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  1. Some wimps on here. Win today and it's 5 points behind Derby who we've still to play. What can possibly go wrong? Mind the gap.
  2. They round around a lot closing down but never quite gaining possession. No wonder they're knackered by the second half.
  3. Seems obvious what's happening - If they deduct us 9 points now and we don't go down then it's really no punishment so they are delaying the implementation until they know they can have some effect. If we were to stay up anyway despite 9 points then it'll be points off at the start of next season as our punishment. - assuming they can make the charge stick, that is.
  4. I was there - age 9. Used to watch as a kid pressed up against the railings between the Leppings Lane end and the South Stand terracing. It absolutely pee'd it down during the game and I remember sheltering with my dad and many others in toilets accessed from the Leppings Lane end (close to where the scoreboard is now) but extending under the South Stand (which was only seating for the back half at that time). Was that the game where John Fantham slid 10 yards on his belly in the lagoon that was the centre circle? Was one of my first ever games and may be the reason I got hooked
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