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  1. hayden lewis

    Challenge to Ian Holloway

    All these posts suggesting stuff thats never going to happen colin is nailed on as short as 4/7 with the bookies and how often are they wrong so we all better get used to it
  2. hayden lewis

    Deal or no deal?

    how much is it normally
  3. hayden lewis

    Connor Wickham

    talking about what it would be like to play in the champions league
  4. hayden lewis

    Connor Wickham

    As are celtic so we have the funds for sharp and wickham slight change in mms funding policy
  5. hayden lewis

    Connor Wickham

    And if england u21s are in sheffield must also mean we are signing sterling and shelvey happy days
  6. hayden lewis

    Connor Wickham

    Sharp was signing last week as well wasnt he joker
  7. Absorbing engrossing ones attention fascinating
  8. hayden lewis

    My take on it

    Carlton palmer or danny wilson type been unlucky with injuries but the problem is midfield painfully week got overun by a scottish third tier team other week and same again tonight by a third tier english side a cm is a must before sat as well can be doing without losing our first 3 or 4 and it will happen if we dont sort middle of the park out
  9. hayden lewis

    Dave Jones interview

    ??? Strange comment
  10. hayden lewis

    My take on it

    Bit harsh to judge the young lad doing his bit by playing out of position
  11. hayden lewis

    Heard Billy can't wait to sign now...

    Offensive hope i didnt offend you mate but your post did deserve my response
  12. hayden lewis

    Heard Billy can't wait to sign now...

    Would shut it fool be ok admin?