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  1. No one should be surprised, this is the same ref who sent off Fessi against Hull for getting chopped down by Dawson. That's 2 games where he has made a horrendous decision against us. eejit
  2. As the title says will the game be on Ifollow as I know in the past when it's being broadcast for TV it hasn't been? If it isn't on Ifollow would somebody mind putting up a link up for a decent stream later please. UTO
  3. Just been looking at his time at Derby and he was actually a bit of a bogey manager for us in his time. 1996-97 H: 0-0 A: 2-2 1997-98 H: 2-5 A: 0-3 1998-99 H: 0-1 A: 0-1 1999-2000 H: 0-2 A: 3-3 (That Game) He clearly didn't love Wednesday that much if he kept producing these kinds of results against us R.I.P. Bald Eagle. Very fitting that we are playing Derby tonight, hopefully a minutes silence or applause will be arranged in his memory
  4. I cannot recall a season where I have seen so many bad and costly decisions by the officials than this season. Don't get me wrong we have had some bad decisions go for us and against us in the years gone by but this season seems to have just gone up a number of levels. UTO
  5. I live in China and I am trying to watch the game but it is not showing as it says "due to restrictions you cannot view the game from this location" This happened last week as well but I assumed because last week's game was on Sky that IFollow would not be showing it. Is anyone else having these issues? I can't understand why the website is not allowing me to watch the game as I thought this was made for fans living abroad and as it cost £130 at the start of the season this is not a good way to treat the fans. UTO
  6. I'll be spending next season abroad so considering getting the International iFollow for the season, but wouldn't mind some opinions before I splash out £110. Basically is it good or not, is it worth spending or is it a rip off? Let me know of your opinions please. UTO!!!
  7. To those who are attending the friendlies today have a safe journey and please sing your hearts out for Steve Bruce to show him just how much we want him to stay. One of the main reasons for him coming to SWFC was because of the fans so it wouldn't do any harm to give him a little reminder today to show him how good and how passionate we are. If fans hurl abuse at him or sing chants like traitor then all that will do is give him the perfect excuse to leave, giving him the "The fans don't want me here now anyway". Many fans are deeply annoyed and upset with Steve Bruce's actions this week and rightly so but if we take emotion out of the equation for the moment we still have one of the best managers in the league and I believe we are a much better team with him as manager than without him as manager, so like I said lets give him encouragement today and not abuse. UTO!!!
  8. Brilliant idea. Let's sign a player who told his club via twitter that he was never going to play for them again. Then 24 hours later went to The Bahamas on his Private Jet to "Think things through". Then returned to the club and criticised his own fans for booing him because "they didn't understand". Yep, just the person we need in our dressing room, why not go all the way and sign Peter Odemwingie as well. The only place he needs to be in is his deluded bubble that he is stuck in as far away from Hillsborough as possible. UTO!!!
  9. I've been going to Wednesday games since 1998 and always thought that Goalkeeper has been one of our strongest and most consistent positions. Kevin Pressman David Lucas Lee Grant Stephen Bywater Chris Kirkland Kieran Westwood Not World Class but all of them very reliable and consistent keepers
  10. Tommy Spurr. I remember watching him in his first 2 games which were the last 2 games of the season (I think it was 05/06) and in both games he marked both right wingers out the game, I remember thinking this player could become something. Sadly it wasn't to be, scored cracking goals for us though and that goal at the Lane after about 60 seconds will always be remembered fondly. UTO
  11. I'm living in China, and whenever Wednesday are on TV I'm usually able to stream the game. However due to a government meeting taking place in Beijing it means that the VPN across the country is down so many websites are unavailable. The only website I remember is cricfree but I don't remember the names of other websites as I normally just google search them but as I say google and many other websites like that are temporarily unavailable. So if people could please give me some websites which are good for streaming the games or even better putting the link up I'd very much appreciate that. UTO P.S. I know people will say join Wednesday player but I wasn't able to do so with my Chinese bank card.
  12. I actually thought the narrator's voice was that of Colin Slater, a now retired commentator for BBC Radio Nottingham If you listen to him talk about Justin Fashanu on the 5 minute mark you'll notice the voice resemblance is uncanny UTO!!!
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