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  1. Wedneday supporter reads the Sun you should be ashamed.
  2. Up Northumberland spotted this car reg. SW02 DAY could it be...
  3. In 1962 a 3 bedroom detached bungalow sold for £1,800 in Dronfield.
  4. Ron had not played because of a hand injury for weeks his first game back was the England game, missed a couple of crosses that lead to goals. I talked to him while he was injured on the train to Sheffield from London.
  5. Never seen a player like him.. score from a diving header while the ball is on the ground and boots flying at it.
  6. Went to watch us paste Spurs 1960 double team..walked to the ground from Crooks with my Dad and his brother who later married a blade and turned. 3 sides to the ground and packed solid. Kids rolled over heads to the front of the Kop ..amazing day.
  7. In the LaneEnd instead of the Kop and blamed myself for the scoreline at half time lol..
  8. Thought he was a. Chesterfield lad Roman Catholic School.
  9. Weswood Lee Venancio Lees Pudil Reach Bannan Hutch Nando Hooper Joao
  10. I knew his girlfriend and there were a few occasions he was a England standby for Bobby Charlton.
  11. Look at the video and look at Marco's right arm go round his head looks like it could be a smack.
  12. My first match was Spurs and I can remember the 2-7 score coming through on the telly.
  13. He should have another look at Fantham who looked younger than his age.. he looks like a 60yr old.. and his nose is too long
  14. The Blue kit came about after we played a European club it could have been the Fairs Cup and it was said the Kit made the opposition look bigger so we adopted it...nothing to do with TV etc.
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