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  1. Hi not a personal attack at all , clearly forgotton that Lee said he had a deal in place with Dave Allen , then Dave Allen in the star said he had no discussion at all with Lee at all . Facts a drift then forget the 3rd parties and come back to our chairman . He is selling up will assit strip down as this is business survival he has no desire in the club other than fortune hence been a business man . If he was a family member he would have protected the club better and invested a lot more time to the club. Time will tell if i am wrong can accept been wrong . I have an opinion as everyone else maybe more guess than most or more can see the situation a lot more clear than hoping for the best. Get ready the next 5 years in my opinion
  2. Chancers daddies money only went so far !! He was the son of a business man , not so much his own doing but heir to a business family Exactly the same as his brother at Reading ! except his brother got out earlier but stole the land of the club for the family , no coincidence they got matching gifts around the same time as each other !! Chancer really has messed up with the families money for one and has potentially given us a very dangerous and unsure future .. We are stuck with what you see nobody is going anyplace soon I think he will sell some players in January unload the overheads all and anybody will be for sale what ever deal get them of the book get money back for his continued over heads Jos aint going to be going ! costs money to replace a manager ie termination of contract and new managers deal plus agents plus a new manger will want a war chest !! no manager will be brought in especially before the transfer window So the reality is the Club is a failed business for chancer ! his family have told him write it of get what you can and forget it The problem is going to be this he will want to sell to a Chinese or Russian consortium where the money behind the scenes is easier to wash What the club seems to be sold for will not be what the deal was truly worth Look at Reading read the comments and news reports on how his Family messed them up and how the new Chinese owners are of even worse stock than Chancer family , the same as Hull City . We are at best going to be treading water , or going to a worse place when Lee strapon and his lies nearly sank the club ! This is the reality he aint going to put another pound more than he has to in the club . We will be sold to the first buyer he can get the deal he wants We are going to be in the same situation as Hull, Reading And Birmingham So do not think about promotions start thinking of hope and having a club still in 5 years !!!!!! I think lasts nights meeting was to buy him more time and hope he can steady the fans not to protest at the prospective buyers this xmas period 2000 fans outside the players entrance and fans booing through the stands dont half make his sales pitch doomed
  3. Even the commentator for the BBC Focus said can't see how it was a penalty ! only something the ref has seen ......
  4. can you add in billy blunt ? instead of a swan ? funny neither the less
  5. Bart knows best !! your damned if you do and your damned if you don't
  6. O Geoffrey , you are a one ! i bet Kelll Brook bothered non of them also
  7. red raw some hands , horrible sound we are losing 2-0 and fans are clapping when we strung a pass together , but hey some people can accept paying top prices for that yesterday , i know 2000 plus did not mind just hope a manager can come and fire the team up and get back above them , and beat them at the sty , get us in the premiership . we got the players to make a decent team ... just needs a manager to place the fear of losing a game into the team and the joys of winning
  8. Never would happen , but what a long list of clangers we are getting this season , the icing on the sh:t cake was the kit , losing embarrassingly to dem in the derby is the cherry on top ! clubs give fans money back in the past for performances like that !!! think the chairman needs to realise mega expensive tickets and a performance like that don't go near expectations of the fans , what is classed as failure and what is classed as not? each season we don't get promoted and perform like we have been will see gates drop , and more aggression at the players and infrastructure at the club the idea that you can get promotion buy buying expensive players is not working
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