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  1. i think players should honour their contracts but beyond 3oth of June it becomes players choice, you can't force people to take a short extension, if they know they are moving on they will want to find a new club and you can't blame them for that
  2. as old blue eyes would say that's life, that's what all the people say won the league at christmas null and void in May😂😂😂😂 seriously though I can't see how this season can be completed
  3. been told 5 at back, Lees and Harris not starting and Alessio is playing
  4. oh dear, if what I hear is true I think you may be disappointed
  5. and nothing I agree with you but I can't see DC going for him somehow, infact I can't see him sacking Monk yet either
  6. personally I think he could do a job here but as others have said it would split the fans even more
  7. but the plaster should hold till the end of season, then the clear out begins
  8. I agree 100% I think we are far better when we try to play
  9. you'll be seeing a different formation tomorrow, hope it works
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