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  1. How do you explain the unexplainable? No idea what has happened here but it's certainly hard to be god believing when this kinda stuff happens. Sending love and strength
  2. His brother was shot dead in a gangland style hit. He was lucky to avoid jailtime for another incident a few months later. Bit of a Niall Ranger vibe. Hopefully, DM can get through to him because it looks like the talent is there.
  3. It's just an old crap joke from some muppet called Kev that contributed absolutely nothing but this medicore quip.
  4. A physical type isn't the type the stretches defenses. Defenses get stretched from pacey in behind runners or people playing between the lines. A physical type will generally do the opposite and lead the line looking to win the 1v1 duels.
  5. Happy with this. The Wycombe fan's comment he's a gentleman, great with young players and a really good keeper. Looks very shrewd business keep it up DM.
  6. DMs record is good enough that I trust him.
  7. We'll likely be waiting on the out of contract players to decide there next steps. Both ours and those of other clubs we're interested/made offers to.
  8. Disagree. We play a similar style and formation to Spurs and players largely praise DM. TC was a winger we played at WB. Troy is a support striker. He would be playing up front which could easily suit Spurs.
  9. We should try to get Troy Parrot in on loan from Spurs. Looks like he's on a nice improvement trajectory. Would be a great option playing off Gregory and would likely see a trip here as a step up from MK Dons.
  10. Wanting to get recalled from your loan at Wednesday to sit on the bench for MK Dons
  11. You're a reactionary halfwit. Not a big deal though as you say. I've learned to mentally filter you.
  12. Solid player keep the performances coming Marvin
  13. It's important to search for the negatives at all times.
  14. Does this mean Moore was doing a good job at Donny?
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