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  1. no he wasn't poster talking rubbish
  2. it means he is feeling the pain again since he started running in training, hopefully it will settle down but it is worrying
  3. things are not looking as good as they did a few weeks ago definitely worrying
  4. to be fair KL is now walking around fine, he's not in pain and he even said at weekend he thinks he could play now, but the club obviously feel he's not ready yet which is good, shows he's being looked after properly this time and hopefully he will repay that next season
  5. dkenyonqfc2

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Hooper was training but suffered a set back last week, Lee will probably start to do some training soon and will have to see how that goes
  6. dkenyonqfc2

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    your making yourself sound a bit of a prat now, if you don't believe me fair enough just don't presume i'm a liar, fyi the conversations take place in my house while having a brew I see and talk to Kieran on a almost daily basis I have known him all his life and we talk all things not just football...as for Hutch and his bitchin as you call it you have known since Stuart Grays days that Hutch likes to manage his own training and recover his fitness as he knows his own body and how to manage his knee problem
  7. dkenyonqfc2

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    what makes you think I would lie, I know Lee personally he wasn't just telling a fan on the street I don't now why Hutch isn't playing but I do know there was an issue and it makes more sense than contract reasons
  8. dkenyonqfc2

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    actually yes I was by Lee
  9. dkenyonqfc2

    Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    there has been an issue with Hutch but nothing to do with contracts or pay it was the training or games Jos wanted him to do, basically Hutch felt the training and games Jos wanted him to do for his recovery of fitness would be bad for his knee, this led Hutch to go in and complain to someone
  10. dkenyonqfc2

    Kieran lee

    I will do thanks it might cheer him up a bit
  11. dkenyonqfc2

    Kieran lee

    yes I do a little and I can say he isn't planning on retiring just yet. This hip problem is mainly down to damage done by not letting himself recover properly from the first operation, then playing on with injections. he had the second op on 4th of jan and was told he'll be out for 2 months but he has said if he isn't right he won't come back until he is
  12. dkenyonqfc2

    I think Jos has Palmer ahead of Hunt

    this 100% he was rushed back and it caused lots of damage in his hip, let him recover properly and then see how he does before writing him off
  13. dkenyonqfc2

    I think Jos has Palmer ahead of Hunt

    this is not quite true either, he regularly played CM for utd . due to injuries etc a spot in the reserves came up at LB and he was put in and did very well ,eventually he played most positions for utd including one game at CB! where he scored the winning goal against Liverpool lol. Oldham signed him as a CM but again due to injuries he was chucked in at RB took his chance and never looked back. he has never ASKED to play RB he just wanted to play wherever that would be.in his last 2 seasons at Oldham before coming to Wednesday he swept the board at the awards ceremony from RB but i'm sure most would say it was due to his attacking qualities rather than his actual defending
  14. dkenyonqfc2

    Injured Players

    Lee if all goes well due back in march been told Fletcher out for season
  15. dkenyonqfc2


    I hope it's wrong too but as it was Lee who told me I fear there is a good chance it's right