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  1. St Pancras station about 11 this morning
  2. The Taylor Report did not blame the fans. It mainly blamed the policing.
  3. He’s bringing payet and lanzini with him. I’ve heard
  4. This is good news we can now start to build on a base of players who can be relied upon. Kirkland, Buxton, Gardner, Reda (if fit), Antonio. I think on top of that McCabe and Maguire will impress next season, and hopefully Madine. JJ can play a decent squad role as can Lee. Corry and Palmer are young enough to be given a chance to impress. The others I'm not fussed about. I would say Buxton and Anotonio are the only 2 who consistently make things happen and that's why i feel it was so important to keep Buxton. if we can get another 2 players with quality that produce every week then we cou
  5. website doesn't seem to exist any more. Is there still a way to see it and buy one?
  6. Although it's got nothing to do with me. 'Seriously what have Sunderland got to do with it?'. Grow up. Its not a massive mistake is it, he used to play for Sunderland. You could have just pointed out the mistake. Little twit. Carry on priding yourself on useless football knowledge. You might get far in life.
  7. I think its a tricky one. I don't think he's bad but he doesn't fill you with confidence when players are running at him. You can't write off his goal threat though, you can't just say he's primarily a defender, it makes set pieces such a threat and he could get 10 goals over the season which you can't just dismiss because he's a defender. My housemate is a Brighton fan and he said Mattock was very good when on loan there. I would like to see Mattock in the team but i think losing reda could be a problem, it means we still carry a goal threat even when not at the most creative, and once that g
  8. Me too. He was really solid though and also seems very comfortable in bringing the ball out of defence
  9. I started going to Wednesday matches the year we got relegated from the prem and I have never experienced this feeling with Wednesday after coming home from a game. Ever. I don't like it. Its weird. What's going on?
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