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  1. Lee played 3 positions yesterday before coming off and nothing worked until as usual they start attacking late on, they need to get the ball down and play football
  2. after a rubbish journey sat in traffic I was feeling positive when I got to my seat, had us down for a 3.1 win, my positivity didn't last very long though the game was very boring, Moses was annoying before giving the 1st pen away as he kept messing around trying to dribble in his own area instead of clearing the ball.Then there was the hoofball up to Fletcher all the time , which wasn't working but, although bored I didn't really feel threatened by Preston, the pens gifted them the game. I hope lessons have been learnt
  3. from things I hear can't blame it all on the manager, don't think the lads very happy but you can't blame him really
  4. I don't have a clue what the problem is, the contract was signed a few weeks ago
  5. there is supposed to be highlights somewhere according to the announcer on Saturday, but I can't find any and can't remember where he said we could see them
  6. not sure about Matias, Lee signed his renewal a few weeks ago but as of yet as far as he is aware the contract hasn't gone through, but he has been told not to worry as it will go through, now Westwoods is through the others may follow
  7. I heard it chugging past but didn't see it
  8. I understand what your saying but no footballer can guarantee his fitness
  9. firstly I know that because he's my son...and I didn't say he was on less than 10k but he doesn't get much more i'm not here to argue his case, obviously I would love him to stay and so would he he's happy and settled at the club but I do understand it's difficult and can see there's good reason to release him and if so that's fine..i feel confident that someone will take a chance on him.
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