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  1. I'm more than likely to get slated , However I'm just asking the question Should we buy and sell unofficial merchandise? I say this as the Internet is full of stuff, some of it really good that is presumably not authorised by SWFC. In these days of crazy money in the game Should we only buy stuff where a percentage goes to the club to fund all that is needed? Or Is it ok , as it gets the name and brand out there and official stuff can be crazy expensive and not good quality ?
  2. Who doesnt Love Semi?? Great guy and great representative of the club and his role this year should not be underestimated in being translator and helping new guys settle in. Really hope he stays in another role after maybe one more year on the pitch.
  3. NO good defender, but you have to look at Roland Nilsson for me at being the best
  4. I really don't like kicking towards the Kop in the first half.
  5. DC has not put a foot wrong in my eyes And I'm very grateful for all he had done and all he is reported intending to do I do however feel that the pricing structure is not quite right Maybe we should be charging less for the wings and restricted view points on the kop
  6. Great idea S36 Lets go back to players catching the bus to the game with fans whilst smoking woodbines Fish and chips for a post match dinner heavy leather boots and a couple of pints of beer before the game to calm the players nerves. The reality however is we have never been in better shape , just need to gel and we will be flying Stop being negative to your own club, Or are you really a Blunt ?
  7. Mr O Connor You're clearly missing the point. We are building we have had new players playing today. Real success will not be instant .
  8. Mr James O Connor We are not losing every week and we are only a few games into the season. We played really well today and had a chuff of a referee, when we start to click , we will be very difficult to beat you can not judge us on so few games to do so is just plain daft
  9. Only a doom monger or fool could see that we are not playing better than we have for years, We just need time to gel , and we will come good. We have players that are a different class to some of the guys in the past I was there today and there were flashes of brilliance. It is literally a new squad , new manager , new system etc....... Trust me , by Christmas we will be flying Get behind CC and the boys , and stop blinking moaning. and one more thing, Some of our fans aren't the most intelligent , the guy behind me was shouting that Ati would never score while ever he had a hole in his a..e, I took delight in informing him that he had actually scored our goal. His reply was that one didn't count.........
  10. Dark lord Unfortunately thus far Not shared with anyone
  11. Dear Mr UTO1867. On reflection you could be right. In my defence I just had a cup of tea with two sugars and a Kit Kat and had a bit of a sugar rush . But we still not looking to shabby
  12. I'm getting fed up with people even thinking about a decision could be made on CC let alone another thread discussing it. For those of you who have not witnessed any real success at S6 , this is sadly anyone under the age of about 25 can I inform you that we have never been in better shape than we are currently. We have a squad that man for man is probably better than any in the championship and maybe even a couple in the premiership. However this squad is very much a work in progress and more than likely even as you read this there are additions to be made in the loan window. 4 of our new players have not even been on the pitch at Hillsborough and we have had two of our players who would most defiantly have been first on the team sheet out injured for games when they were needed. My point is we are building something very special at Hillsborough under DC with CC at the helm, but this is not a computer game, it takes time and we are developing firm and sound foundations for our club and I would be so disheartened if I was DC and heard our own fans booing the team off after Middlesbrough. I know some fans of the other lot at S2 who despite who despite the liking for our porcine pals have a knowledge of the game and are so envious of what we are creating and building. I was a fan of SG and was very sorry to see him leave , but CC is a well respected , enthusiastic, charismatic , knowledgeable guy and I'm sure we are in very capable hands. So if you're one of the boo boys and moaners , shuffle off back to your bedroom and continue to play FIFA on your games console. where the success is instant and reality has no representation. on a separate point , I'm no sycophant and do feel that we have made an error in the pricing policy We should be charging less , to get more bums on seats and generating a larger fan base , but this aside I don't think DC has put a foot wrong yet, But all talk of should we get rid of CC is juvenile nonsense
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