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  1. dkenyonqfc2

    P&S issues

    and you would be right, he's on nowhere near
  2. dkenyonqfc2

    Hooper, Lee & the other Injuries

    I still have hope he will return to football, sadly not sure he will have time to prove his fitness here so will probably have to move on this knee problem is just bad luck, when he had the op surgeon said two tendons were there he removed/repaired one and thought the other would be okay unfortunately it isn't
  3. dkenyonqfc2

    Lee, Winnall, Hooper

    it amazes me how people seem to think Lee is one of our top earners a 2 year contract on £15-£20k/week would be a very good contract for him. I hope they both manage to get fit and play for us again before the end of the season as they will probably both leave in June, but if they can get fit I have no doubts someone will give them a contract
  4. dkenyonqfc2

    Out of contract list

    I wouldn't be surprised you don't get rewarded for loyalty, the big money is saved for players brought in
  5. dkenyonqfc2

    Need your help.

    so very sorry for your loss Craig, keep your chin up pal R.I.P Graham
  6. dkenyonqfc2

    Hooper and Lee won't play again this year

    yes it is but i'm going to delete it
  7. dkenyonqfc2

    Luhukay out.

    being jealous of the pigs won't help anyone why do feel the need to call our own players dross, one of those players I know personally and if the other players are being treated the same way then the club needs to step up after all,the dross deserve the chance to get fit
  8. dkenyonqfc2

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    both meant to be playing 45 mins in under 23's tomorrow
  9. dkenyonqfc2

    Under 23 line up at Coventry today

    Lee was supposed to play 45 mins today but changed at last min, hopefully the next match he will be involved
  10. a player being forced out of the team to make way for a player returning from injury is just football if they can't handle that then maybe this game isn't for them. the youngsters will get full support from me but Jos has heaped the pressure on them as KW will be brought up every time they have a bad game
  11. not sure about the bit in bold. I was told KW was told he needed to be sold because of FFP, KW agreed but felt the club were asking too much for him so not so sure it's just down to wages, however the sale didn't happen so KW is now frozen out , shoddy treatment in my eyes
  12. don't think he's been given a choice