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  1. The Sir Bobby Robson Stand

    I'd give you the job based on last nights showing. Have we managed to get the only continental coach who's preferred choice of formation is the flattest 4-4-2 anyone has ever seen? Only we could do that.
  2. The Sir Bobby Robson Stand

    It's crackers innit. With the exception of Bannan, who at least is trying to influence things and get us shifting - it appears to me like the core of the team that's been so reliable for us the past 2 and a bit seasons are just not on the same level as were previous. The issue is we can't afford to drop them all because what's waiting to come in is either injured or not as good.
  3. That's where I sat last night with a couple of mates from Ipswich to watch last nights game. Always interesting to get another perspective from opposition fans as to how they thought we played v last season. Both said we weren't a patch on last seasons performance - the pair of them walked out after 70 minutes because we'd bossed it so much. I myself cannot understand how our set up is designed to create any volume of chances when it's so predictable. Ipswich gave us problems down both flanks with long diagonal flighted balls aimed towards the space in behind both fullbacks - typical tactic of McCarthy's team's to try and sucker the opposition further up the pitch and hit you with a bit of pace in behind - we never looked comfortable with it the whole game. From our part - it was simply a case of taking the ball from Westwood (notably Bannan the majority of the time) and trying to pass sideways working our way up the pitch - I counted 2 occasions in the whole game were we effectively got in behind their fullbacks to put a cross in, even then they were hitting the first man. That 1-11 looks like a team that are severely lacking in confidence with a few that have a little in their tank but some players scared to death of having the ball at their feet - namely Lees. We've lost the identity to our style of play and it doesn't appear to be showing any signs of returning or indeed the players being able to drag themselves (individually) out of the slumps they are in. Even the substitutions were odd, in swapping the only player providing any width in Wallace with Fletcher and having him play on the left of a 3 man attack - wtf? I just don't get any of it..........we seem to be waiting for something to happen rather than influencing it and making it happen........even the Ipswich fans were bored of it and were laughing at the ineptitude of our passing given the dozen or so times balls were passed out of play. The bright spot (for me at least) was hearing just how angry their fans were at throwing 3 points away by not trying to kill the game off at 2-1........let's be fair, they should have done given the times we attempted to hand it to them. It was a bitter/sweet moment of having to stand and turn a celebration into gesticulation in order to ensure I didn't get lamped by a few Tractor boys........but boy were they miffed. Put money on us going up because if we can keep taking points out of performances like that then we are truly being smiled on from somewhere.
  4. The thing is..

    There's never anything more uncertain in life than Sheffield Wednesday that's for sure. I'm puzzled as to how we're hanging on to the coat tails of 6th spot at present, given how little we've applied ourselves in a number of games this season. I don't know how much longer we can keep approaching games where we are worrying more about what the opposition can do to us than playing on the front foot to utilise what we all believe is quality within the squad - are we saying the players aren't capable of doing so or just that everyone has hit such a level of comfort that nobody really wants to go the extra mile week in week out? That is the thing which niggles me the most - the comfort levels and lack of challenging anything within the club both on and off the pitch in order to improve on what we have. Complacency is a disease that once set in takes an age to eradicate and generally requires a revolution before it can be. The cherry on the cake is having a manager that keeps on repeating the rhetoric about being promoted this season when the vast majority of us just cannot see it.
  5. Done with it all

    Let me guess? You previously used to artificially inseminate cows for a living?
  6. Heard summet

    OMG you've cracked it.
  7. IT`S ON IT'S WAY !!...

    What's the best before date on them?
  8. Snooty Mk2

    Basically what we need is to go back to the 1991 kit - great period in our most recent history and sponsored by a supermarket.
  9. Dispatches

    You're of course entitled to your view. This however is a guy that's done something whilst effectively representing the club, the club should therefore be able to make its own decisions as to whether or not to allow someone that way inclined to attend games. I think that's fair.
  10. Dispatches

    So what would you suggest? It's not a dig but why draw the comparisons? When this is someone who in the program at least, showed little or no remorse for what they'd done and indeed tried to pass it off as some 'football banter'. That guy was that stupid to believe there was even a debatable point to even suggest it. It's likely that some people coming through the turnstyles have committed crimes in the past but the very fact that they are free today suggests that either they've paid for their crimes and/or learnt from their mistakes. This idiot did nothing of the sort and needs to not be welcomed by the club.
  11. Dispatches

    They were investigating football fans being racist - Wednesday fan was on for singing songs about rather being an ethnic minority than a Blade. The idiot didn't deem what he was doing was racist...........merely 'banter'. He got fined in court but no football banning order, club however banned him for life.
  12. Literally never happy

    Sorry I spoilt your day x
  13. Ramstalk

    Sheesh. Not lost in the last 7 and won 4 on the bounce to be getting it in the neck is maybe a tad harsh.
  14. Caaaaaaaaaare free, wherever you may be, Don't leave your wife with John Terry.