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  1. On the other hand we potentially still don't know our best line up and have a well regarded striker sat on the bench with very little playing time this year. I think Heffernan for Morrision is hardly shuffling the pack
  2. If it is true, Why Woul have Irvine Played him with risk of injury and surely he would want our lads to get match time
  3. there were 23 league one bombers in the air..........and the HMS of Wednesday shot one down!
  4. I took my girlfreind from germany to her first game (Saints away) a couple of seasons back. We got tickets in the 2nd row and as I was walking down I clocked tango in the 1st row in front of us - still with his shirt on. i thought Oh my god what will she think! She was pure shocked when he took his top off but after that she had a great time and said he really helped to get the fans going. Football needs characters - end off!
  5. Would have been much better to do it like they do with the music festivals - same teams play both. 2 Buses ready at half time and the players could swap over and play the 2nd half against a different opposition!
  6. That is true! Why are we dealing with a company that requires so much of a big order! Or who to the bung to get Puma back and did not consider the consequenses!
  7. Although I am optimistic and like the signings - I seem to recall similar optimism last year as we signed players and many on here were going on about how we had playoff chances.........
  8. great deal if we have a capable replacement on a free! I am just a little disappointed we never got to see him have a run at centre half
  9. .............sign 4 players in a week?????
  10. Tahnks a lot! If we don't see you in the Blue and White again, then thanks for all - you were one that looked like he cared! Don't know why AI didn't like you but I know the fans did!!!
  11. As I said in the other thread, if we had stayed off the pitch, we may have had grounds to complanin and they may have had points deducted - but that would be going down the Blunts moaning route! As it happens I think we will be punished hard!
  12. The funny thing is if we had stayed of the pitch, we could have complained about their fans and they may have had more points deducted! Now we will probably end up playing behind closed doors!
  13. He is a Blunt! Who couldn't afford a taxi to Ipswich!
  14. But we thought we were going to go up this year!
  15. In all honesty - we only sang at the start and when we were level.I said in my other thread I ws proud but we heard nothing from them 2-1 down and then that at the end was a joke!
  16. F** Off to your hotel with your other PC friends - not at the game today - plastic fan
  17. check out Snooker - its just as honest :-)
  18. Just let us down big time!!!!!!
  19. Great fans, Great Stadium Come on do it boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. that I can watch the game live today Was supposed to work but woke up and its raining heavy and doesn't look like it will change so I get to stay at home and watch the game! One more cheering us on can't hurt! Up the OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Why not go for him on a free and cash in those Granty chips??? Or is he on mega bucks?
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