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  1. I heard it chugging past but didn't see it
  2. I understand what your saying but no footballer can guarantee his fitness
  3. firstly I know that because he's my son...and I didn't say he was on less than 10k but he doesn't get much more i'm not here to argue his case, obviously I would love him to stay and so would he he's happy and settled at the club but I do understand it's difficult and can see there's good reason to release him and if so that's fine..i feel confident that someone will take a chance on him.
  4. well I can 100% tell you you are way off, try half of that 25 then knock a bit more off you would be closer
  5. why not do it over 3/4 seasons before some of them were ruined, Lee for instance in the Wembley season played more games than anyone and if he had a chance to heal properly after his 1st op it may be a different story now,
  6. well he did take a step forward being named in the 20 man squad for today, but didn't make the bench, gutted for him
  7. he's working on getting fit, he is running outside just hasn't joined in training yet, he's not in pain and feels good. Mentally it's tough but he'll get there. he will be walking his daughter round the pitch at end of season which may well be his goodbye
  8. I am hoping he can get himself fit and can carry on playing a bit longer, he loves playing football and wants his daughter to be able to go and watch him, I really feel if he can get fit someone would take a gamble on him and as for a pay cut he's taken one before, it's not nice but it's not all about money..
  9. been told this morning Hoops may be playing u23 next week
  10. it may be unlikely but there is a chance, how good does it feel to say that! a win on Monday and I will be one very happy owl
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