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  1. Seeing morrisons last tweet referring to those two playing like Cole and yorke in their heyday, it looks like these two up top at the weekend
  2. I must be mad! Driving to the Uk, at least my car has winter tyres. Hope to get to Uk sat morning and really hope the weather sorts itself out so I can get t'up north a week later and celebrate M&M's first game! See you at the game!
  3. People forget we are in league one. Most of our squad are good enough in this leagiue and if they were any better they would be playing in the championship or above. The fact they are not consistent is why they are with us. I think ignoring september, we have shown we are more than capapable of going up and I hope to see a few quality loans to create competition, especially experience in defence
  4. I'm just hoping the Snow is Ok as I am driving from Switzerland!!
  5. From Hants to Aylesbvury and moved to Switzerland 10 years ago. My Grandad was from Worksop and my dad followed the Owls
  6. How will it change? I don't think there will be massive changes, I don't think we need it. maybe a solid central defender to cover Beevers and Purse and maybe a 4th Striker - seeing as he went with 4 at the start of the season. Hinds may go if he gets an offer although I think he is fair cover for this league. Any thoughts
  7. Milans first game :biggrin: And I will be in the UK
  8. Well we all thought you were best Buddies with Manderic as you claim to have sorted the takeover so get on the blower to him for a few quid
  9. I think Tudgay has done well but in the last few months since he has been challenged he has not raised his game and ultimately Mellor and Morrison have earnt the starting shirts. With Heffernan also on the bench it is probobly a wise move if someone is interested. I think the Burnley deal came at the wrong time and the club made a statement of intent by keeping hold of him which was ultimately the wrong decision. Thanks MT
  10. http://www.swfc.co.uk/page/News/0,,10304~2221265,00.html
  11. If it was the case then why the hell was AI not giving HEffernan his chance!
  12. Glaser, you just copied and pasted that from a thread about Brian laws a few months back
  13. "We've made the policy this year of playing the youth team in the reserves and against Sheffield United there will only be three players who are not eligible for our under-18s game on Saturday against Huddersfield. Mcauley on the IS - explains it all - although I really would have liked to see a few fringe players get 45 mins!
  14. Why are guys the guys not playing regularly not getting a game? Jones, Otmos, etc, surely at least 45 mins would help their fitness. How are they supposed to get in the team if they don't play!
  15. He was the hero for his summer signings! No one was moaning 3 games back! that is what I meant
  16. 270 mins and the guy goes from hero to zero! Think the players have to take some of the blame!
  17. Ich kann auch Deutsch :) Put it on my iPad. Opened it first time, asked me for club, select Wednesday and it crashed. Won't start any more?
  18. The funny thing is Irinve says one or 2 tonight did stake their claim. I listened on the radio and it did not sound so bad. We conceded to goals at poor times but it did not sound one sided at all. It was our 'second' team and as AI says they are not exactly kids. If anything the result will help AI really know who his strongest 11 is.
  19. My fault! 1st time I want to listen this season and it doesn't bloody work!
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