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  1. The more time goes on, the less guilty I am feeling. UTO!!!
  2. Really? Is this what it has come down to, petty childish arguing. I'm not trying to start an argument I'm just saying that Atdhe Nuhiu (and every other footballer for that matter) is also a human being, people seem to forget that, and most of the abuse he receives is completely vile and therefore completely unnecessary, the majority of fans who shout and swear at him would never have the balls to say the same thing to their face, yet they're more than brave when they have thousands of fans around them. And in answer to your question Ian, yes I have, i've said it to few Wednesday fans when the abuse has got past a certain point, it didn't make much difference but it felt good to get it off the chest. UTO!!!
  3. What I have heard some of the fans shout to Nuhiu in the past 4 years has been nothing short of vile and disgraceful. He has been made such an easy scapegoat because of his size and his different style of play, and fair play to him he has just got on with it. To all the fans who have abused him in the past (and I mean abused, not constructively criticised him) Would you go and say that to his face when it would be just the 2 of you??? No I thought not, filthy cowards. UTO!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Carlton Palmer!!

    Happy Birthday Carlton. As I was born in 1990 so I didn't have the pleasure of seeing Carlton in his prime with John Sheridan in the middle, I did however see him when we had him on loan back in 2001 and to be fair I think his leadership and experience would have put to much better value with a much better team, but back then no one could boost that shower of sh!te. I had the pleasure of meeting Carlton a couple of years ago when I was working behind the bar, great guy, bought everybody that was there a drink (myself included), had some great stories to tell and was happy to pose for a picture and sign an autograph for anybody. Many people believe Carlton is a controversial character, I disagree, he is just not a PR man, Carlton Palmer says a lot of things that many people think but are too frightened to say or are too sensitive to hear. Being "Controversial" does not mean that the man is wrong. Unfortunatly we live in a society now where you have to say the so called "right" thing or in other words the "safe" thing because if you don't the majority are down on you like a ton of bricks. Somebody like Carlton who says what he thinks and doesn't give a monkeys about the response because it is what he believes is right is a breath of fresh air to the 90% fakeness of the sport. Question for you: If Carlton Palmer was playing today do you think he would get more, less or the same amount of England Caps??? UTO!!!
  5. Just been reading that the Scottish League Cup Final between Motherwell and Celtic will be dedicated to the late Phil O'Donnell as he played for them both. Weird to think that he has been gone nearly 10 years, just shows how fast time goes. No matter how bad his time at Wednesday was (and lets face it, it was, wage bill too high, time on the pitch too little) 35 is such a tragic age to die especially considering he left a wife and 4 children behind. Anyone got any memories of his time at Hillsborough on or off the pitch??? R.I.P. Phil O'Donnell, Once an Owl Always an Owl.
  6. I'll hold my hands up I was in the "Carlos In" group at the start of the season but unfortunately the results don't lie. People may say "be careful what you wish for" but I wish for us to get promoted and at the moment I just don't see it happening, we picked up 0 points against Birmingham, Bolton and at home to the pigs, games we really should have won on paper, you cannot lose against teams like that and expect to gain promotion. As said in the title this feels really strange, I never wanted Gary Megson or Stuart Gray to leave at all, I wanted Alan Irvine and Dave Jones out and I never felt bad thinking or saying that whereas I do feel that it is time for Carlos to go but I feel really guilty about it, Carlos has given us 2 of the best seasons we have had in recent years and he always comes across as an incredibly charming and likeable man but he has also shown that he can't handle big games and big occasions and if we are to replace him we need to do it now while the season is still early and the new manager has time to get a settled squad and to get a good run of results going. As for the new manager basically we need a manager who has proven experience of getting a team into the premiership so Big Sam, Lambert, Pardew or maybe even Harry Redknapp should all be in contention. For me the obvious choice is Big Sam, offer him £2 million for the season and if he get's us up then give him a £2 million bonus, if he got us up then that money would be peanuts compared to the premier league income. However that is all hypothetical at the moment, Carlos if you're going to go then thanks for the memories, if you're going to stay then please sort it out and fast. UTO!!!