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  1. Wow, cameras are in the north, new tv view!
  2. Don't need a link, it's on in the hotel - happy days! Both our games in Fa cup shown live in HK. We must be massive!
  3. Still trying to find out if it is on here in Hong Kong. Both ESPN and Star are showing live games but their websites don't say which ones!
  4. Swissowl

    2nd round draw

    Will be gutted if we get Aldershot as I am away for the winter and would love to have gone. Used to go with my dad before they went bust. Wednesday were my 'big' team (and local to one of my grandads) whilst Aldershot were my local team. Think i went to nearly every home game one season. Also was at the 3-0 trounching by the shots of Oxford United in 3rd round in 87. That was the giant killing, great day out. Amazing to see where Oxfrd now are!
  5. Swissowl

    Anyone in Homg kong?

    Had a couple of scoops already and typing on the predictive text! Homg!
  6. Heading out to find a pub to watch the match. Anyone in hong kong, let me know. In central area. Live on ESPN, brilliant!
  7. Kenwyne and Whelan for Stoke against Thun Whelan was rubbish, came on to replace Jones. The big man though looked great! How I wish we could have signed him!
  8. Instead of just buying more players, maybe we could get the ones we actually have, to work harder and play to the level they are theoritically capable of?
  9. Swissowl

    Thursday link

    thanks guys. My local does have sky actually, problem is not sure i will have time to get down there after finishing work, then there is always the problem that if some swissy's want to watch their local team I am buggered! Also on antibiotics at the mo so the thought of going to the pub for 2 hours and not drinking .......... does not really appeal!
  10. Hiya, any tips as to where I may find the match on the net? Thanks
  11. Swissowl

    Giles Coke

    Some of us have real jobs and don't sit on Owlstalk 24/7 and as the search function does not work I thought I would ask. after all isn't this what Owlstalk is for?
  12. Whats happened to him? is he injured??
  13. Anyone know how to get it online apart from iplayer which is not working for me!!! Radio 1 works but not Shffield. no sound - nothing to do with broadcasting rights. I have Wednesday player subscription but it is not on yet and I want to listen football heaven build up! Thanks
  14. Swissowl

    Sheffield Wednesday Vs Rochdale

    any one just hear how to get the version on a smartphone to listen to commentary?? Maybe I can listen on my Ipad now :-)
  15. Swissowl

    Radio Sheffield online

    Nightmare! i hope Player works then when the match starts or I will go MAD!
  16. http://www.swfc.co.uk/page/News/0,,10304~2388240,00.html
  17. Swissowl

    Spurr to Donny

    Good move for tommy, deserves to make a step up although I wonder how good he may have been at CB. He stagnated a little, but reckon a new challenge will bring the best out of him
  18. Swissowl

    Best game off the season

    Driving all the way from Switzerland to see Wednesday score 6 against Bristol Rovers
  19. the reason he is with us and not at a higher level
  20. Have I missed something but have any of the offer actually been signed? the way I read the above, is that all 3 will be getting new offers but they are league 1 deals. It could well be that JOC, JJ and Buxton all clear off and look for better deals elsewhere. I think it is shrewd business. Megson knows he can use all 3 he has renewals in for but by the sounds of it, he is not going to pay them more than they are worth (which may well have been the case before). The statement on the OS also says they will be passed on to the agents., so i really think there is a good chance the deals will be worse than before. Dowbn to the player to see if they want to fight for the cause probably with the reward of Championship rise if they go up.
  21. Swissowl


    Whats the latest on everyone out? Are we due anyone back? Lost track of who's out and cant see anything on website
  22. Swissowl

    Money does not solve a thing!

    I just feel we were more of a 'team' before the cash
  23. My last game at Hillsborough, was the 6-2 against Bristol and the unveiling on Mansdric. Yes I know it he saved us and it is great to be able to sign players and that SWFC still exist However at that point we had a small squad, working hard for each other and scraping some good results with the exception of Septemeber. Change of owner, gives manager options. What happens, manager goes, club captain goes, best striker in 3 years goes, we buy players willy nilly to keep the fans happy and look where we are now! Cash has made us worse on the pitch! Only way out of this league is team spirit and hard graft. In hindsight. One or 2 short term loans would have probably done to see us through xmas and cover injuries. Irvines worst act as manager was not the tactics, simply the panic buying that has left us with a load of players, but no team!
  24. Swissowl


    Can you hear them sing, i cant
  25. Swissowl

    Frank Simek

    Why keep him? He has not improved. I know we are a league 1 side, but that is only where he ended up. Unfortunately the injury stopped in from being that premiership and potentially world cup player we all believed, but I think it was right to let him go and try and replace him with a championship calibre RB. If we achieved that, is another story!