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  1. Moore practices a bit of respect. You praise what the opposite does well. You highlight it to your players. Then you prepare a gameplan to counteract the opponent. You explain to your players they must remain humble and stay with the gameplan to win. If you win again you highlight what the opponent does well as your telling every other team they will play and you remain humble about your own aspirations as you need everyone to remain working hard. The alternative is some sort of Mourinho or Daglish sort of comedy match act. Its cringe outdated and achieves little over any sort of time. Credit to Moore keep doing what your doing.
  2. Could be worse he could be playing for us!
  3. We're looking and Gavin Banzu from city. Played 30 odd games on loan at Rochdale from City last year at 18.
  4. Ye, in fairness to him he's been very good since returning. Certainly the man for L1.
  5. He's 19. He has time on his side. He was has all the raw attributes and I bet will improve fast. Just rather it was here then elsewhere. Heard a few times mentioned we need a new GK coach. Anyone have any insight on Weaver. Perhaps that's the issue. With Banzu I'd think he could lite the fire under our two. Would love to see it.
  6. Hope we are asking for Gavin Bazunu on a full season loan. Be a great place for him to get a full season under his belt, and maybe another in the championship the following year
  7. Considering Jussi is hitting 46 I suspected it had a son! Buffon is looking for a new club at 43 but I'd have been suspicious that 46 is definitely father time. I'm a fan of signing past players sons. Not because it's genetic but rather they are guaranteed one personal absolutely top level coach. Remember the rumor's about Pierre van Hooijdonk's son. Looks llike he hit 14 in 49 in the Dutch Eerste Division. Would be great if we could attract one marquee up and coming signing to lead the line. Safe to say it won't be Sydney.
  8. Wow Jaaskelainen was some player. Wouldn't mind signing him up for goals!
  9. How many million does he need to loose before it's back over to the fans? People want a Brentford style club they just don't want to pay for it.
  10. Cheers should offer to buy the club after what he did to us
  11. Still can't believe Dunkley made that challenge without noticing Borner was making the covering run. Hope we keep Borner. Lad is gold. Slated because he slipped once just back from injury.
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