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  1. dkenyonqfc2

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    both meant to be playing 45 mins in under 23's tomorrow
  2. dkenyonqfc2

    Under 23 line up at Coventry today

    Lee was supposed to play 45 mins today but changed at last min, hopefully the next match he will be involved
  3. a player being forced out of the team to make way for a player returning from injury is just football if they can't handle that then maybe this game isn't for them. the youngsters will get full support from me but Jos has heaped the pressure on them as KW will be brought up every time they have a bad game
  4. not sure about the bit in bold. I was told KW was told he needed to be sold because of FFP, KW agreed but felt the club were asking too much for him so not so sure it's just down to wages, however the sale didn't happen so KW is now frozen out , shoddy treatment in my eyes
  5. don't think he's been given a choice
  6. dkenyonqfc2

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I haven't given up on this season and we as fans need to all pull together and cheer them on, no more grumbling and moaning at the matches. we are going to be in a fight and we need the players to feel we are with them all the way and you never know top 6 may be possible stranger things have happened WAWAW
  7. dkenyonqfc2

    How fair is FFP (Financial Fair Play)

    totally agree with you it is unfair but can't see the court thing happening
  8. if he isn't sold by deadline day I would imagine he will play, probably not wanting to risk injury at the moment
  9. dkenyonqfc2

    Sam Hutchinson position

    he was playing the Lee role, after the villareal game Hutch went to see Lee and told him to hurry up back because he hates that position in all fairness he's doing what he's been asked to do , I didn't go today but if it was as bad as made out on here maybe Jos will try something else
  10. dkenyonqfc2

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    good luck to him hope he gets a deal
  11. no he wasn't poster talking rubbish
  12. it means he is feeling the pain again since he started running in training, hopefully it will settle down but it is worrying
  13. things are not looking as good as they did a few weeks ago definitely worrying
  14. to be fair KL is now walking around fine, he's not in pain and he even said at weekend he thinks he could play now, but the club obviously feel he's not ready yet which is good, shows he's being looked after properly this time and hopefully he will repay that next season