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  1. Kosovo'sNo.9

    Early 90’s Classic SWFC Videos

    I used to hate those season reviews where 90% of the games consisted of fake commentary i.e. not live. I just felt that it took some of the spark away. Anyone who ever owned or watched the 1995-96 season review will remember just how much of a buzz kill the matchday commentator in that video was. On a happier note does anyone know the name of the narrator of the video in "The Will to win"? his voice is brilliant. UTO!!!
  2. What a goal. One of the best goals that I have had the privilege of seeing at Hillsborough. Imagine the headlines today if this done by Ronaldo or Bale etc UTO!!!
  3. According to my database (Which I think is right but it could be wrong) today marked Nuhiu's 200th appearance in a Wednesday shirt. 200 games, 39 goals Love him or Loathe him you can't deny he's been a great servant to the club. UTO!!!
  4. Kosovo'sNo.9

    On This Day 25 Years Ago !

    Imagine if he'd have taken that chance at the end. There would have been a pitch invasion. UTO!!!
  5. Kosovo'sNo.9

    Matt clark

    Hopefully he'll have a better debut and not get sent off 10 minutes after coming on this time
  6. Just shows how much of a mess the club was back in 2004. There we have a player who was with us for 19 years, had been with us through thick and thin and who had always given his all, and not only did we not give him a testimonial but we didn't even give him a guard of honour in his last game for us, only we as a club would be as stupid as to something as ridiculous and as cynical as that. Must have been so frustrating for him in the last few years at the club having the likes of Ashley Westwood, Danny Maddix, Dean Smith etc in defence. Even Buffon would struggle to keep clean sheets with those howlers in front of him. UTO!!!
  7. Kosovo'sNo.9


    The Camera is over here Psycho
  8. Kosovo'sNo.9

    A year ago today

    Everything was just wrong about that game. Starting Ross Wallace when he wasn't fit and had to come off after 4 minutes hence wasting a substitution. Taking Steven Fletcher off who was having a good game for Jordan Rhodes who had no confidence. Jordan Rhodes refusing to take a penalty. And once again Carlos bottling it in the BIG games. Onwards and upwards UTO!!!
  9. Yichang in China UTO!!!
  10. Kosovo'sNo.9

    Jon Paul McGovern

    Very solid player in the 04/05 promotion season, always gave a 7/10, scored a few very good goals as well. To be fair he never got a fair crack in the Championship, only made 8 appearances in the 05/06 season including cup games, (4 of them starts) as he was ruled out with injury because he'd slipped a couple of discs in his back. I seem to recall he was offered a new contract but he refused. (Not sure on the details) Wonder if he regrets that decision now UTO!!!
  11. Your Owlstalk name has just brightened up my day mate. UTO!!!
  12. Imagine if the 92/93 season took place now with modern day match ticket prices? 42 league games 8 FA Cup Games 9 League Cup Games 4 European Games Not to mention that those games included 4 games at Wembley and 2 games abroad and also not including Travel and Pints. Sheffield Wednesday fans would literally go bankrupt. UTO!!!
  13. Anyone know if there will be a link/stream available for Saturday's game with it being a Yorkshire Derby??? UTO!!!
  14. On 24th August last year I left the U.K. to start a new life in Asia, my last game was the 1-1 draw at home to QPR scored by Sam Winnall. Before I left the U.K. I said that I hoped "Sheffield Wednesday would be a premier league team by the time I return" on that note it looks like I need to start applying for a very very long visa. I cannot believe what has happened this season, considering that this time last season we were battling every game for a place in the play-offs and going home disappointed if we hadn't beaten a top team, my friends who are season ticket holders have all said the same thing this season, no heart, no spunk and even at times no fitness. 3pm kick offs are at 11pm here and 7:45pm kick offs are 3:45am here, quite often I will stay up to keep an eye on the score and quite often I will regret doing so and wish that I had just got some sleep. Personally I think we are in BIG trouble now, we have just had 2 home games against very average teams, the perfect opportunity to claw ourselves away from danger and we have picked up a mere 1 point from those games, that is relegation form and I am now very concerned that yesterdays late equaliser will come back to haunt us at the end of the season. So on a personal level I seemed to have picked a very good season to spend my money travelling around Asia rather than watching that shower. To all you owls back home who have persisted with them this season good on you, I imagine it has been horrible and painful to watch week in week out and I only hope your patience will be rewarded with survival and the opportunity for the team to start fresh and for you to see some good football next season. From what I can gather we need a total clear out in the summer, too many has-beens coming to Wednesday for one last pay check, too many players who did put their heart and soul into the team the last 2 years but who are now burnt out from the 2 years of not succeeding and clearly too many players who aren't fit enough to play on a regular basis. Chansiri and Jos (providing he is still here) need to prepare themselves for a very busy summer of comings and goings no matter what division we will be in next season. Happy Mothers Day. UTO!!!
  15. Kosovo'sNo.9

    Booth to Tottenham

    I remember Frank Sinclair scoring a fair few goals in one Season for Leicester. Granted they were at the wrong end but a goal's a goal