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  1. Where you heard this? Says open at 11 on the website
  2. Think snooker might be more your sport pal...
  3. Not being funny but there were empty seats on the front row as many went and stood at the back, why not go and sit there?
  4. Yesterday coupled with the Brighton home leg, can't see any reason why those who could go wouldn't want to
  5. Should have been able to pick rows too, then people who want to sit could have got in the first row
  6. Ok, so I have found out he's a troll. But he still deserves reporting. Using Hillsborough to get bites is disgusting. Report the account and get the clown off twitter
  7. There is currently a journalist on Twitter called Graham Matterson spreading disgusting lies that we were chanting "we killed the 96 and we'll kill you too". I emplore all Wednesday fans to report this account and stop these lies spreading
  8. Why didn't they just swap seats? Problem solved
  9. hear there's a good one called Sumners about 10 minutes walk from the ground with a few away fans go in, probably go in their
  10. Where will most owls fans be heading? Travelling by coach if it helps
  11. Going Hull but trying to judge what time it'll be leaving. Around half 11? And which out of official or Wednesdayite would you recommend?
  12. How can you comment on a match if you haven't seen it? If you can afford the time and money, and still don't go, then I'm sorry but your not a real fan
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