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  1. devonshire_owl

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Agree with the OP I'm really hoping that Alex Hunt gets an opportunity over the next season or two. Had a great season last season and was nominated for EFL Scholar of the Year. Didn't stand a chance though with Ryan Sessegnon being another nominee. Need to give people like Hirst, Clare and Hunt more opportunities to develop and shine.
  2. devonshire_owl

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    This is the more positive formation people have been asking for. He can't win. Players have to take responsibility.
  3. devonshire_owl

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    You're a joker. DC has been excellent for this club or have you forgotten the past 2 seasons. My god, some of our fans have short memories.
  4. Attack wins you matches, defence wins you championships.
  5. devonshire_owl

    Is it done ?

    FFS - I thought you would know the finer details Neil.
  6. devonshire_owl


    Should have been a penalty as it denied a certain goal, but I wouldn't have expected a sending off because I don't believe it was intentional.
  7. devonshire_owl

    August Points Tally

    Apologies. 13 points.
  8. devonshire_owl

    We're on our way

    I think people forget that we are a part of the club, and therefore it's reasonable for us to sing 'on our way back'.
  9. So, we have a fairly difficult start to the season ahead of us in August. How do you think we'll do what, and what points tally would you be happy with? Aston Villa - 1 Norwich - 1 Burton - 3 Leeds - 3 Brentford - 3 I'd definitely be happy with 11 out of 15. If we can make it 14, even better. Sorry if there is a similar thread to this already.
  10. devonshire_owl

    Rival watch

    Stuart Gray doing a great job with Fulham on the defensive side.
  11. Lots of good business going on. Hopefully we can get those 4/5 new players Carlos wants, so we can push on towards automatic promotion.
  12. devonshire_owl


    Jedinak would be an amazing signing at this level. Strong, hard working, good technique, and a leader. Oh, and that beard!!! ❤ Can't see him dropping to championship though.
  13. devonshire_owl

    Forestieri - NUFC link again

    Link to tweet please, because that post makes no sense.
  14. devonshire_owl

    OFFICIAL - Abdi and Pudil Sign

    And breath. Quality signings.
  15. devonshire_owl

    Abdi from Watford?

    I am not disputing that there are failings with the system, and agree that it is a farce that it was allowed to commence in the form it did, let alone continue. The issue we have is that it is a mandatory requirement of being a part of the EEA. Most of the Brexit team wanted to close the borders inwards, but keep them open for Brits to move the EU, and free trade. Unfortunately, you cannot cherry pick; the EU position is, 'you want free trade, you need to have freedom of movement / labour'. They will not move from that fundamental principle. Trade does rule the roost in capitalist societies; the issue the UK has is that it is not negotiating with capitalists, it's negotiating with socialists that put the rights of its citizens above the dollar/euro/pound. Anyway, in a more positive sense - it means we can buy Abdi without any concerns re work permits.