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  1. Crossing is a bit of a fool's gold. What effective teams attack with lots of crosses? Liverpool, Citeeh, Man Ure, Barca, Real etc none really look to cross very often. Rather work wingers to the byline for low pull backs or just for a low square ball. The days of the David Becks seem behind us tbh.
  2. Sorry that your feeling unimaginable grief. How do you explain the un-explainable? Sometimes the world blows. Not all days will be as bad as these, in the meantime be kind to yourself.
  3. Who's the No10? Forestieri? Ya the man that attempted 0 dribbles, never mind completed. Kieran Lee was awful too. I think the injuries have finally done them both in. Hope to be proved wrong but much rather they were brought in off the bench. Seems an odd time to be trying to get lads to play their way back into form.
  4. Lad on ifollow hasn't a breeze stone wall penalty simply a blunder from Iorfa.
  5. Murphy and Harris should never have been dropped. Harris has been a top performer his season and Murphy was just coming good.
  6. You said it. Air all the dirty laundry in public. Then let the fans stone the ones we think let the fans down, not. Instead maybe join a vigilante catch a pedo mob and get it out of your system.
  7. Anyone find a decent stream for the match? PM appreciated if anyone did!
  8. Be some effort if he manages it from the bench.
  9. Have you thought about watching the match through a mirror?
  10. I think you honestly haven't a clue. Every opinion you share smacks of someone who hasn't laced a boot playing any sport not even at amature level. Literally if you shared an opinion we would just be better off doing the opposite. Thanks though for sharing. Always better to have shared.
  11. We're on a pretty awful run. Ironically, our run against Charlton is equally bad. It would be typical football for a 0-1 Wednesday win. Personally, would like us to find a way to start Fernando. It's time.
  12. This is a thread about Borner. So far he has been immense. Leading by example a brutal born leader. Comparisons to any of our ex players the thread could do without. Just enjoy him for what he is.
  13. Our our midfield have been at fault. Where have we stacked in chances created v the rest...
  14. The typical armchair sportsfan has a huge belly wears leisurewear has never played sports and worse abuses players and management. Fancy that.
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