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  1. Some people will honestly use any excuse to beat Chansiri with a stick. Despite only 'speculating', and going on what they perceive to be bad business acumen, whilst also having literally zero qualifications or inside knowledge of what's been discussed. For once, can't we recognise that he's acting in the best interests of the club by not simply rolling over and taking it? There's no wonder the club never makes any progress when the biggest critics of anything that's associate with the club is literally attacked whenever there's a story to report. The paper's talk a load of cack in order to punt a few more editions out or for clicks on their site.
  2. Well it beats Nuhiu. He'd be amazing for the 1st couple of minutes, rhythm and technique would be amazing, then he'd settle into a slow hand until you paid him a bit more.
  3. Hmmm. I can't wait to see the poll for which SWFC player you'd most like to have a handy shandy from. Definitely going with anyone other than Hutch on this one, don't think he would be gentle enough and caress.
  4. It's been 1 week since Bruce walked out. What realistically are the club expected to have done in that period of time? I'd sooner we started the season with what we have, and got the right candidate for the jopb rather than just the next journeyman manager looking for another 9 month payday.
  5. I want him. Just so we can sing Mr Wendal to him. We need a new simple song, hire him.
  6. Basically.............. If we start a new thread on any manager or not even a manager at the moment, I reckon one of the bookies will put up odds for it. Boaty McBoatface is about to enter the running #believe.
  7. Emma Hayes the current Chelsea ladies manager is the same price with the bookies as Mikael Arteta.
  8. Newcastle's Asian fans singing 'We want Ashley out'
  9. I think he's yesterday's man unfortunately. Had the job of a lifetime at Everton, and took the job that was an impossible task straight after Fergie left Man U, nothing to shout about since - including a pretty embarrassing spell at Real Sociedad. We've effectively had 3 seasons of upheaval and things eventually falling flat, someone needs to come in and be a genuine inspiration with positive, fresh vibe about them. He's not that man unfortunately.
  10. I don't think we need to go chasing our next manager. Leave it open to applicants, and see what comes up. My only reservation at the moment is that we don't have a long term strategy in place to have a coach/manager that will come in as a successor to what's gone before, and keep the momentum going. It needs to have someone at the helm who has a record of creating stability, hopefully with stuff that's good to watch. Squad looks like it's reset to the similar shape it was in when CC took over, that's taken 2 seasons to achieve. Why not leave it in Bully's hands until we get someone that fits the ethos of the club, and have an individual that is fighting to be Wednesday manager, rather than going simply on reputation? Younger coach, with fresher ideas and enthusiasm for the club would suit.
  11. Basically, not Steve Bruce or be pals with Fat Sam.
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