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  1. The Penalty Incident

    Only problem is Palmer sleep walking into the challenge. Fair enough hes only back from injury. The idea of playing it out from the back is positive and we almost beat the press her which should cause an overload...
  2. No your quiet correct. Padrew does it all the time. Enough said.
  3. What a boring Bosco
  4. With regard to players. Stop demanding names. Who he's played for a Prem Team so he must be good. Comes here for last 2 years of career and a fat paycheck. Invest in coach's and academy and fully go down the grown your own route. Also if we do need an experienced pro. Sign on a pay per play deal!
  5. Owls live on Sky....Not

    We're not really competing for a playoff spot so have no narrative. Not surprising.
  6. Indeed. Fair play to him. Put in a sweet cross too. Why doesn't he get on LJs cross though!
  7. Apart from Abraham being worrying can't really agree with anything else. Swansea have been awful. We've been the better team.
  8. Surprised Swansea weren't looking to play in behind more.
  9. BBC pundits tonight

    Young Hirst to get a crack tonight?
  10. George Boyd

    Learn to loose with a bit of dignity.
  11. George Hirst

    England have won diddly since 66. Paying a premium for potential future England players is pointless.
  12. You sound like an Ozil basher. Not everyone looks like they are busting themselves at all times even when they are. His control and passing end product has been excellent. His strikerate needs improving but hit the net once and things can change quickly.
  13. Social media? The same brainbox that got Brexit and Trump over the line. You canvas away to learn your opinion better. Bless.