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  1. Just like to clarify as the op i wasnt looking pluses or negs at all... i was simply saying everyone relax and enjoy this positive ride the club is on at the minute... i really believe all at the club is good atm and its been a brave while since we had that...
  2. I understand some of u getting edgy about our place in the playoffs atm. But after so long being a club who looked like the premier league was a distant dream, i for one am delighted the way our club is going... dont u think we might just be expecting to much to soon... dont get me wrong i want promotion but other clubs have been in our current situation for years and cant get out of the championship.... derby; forest; wolves; even brighton... these things take time and can only be helped by everyone pulling in the same direction.... so chill out, get behind our team and this can still be our year... and if its not, we have been in way worse spots that that. WAWAW SO LETS PROVE IT
  3. Im in block 103 in hull end

    Ill be ok... ill just wear jacket over my jersey... and when we win and they all leave ill be beating it off...
  4. In block 103 in hull end near half way line... anybody else about... i suppose ill not be too far from the wednesayites
  5. What is everyone doing after wembley... staying about wembley r is Der a wednesday celebration part of London to head to??
  6. What is everyone doing after wembley... staying about wembley r is Der a wednesday celebration part of London to head to??
  7. What time and where from?

    3.30am from newry co. Down... flight to london at 7 am... buzzing...
  8. Is it a bad idea to wear my wednesday colours den... and dunno how im gonna be quiet...
  9. Had to take two in hull end... have a feeling i wont be alone???
  10. Im a northern irish owl who booked wembley 3months ago with the missus... i need two tickets preferably but one will do( she will understand)... any tier... any price... few pints at wembley for whoever can help
  11. Me and the missus r from northern ireland and took a punt 3 months ago that we would get to wembley so booked flights and hotel... unfortunately all tickets have now gone... if there are any fellow owls out there with spare tickets to help a man fulfil a dream of seeing my beloved wednesday at wembley please do... ill leave it with yas
  12. Gary Madine

    unless we get 20 million keep him ha ha ha gary u legend
  13. Confidence in the club

    optimisim....... whoooooooaaaaaaa its a weird but slightly pleasurable feeling eh only another 93 points away from were we belong...... dats optimism wtid
  14. masssssssive!

    yeah i was in nyc last summer and went to a few ny red bulls games whilst der..... anyway met a wednesdayite der got photos and stuff with him, ill have a look see if i still have them...... but point is we r everywhere
  15. Are we debt free?

    whatever way it is were a lot better off than we were 18 months ago...... thank u Milan