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  1. If you're down in Wembley today I'll take it off you!
  2. After 1 or 2 tickets as well here - let me know if you've got one spare! Thanks all.
  3. Waited for general sale like an idiot to get tickets for me and dad together, missed out completely :( Does anyone have one or two spare? I'm London based so can pick up today or at Wembley tomorrow! Or if you're in Sheffield I'll bloody drive up if you keep them for me! Haha. Thanks all!
  4. I've been a lurker for a few years but being based in London it's pretty difficult to get to games (££££). I had priority points by my poor dad didn't, so I opted to wait for GS in the hope of sitting with him (which was a mistake!). Now praying for luck in the ballot...
  5. After two adult tickets here too - would be amazing if someone can help out! Thanks :)
  6. One of many here but I'm also after two tickets. We're very close to Wembley too so can meet at the ground or whatever's easiest. Give me a shout if you're able to help out :)
  7. The Rocket if you want an ultra cheap pint (for London)!
  8. 5000 left for GS tomorrow according to Twitter!
  9. Hi all - I've got points to buy my poor family members haven't - we're meeting up at the game for the first time in a long time and would love to secure theirs beforehand! Waiting for general sale is fraying my nerves (and I'm not mean enough to nab myself one in the mean time and sit separate...) If you have 3 10pt ID's spare I'd really appreciate it!
  10. Haven't read all 18 pages but I'm the guy that started the huge 'Racism' thread after an ignorant fan said some ignorant things to me during the Cardiff game at the weekend. Bit of background - I'm mixed race, born in Sheffield but brought up in London. The entire of my Dad's family are from Sheffield and are Owls. Therefore naturally I was one as well. Picture how difficult it is to grow up in North London in the 90s as a Wednesday fan - especially when they got relegated at the turn of the century... It's difficult for me to get to matches as it's so expensive - but I try to go to all the away matches down South and you can find me every match day with my headphones on glued to Wednesday player. That's the first time in my years of supporting Wednesday that I've ever had anything racist said to me at a match - and I'm hoping it was the last. Apologies for mocking him for being ginger but I found hard it not to when he seemed to take an aversion to my appearance! Hopefully it'll be the last. I've always found Wednesday fans to be unbelievably friendly and welcoming and I hope that will never change.
  11. Hi chaps, thanks for the comments. It wasnt malicious - rather ignorant - 'but you are a paki, what's wrong with that??' Etc. Hence why I didn't report him. I did try to explain why it wasn't cool to call people that but he was tpo drunk to understand to be honest. No harm done but it's a shame is all! Don't worry chaps, perhaps he'll learn. Just wanted to raise awareness is all! Next time you see a 5ft 8 mixed race Posh bloke at the bar at Hillsborough, give me a shout! WAWAW
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