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  1. Spot on ..and Green can go with him no extra charge..
  2. 3 bed semi a Ford car money in the bank better than being school teacher or NHS worker.
  3. Yes Ron was not playing because of a inured hand and his first game back from injury was against France. It was handling of crosses that let him down.
  4. West Ham only signed skillful players at the time and my WH fan friend thought he was "brilliant". Colin Dobson was on the England list and was on standby for Bobby Charlton.. I new his girlfriend
  5. Wedneday supporter reads the Sun you should be ashamed.
  6. Wont the Prem money pay for the ground and hotel..
  7. Up Northumberland spotted this car reg. SW02 DAY could it be...
  8. In 1962 a 3 bedroom detached bungalow sold for £1,800 in Dronfield.
  9. Ron had not played because of a hand injury for weeks his first game back was the England game, missed a couple of crosses that lead to goals. I talked to him while he was injured on the train to Sheffield from London.
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