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  1. Pulixifer

    What do you think of this?

    It's good from far but far from good.
  2. And you believed that? Christ on a bike
  3. If you don't have a player capable of drinking his own bodyweight in beer and assaulting one of his own fans. Do you even have a team?
  4. Pulixifer


    These things come off when confidence flows through the team. Don't blame Barry, blame the general lack of cohesion. Team with fitness and a plan this season. Basics covered hopefully the football then flows.
  5. Didn't know Daniel Craig was Owlsfan?
  6. Pulixifer

    New #SWFC Training Tops

    It was originally made up. Then they hired people. A company is born.
  7. Pudil at the back Van Aken in midfield.
  8. Wednesday still interested in Max Power.
  9. Pulixifer

    ffp 2018/19 season

    Worked out very well this year.
  10. Pulixifer

    Bundesliga 2 v championship

    What in games made you form this opinion?
  11. Pulixifer

    Absolute class from Jordan Rhodes

    Class is permanent.
  12. Pulixifer

    The Penalty Incident

    Only problem is Palmer sleep walking into the challenge. Fair enough hes only back from injury. The idea of playing it out from the back is positive and we almost beat the press her which should cause an overload...
  13. No your quiet correct. Padrew does it all the time. Enough said.
  14. What a boring Bosco