola. 'They scored int 115th minute against Rovrum'
  9. I'm going against the Sky choice and say Palmer. Our most improved player this season, filled in the left back slot tonight and looked like his natural position. He's really come on this season after most of us felt the 2 full backs needed replacing in the summer. Hector was very solid and grew as the game went on. Middle of the park was steady, but unspectacular. Losing Nando at HT cost us our outlet and invited pressure on us late in the game. Not a bad performance from the lads against what is a team chasing promotion, I just felt if we'd gone for it a little more we'd have been rewarded for it. Bruce has got the lads working hard, not many adjustments to make this a top 6 side again and 1 defeat in 13 since just before Christmas - who'd have thought that? Have a feeling the Blades will come up short against Norwich and Leeds to lose out on the top 2. So we'll have our end of season chuckle about them in the playoffs.
  10. Well played Wednesday. Took the game to them 1st half in patcheds, but not having Nando as an outlet killed us 2nd half. Still stopped them making top 2 again. Bit more bravery from us and we might have gone on to win it.
  11. Gotta stop sitting so deep and inviting the pressure. We aren't creating an outlet for ourselves and it'll cost us with this pressure.
  12. Fk me nerves. So pleased we've turned up and competed though.
  13. Basham's had about 6 fouls and no yellow. Go figure.
  14. Brilliant matchday thread sir. Lets hope we smash the Blavges! COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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