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  1. Kieran Lee.

    as I know the lad here's my take on it. he is still struggling with the hip thing, he gets flare ups of pain so bad they wake him at night and can't sit comfortable when he came back v NF he was feeling good and by the time of the Leeds game was feeling fitter too, the international came at a bad time after the international the pain was back and he was sent to be injected (again) which is what worries me Kieran has been back to the surgeon and re-scanned and surgeon can't see anything wrong says it looks to have healed well so he has some sort of injury that nobody knows what to do with and therefore are doing nothing, added to that he says CC no longer wants attacking midfielders and when he has played he's told to stay back more, so as you would expect he's a little down at the moment
  2. Right...Team for Saturday

    I have been told Lees Hunt Butters Wallace Rhodes and Hooper out tomorrow
  3. same here the training has always been with the ball and nothing on fitness throughout CC's tenure, there was some players who wanted to leave last season and couldn't, so that and the way this season is going is taking it's toll. To me it looks like the players are being stifled in a dreary system and confidence is at an all time low
  4. Barry Bannan too deep

    they're being told to stay back more at least I know Lee was before he was injured, and a couple of days ago I said you'll have to work on getting your place back and he said i'll have to see he (cc) doesn't want attacking midfielders anymore
  5. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    yes think it is game by game while he is pain free he can play
  6. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    think your being a tad harsh there KL is not injury prone and never has been, this hip issue is the same one that was operated on in jan but the problem is he has so much pain from it that he is unable to play at times. The inury has been re-scanned and the surgeon can't find anything wrong,looks like it's healed well so can't explain why he gets so much pain. at the moment he feels 100% because he was injected last week for how long though who knows on top of that he is struggling to build up his stamina with all the stop start football
  7. Kieran Lee Injured

    it's not a new inury it's the same one that was operated on in dec but he keeps having pain flare ups
  8. SWFC vs Barnsley 12:30 kick off

    think i'll take my earplugs
  9. George Hirst - SWFC Prospect

    sorry but can't agree with the bit in bold. Why would you pay whatever he wants when he is unproven at this level just because he's called Hirst. If he was my son and he wanted to play for swfc I would say sign the contract, go out on loan for experience then come back and show them, then he could go in and negotiate a new contract.
  10. Hooper/Fletch

    I can't see this happening, he does have pace and has made a big impact when coming on in recent games but that's all I see him as an impact sub, I really don't believe he has it in him yet to give 100% week in week out. saying that though, it's only my opinion and I do hope i'm proved wrong
  11. Relegation???

    no chance

    yep i'm in
  13. Kieran Lee swan dive

    agree and I was there too, as blatant as you will ever see
  14. Something isn't right

    they were all at the hotel yesterday
  15. Lovely Moment From Yesterday

    there is a Rob Lee on twitter who is Kieran's cousin