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  1. can't go into details yet but there was some sort of offer from the club to them both
  2. the highlighted point just isn't true, they have both been here a long time and love playing for Wednesday so makes it hard to leave but they both have other offers from home and abroad
  3. we'll find out later, very strange timing but the club want to see him before the match tonight (which he's starting) he thinks it's to let him know what's going on
  4. yes just a strain nothing to do with previous injuries but i'm gutted for him ,this couldn't have come at a worse time for him
  5. Monk said everyone in the training group had been offered the 1 month extension
  6. don't take this as gospel but heard Nuihu has extended, don't know where we're up to re loans
  7. nothing beyond the end of the season has been promised or even talked about for that matter, this is just to see the season out
  8. same here, i will watch when i can and look for results when i can't, but excited, no
  9. i think players should honour their contracts but beyond 3oth of June it becomes players choice, you can't force people to take a short extension, if they know they are moving on they will want to find a new club and you can't blame them for that
  10. as old blue eyes would say that's life, that's what all the people say won the league at christmas null and void in May😂😂😂😂 seriously though I can't see how this season can be completed
  11. been told 5 at back, Lees and Harris not starting and Alessio is playing
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