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  1. Swissowl

    Match pass on iFollow

    I can’t even login in. Not accepting password. Tried to reset password and get servers not available message.
  2. Swissowl

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    Oh someone decided to switch the switch, another pathetic week :-)
  3. Swissowl

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    Poor value for money. Too many games not available to watch. Twice it failed during the game. Once the password locked me out and took 4 days to reset. Only way to stream to tv is on a laptop, app doesn’t work. No possibility to get commentary and audio at the same time even though both are available. No acknowledgement of problems or offers of compensation to emails. Very unlikely to renew next year. The old one was average, the new one is about as good as our injury record this season
  4. does anyone know if the game is being shown on the app tonight or if it is rights restricted. need to know whether I can stay at home and drink or if I need to drive into Palma this evening cheers
  5. Swissowl


    So no refund offered for last weekends wee wee tail up even though they acknowledge it doesn't work and now this game is global blackout. Terrible wast of money the season pass
  6. Swissowl


    I have the season pass and it’s not working either!
  7. Swissowl


    Mines worked fine in Switzerland with the audio (crowd noise) being a couple of seconds behind. Do however have a problem when I link to Airplay on the TV. Game last week was fine, but this week I just got audio so ended up having to watch on the laptop. Emailed the EFL and got told to use the chat. Used the chat and got no reply.
  8. Swissowl


    App only appears to have commentary, people on about it on twitter. Only way I got it to work Is on chrome
  9. Swissowl


    Ok here are my attempts Safari not working App working but then if running via Apple TV as soon as app is started the screen on tv goes black. Got it now running via chrome and Apple TV so happy days!
  10. Someone put a game over the Christmas break in Facebook live - I was so happy as I only had my phone with me so no access to a stream
  11. Looking forward to seeing you all at Wembley, do us proud and have a great day Up the Owls