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  1. I was honestly expecting a list. Please try harder.
  2. You'd hope so but considering the contracts up in the summer he might be tempted to work with the rather large squad and see what he has.
  3. Thought he got everything right tonight.
  4. Fans came across very well. Well done to all that made the trip.
  5. They have more speed in their team to force turnovers and counter. Also Chelsea are far better than the Hammers
  6. Nuihu didn't do badly in this cameo.
  7. Sam's like a dog in heat. Studs on the bridge of the foot is nasty and a rightly forbidden. Not once but twice. Deliberately reckless and cost us the match before it even go going.
  8. If you don't have a player capable of drinking his own bodyweight in beer and assaulting one of his own fans. Do you even have a team?
  9. These things come off when confidence flows through the team. Don't blame Barry, blame the general lack of cohesion. Team with fitness and a plan this season. Basics covered hopefully the football then flows.
  10. It was originally made up. Then they hired people. A company is born.
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