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  1. I just feel we were more of a 'team' before the cash
  2. My last game at Hillsborough, was the 6-2 against Bristol and the unveiling on Mansdric. Yes I know it he saved us and it is great to be able to sign players and that SWFC still exist However at that point we had a small squad, working hard for each other and scraping some good results with the exception of Septemeber. Change of owner, gives manager options. What happens, manager goes, club captain goes, best striker in 3 years goes, we buy players willy nilly to keep the fans happy and look where we are now! Cash has made us worse on the pitch! Only way out of this league is team spirit and hard graft. In hindsight. One or 2 short term loans would have probably done to see us through xmas and cover injuries. Irvines worst act as manager was not the tactics, simply the panic buying that has left us with a load of players, but no team!
  3. Why keep him? He has not improved. I know we are a league 1 side, but that is only where he ended up. Unfortunately the injury stopped in from being that premiership and potentially world cup player we all believed, but I think it was right to let him go and try and replace him with a championship calibre RB. If we achieved that, is another story!
  4. Anyone in Europe with links to German Satelite, we are on Sport ONe! Used to be DSF. Happy Days. Time to fill the fridge!
  5. So every manager has them (usually utility players :-) ) - who are we likely to see Megson brin in on loan???
  6. I really think Milan wanted and believed Irvine would succeed. That was clear by his comments when he went and how he supported him. As for the transfers, if the new guys are good they will do it in this league and I think we may well see 2 or 3 loans very soon. Will be interesting to see Megsons first line up and how he sees the players.I fear Beevers and Spurr may not get such a look in unless they raise the games very quickly. Would it be a better move to send them on loan to the end of the season and see how they develop or will everyone get a new chance
  7. we are currently the 56th best team in the country, I think most decent managers are looking a little higher!
  8. usual - sack the manager and go on a winning run. We will keep a clean sheet and score at least 3!
  9. MM has a fair experience with managers, and I really believe he liked what he saw when he came here or he would have got rid of him fairly soon after. Results have not gon Alans way and MM had no option in the end. The new guy must be given 18 months - no more or less.
  10. i wonder if Purse playing alongside quality may make him more consistent. you never know. I think he always has half an eye on what spurr or beevers are doing. very hard to drop the captain if his performances pick up.
  11. thought the other tweet was better - new boys played well, nearly as good as me
  12. great competitiion for places when coke and Buxton are back. Can't see semi getting a look in anymore unless Morrison is injured
  13. Withthe new guys in, I was trying to work out who is dropped and who is injured? Coke? Semi - i take it he was dropped who else is injured at the mo?
  14. 4 games to rearrange if you count Bournemouth on FA cup weekend. We will be playing 2 games a week - our squad is not strong enough!
  15. Navigation set for the drive home after the game :-)
  16. Who else do we have to play at the back! We are soorly missing Buxton and Semi! What else can Irivne do, play the youth team!
  17. Photo 131 - proof I made it from Switzerland together with Wozzer77
  18. Great day. Met wozzer77 for the game. Great performance, well worth e drive!
  19. If i turn up with a Swiss registration do i get in for free?
  20. @ sat owl - yep that's me! Catching up with family on the south coast, driving to Milton Keynes tomorrow for a night out with a good friend then up the M1 on sat morning. Actually been in the UK since last sat.
  21. Seeing morrisons last tweet referring to those two playing like Cole and yorke in their heyday, it looks like these two up top at the weekend
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