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  1. Brilliant idea. Let's sign a player who told his club via twitter that he was never going to play for them again. Then 24 hours later went to The Bahamas on his Private Jet to "Think things through". Then returned to the club and criticised his own fans for booing him because "they didn't understand". Yep, just the person we need in our dressing room, why not go all the way and sign Peter Odemwingie as well. The only place he needs to be in is his deluded bubble that he is stuck in as far away from Hillsborough as possible. UTO!!!
  2. I've been going to Wednesday games since 1998 and always thought that Goalkeeper has been one of our strongest and most consistent positions. Kevin Pressman David Lucas Lee Grant Stephen Bywater Chris Kirkland Kieran Westwood Not World Class but all of them very reliable and consistent keepers
  3. Tommy Spurr. I remember watching him in his first 2 games which were the last 2 games of the season (I think it was 05/06) and in both games he marked both right wingers out the game, I remember thinking this player could become something. Sadly it wasn't to be, scored cracking goals for us though and that goal at the Lane after about 60 seconds will always be remembered fondly. UTO
  4. I'm living in China, and whenever Wednesday are on TV I'm usually able to stream the game. However due to a government meeting taking place in Beijing it means that the VPN across the country is down so many websites are unavailable. The only website I remember is cricfree but I don't remember the names of other websites as I normally just google search them but as I say google and many other websites like that are temporarily unavailable. So if people could please give me some websites which are good for streaming the games or even better putting the link up I'd very much appreciate that. UTO P.S. I know people will say join Wednesday player but I wasn't able to do so with my Chinese bank card.
  5. I actually thought the narrator's voice was that of Colin Slater, a now retired commentator for BBC Radio Nottingham If you listen to him talk about Justin Fashanu on the 5 minute mark you'll notice the voice resemblance is uncanny UTO!!!
  6. Just been watching the will to win and I couldn't help noticing the narrator whose name is Roger Greenwood, I also noticed that he did the voice to the 1990-91 season review and the 1991-92 mid season review. His voice is epic. If ever a voice was made for TV or audio then it's his. I was born in 1990 so I had never heard of him (or should I say heard him) before. Does anyone know much about him? did he do any other TV or football work other than those videos? Is he even still alive today? If he is still alive then be great to get him back for a one off game this season. UTO!!!
  7. I used to hate those season reviews where 90% of the games consisted of fake commentary i.e. not live. I just felt that it took some of the spark away. Anyone who ever owned or watched the 1995-96 season review will remember just how much of a buzz kill the matchday commentator in that video was. On a happier note does anyone know the name of the narrator of the video in "The Will to win"? his voice is brilliant. UTO!!!
  8. What a goal. One of the best goals that I have had the privilege of seeing at Hillsborough. Imagine the headlines today if this done by Ronaldo or Bale etc UTO!!!
  9. According to my database (Which I think is right but it could be wrong) today marked Nuhiu's 200th appearance in a Wednesday shirt. 200 games, 39 goals Love him or Loathe him you can't deny he's been a great servant to the club. UTO!!!
  10. Imagine if he'd have taken that chance at the end. There would have been a pitch invasion. UTO!!!
  11. Hopefully he'll have a better debut and not get sent off 10 minutes after coming on this time
  12. Just shows how much of a mess the club was back in 2004. There we have a player who was with us for 19 years, had been with us through thick and thin and who had always given his all, and not only did we not give him a testimonial but we didn't even give him a guard of honour in his last game for us, only we as a club would be as stupid as to something as ridiculous and as cynical as that. Must have been so frustrating for him in the last few years at the club having the likes of Ashley Westwood, Danny Maddix, Dean Smith etc in defence. Even Buffon would struggle to keep clean sheets with those howlers in front of him. UTO!!!
  13. Everything was just wrong about that game. Starting Ross Wallace when he wasn't fit and had to come off after 4 minutes hence wasting a substitution. Taking Steven Fletcher off who was having a good game for Jordan Rhodes who had no confidence. Jordan Rhodes refusing to take a penalty. And once again Carlos bottling it in the BIG games. Onwards and upwards UTO!!!
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