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  1. Completely agree. Minimum you require from a player as a fan or I guess as a manager is to give 100%, he couldnt give less of a f*ck last night.
  2. Pulled him off because he was walking about after losing the ball. First time I saw Jos get up first half but when he did he looked like he was gonna string Penney up. I hardly think LB to LW for an attacking fullback is a big change, regardless his attitude and effort first half was appalling. Deserved to be dragged off, hopefully learns from it
  3. Think to get anything other than a loss out of the game is a good result for us away from home, especially with how well they are doing.. Would be harsh to sack him if we drew in my opinion
  4. Without injuries last year Sean Clare would of been released at the end of the season and no one would of cared. Instead he got his chance and then f*cked us off, So to presume that because we have given them a platform they will repay us with loyalty is naive. Hopefully Penney is a different case but nothing should surprise you
  5. I said the same. I am guilty of leaving 5 mins early to beat traffic if the game is dead, but there were people walking out 10 mins to go and with the game in the balance....How people can do that is beyond me.
  6. Been crying out to go to a 4 at the back formation, 3 or 5 just does not work for us, we haven't got the players or the ability. Thank GOD he went back to basics and long may it continue. We looked a million times better last night in the first 65 mins than we have for 18 months
  7. We will finish: 17th Who wins the league?: West Brom Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Bolton, Birmingham Top goal scorer: Forestieri Will Jos be in charge?: No Stand out players?: Ash Baker Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Abdi completing a training session
  8. Fully fit he's our best striker, simple as that. Its just the fully fit bit he can't seem to get right
  9. I always thought Lees should of been captain over Loovens. If you disagree I don't care. Lees was always more vocal and organised the defense better than Loovens in my opinion, I will be happy if he walks out with the armband on Saturday.
  10. Until we start selling key first team players i think everyone needs to calm down. Jack Hunt has been a good servant for us and I like him, but I think he's very replaceable and 1.6 million is a cracking deal. Read a few times that hes up there with the best RBs in the league, anyone who genuinely thinks that doesn't deserve an opinion
  11. He looked good but I think he'd struggle with the step up to the Championship. I love the thought of looking at lower league players, but I think Adelakun is at his level.
  12. i 100% would. Better than what we currently have
  13. Not sure where you've got best forward we have from. On his day he is very good player no doubt, but that is only once every 5 games. He's not fit to lace Hoopers boots. And this is not me slating Joao either cos hes alright on his day but to say when hes on it hes our best striker then your watching a different player
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