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  1. Owlbert Einstein

    There won't be a fire sale of players

    Until we start selling key first team players i think everyone needs to calm down. Jack Hunt has been a good servant for us and I like him, but I think he's very replaceable and 1.6 million is a cracking deal. Read a few times that hes up there with the best RBs in the league, anyone who genuinely thinks that doesn't deserve an opinion
  2. Owlbert Einstein

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    He looked good but I think he'd struggle with the step up to the Championship. I love the thought of looking at lower league players, but I think Adelakun is at his level.
  3. Owlbert Einstein

    Danny Batth

    i 100% would. Better than what we currently have
  4. Owlbert Einstein

    Lucas Joao

    Not sure where you've got best forward we have from. On his day he is very good player no doubt, but that is only once every 5 games. He's not fit to lace Hoopers boots. And this is not me slating Joao either cos hes alright on his day but to say when hes on it hes our best striker then your watching a different player
  5. Owlbert Einstein

    Kieren Westwood wears Samba

    Slow news day? Love international breaks
  6. Owlbert Einstein

    Clean language viewing

    Can't believe we live in a world where people complain about swearing at football matches. If you don't like it don't go. Every football ground up and down the country fans will be swearing, get a grip
  7. Owlbert Einstein

    Season ticket

    Depends if you get a buy one the season before, then it can be classed as a renewal
  8. Owlbert Einstein

    Does Anyone Ever Answer Option Two

    go through to option one which is the retail team and just tell them youve been trying to get through on option 2. No one ever answers it and when you complain to retail (the desk next to ticket sales) they say its far too busy....... no matter when you call. But the option 1 boys should sort you out Good luck, you'll need it
  9. He used to sit in the north stand with Michael
  10. Owlbert Einstein

    How are Weeds away tickets selling

    first time in 8 years i'm not going. Can't justify the cost of the day to watch that shower of sh!t.
  11. Owlbert Einstein

    Just want Carlos back

    anyone on this thread actually calling for carlos back or saying we never should of sacked him need lynching, get a grip he's the reason we're in this mess whichever way you look at it. Naturally he's gone in at Swansea and given them a new lease of life, like he did with us. He will be sacked next season guaranteed, remember i told you beachessssss
  12. Owlbert Einstein

    Liam Palmer

    completely agree. I can't remember a game where i've ever seen Palmer run himself into the ground, he doesn't put a shift in and needs moving on sooner rather than later
  13. Owlbert Einstein

    Liam Palmer

    that's not him thats his brother Lee
  14. Owlbert Einstein

    Liam Palmer

    he's a liverpool fan, always was always has been
  15. Owlbert Einstein

    Almen Abdi

    I don't understand the obsession with Abdi either, every time hes played hes offered the same - nothing. Apart from the goal against forest he's looked league two standard at best. I can't believe how bad he has been, Watford fans had so much praise for him when we signed him, He's come here and done nowt. Granted he's been injured but even when he's had his chance hes not taken it. A strong wind would knock him over